Naruto 439 Prediction

2009 March 6

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〓祝鸣他妈节日快乐的439囧情报〓(2图) 作者:神行太草



I see three possibilities Predictions and Spoilers of Naruto Chapter 439:

1. pain show up chibaku tensei,
Chibaku Tensei means Earth explosion Heavens star it sounds really powerful and if he is going to use it against the 6-tailed Naruto then it really has to be more powerful than Shinra Tensei.
Nagato say, god realm is cloase enough now, i thinks nagato transform monsters mode with chibaku tensei
2. Hinata alive…. ?
i think sakura help hinata
3. what naruto planing for againts chibaku tensei technique

Other Naruto 439 spoiler Prediction

Source: Naruto Central
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Chapter opens up to God Realm

God Realm *Thinking “This will finish him off.” Chibaku Tensei is both attract/repel

Nagato: Since the god realm is close it’s efficient enough to use more chakra against the Jinchuuriki.

Konan: Not that jutsu. You’ve gone mad Nagato.

Nagato: Peace is nearing!!!! *coughs up blood*

-Scene switch back to Pain-

He executes the Jutsu by throwing his arms forth towards Naruto. The rubble and trees surrounding them begins to enshroud Naruto instantly forming a huge orb of junk that takes off to the sky above.

Tears of blood pours from God Realm’s Rinnengan as the blood slids down his face.

Pain: Now to finish this!!

-Switch scene to Citizens of Konoha, Gai, Yamato and Sakura-

They all look up at the huge orb of junk that floats above the fire country

for that split second

-Scene switch to Naruto’s mind-

Naruto is inside the fox’s belly.

Naruto: I failed to protect everyone, including my friends and Hinata.
*A minor flashback occurs of him being complemented by people of the leaf.*

Naruto: This damn fox won’t lead my life anymore. *Naruto raises a palm and suddenly ends up infront of the gate.*

Kyuubi: You escaped from me, huh? *A red strand of chakra thrusts forth to devour Naruto*

Naruto grasps the strand of chakra.

Naruto: NO! Try escaping from me. Time to put an end to Akatsuki or the both of us are dead.

Kyuubi: !!!!! YOU!!

– Scene Switch –

Pain clasps his hand. *His jutsu is not working lol*

Pain: What the?

The orb is eroded and becomes one with the wind. Six tailed Naruto is shown wielding 4 Rasenshurikens.

Pain: What.. THE?!!

Naruto lets it rip causing 4 violent tornadoes to collide with the god Realm causing a storm of wind to dance upon God realm’s flesh. After the storm clears, God Realm’s corpse and robe is left.

Nagato: That damn Jinchuuriki. HE KILLED YAHIKO! *Suddenly Nagato is putting on more weight.*

Nagato: Konan prepare. I am about to use it. Uzumaki Naruto. You’ve gone too far.

– Chapter ends. –

Next time: Migrate

Other Naruto 439 spoiler Prediction
Verification: Pending
Even PAIN has to use his ultimate jutsu to seal off naruto

Chibaku tensei
1. PAIN creates a dark hollow and tries to suck Naruto into that dimension.
2. Surprise….. The SEVENTH tail appears and PAIN’s a## is whooped away.
3. Naruto gets a hold on himself and think….Hinata and again in full rage blows chakra balls all towards PAIN.
4. Surprised by this attack all the other akatsuki members come and try to subdue Naruto.
5. By this time Sakura reached Hinata and is trying to heal her. (well she was alive as she spoke up Naruto….)
6. All the akatsuki members now form a big jutsu and now are going to try to seal off the deamon fox.
..Next the GOD’s sealing technique
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8 Responses to “Naruto 439 Prediction”

  1. eskabeche - March 8, 2009 at 11:08 am #

    i think naruto will fart

  2. expert - March 8, 2009 at 7:54 pm #

    i think chibaku tensei is the same technique, which he used to crush the village… i think he also needed to be in range to do that at that time…but the paper lady(cant remember her name, something with "K" i guess) said, he cant use it more often, maybe because nagato, the puppetmaster;), uses up too much chakra for it, but now, since he only has to control one "puppet"(pain/god realm), he doesnt need much more…
    i guess naruto will be crushed, but thats necessary to calm ninetails down…the other squad with shikamaru will find nagato and the lady and crush them, cus i guess nagato alone isnt a real enemy, thats why he uses his "puppets" with unique abilities…

    these are just guesses but very possible;)

  3. dodolboks - March 11, 2009 at 4:10 am #

    My Prediction is that Chibaku Tensei is a CRUNCHING technique.