Naruto Manga Chapter 440 Raw Spoiler

2009 March 13

Naruto 440 spoiler | Naruto 440 raw spoiler
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Quick translation:

The chapter is mostly talking.
Naruto punches Yondaime for putting 9-Tails in him but after talking he’s satisfied.

Naruto asks for help in answering Pain’s question. Yondaime says Naruto will be able to find the answer.

Pain is being used by Madara who was behind the 9-Tails attack 16 years ago. Naruto realizes Tobi=Madara.

Naruto is ask Why did you seal the nine-tails in me, your own son?! (something like that, hard to tell without
the full bubble.)

Naruto uses Sennin-mode to escape the sphere and Nagato comments that Naruto is back to himself.

Next chapter is “The Final Battle with Pain”

Extra stuff: Yondaime fixes the 9-Tails seal on Naruto stomach and is alive inside Naruto’s consciousness and thus knows Jiraiya is dead.

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  1. deidara - March 16, 2009 at 9:29 pm #

    what is new naruto jutsu ?