Bleach 348 Raw Spoiler

2009 February 27

Bleach 348 The Lock

Verification: Confirmed
source: BA
Credits: Ann-Chan

Yammi comes out of the hole in the ground made by the explosion with his left hand.

By firing an arrow at the alcove on his side, Ishida apparently caused the upper floors to collapse (On the way there Ishida broke some support pillars on every floor)

Ichigo is surpised at Ishida’s appearance and they talk.

Ichigo says he’ll leave Inoue to Ishida and that he’ll take on Ulquiorra by using his hollow mask.

Because the odds are against Ulquiorra, he escapes to above the Las Noches dome.

There, he says that Espada of #4 and above are not allowed to release under the dome.

Chapter ends with him chanting the release.

Bleach Chapter 348 The Lock relased… and next week Bleach Chapter 349

Bleach Chapter 348 raw spoiler is not available yet. We will update this page as soon as the Bleach Chapter 348 raw spoiler is released.

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