Naruto 442 Raw Spoiler

2009 March 30

Naruto 442 Spoiler | Naruto 442 raw spoiler

Source: OneManga
Translation : Nightjumper@nf
pics from ohana @ 2ch

SJ cover is of Naruto( and Sakura and Kakashi)

Spine is of Sasuke

There’s a pullout: “10th Chronicle Book”[or something like that]
(You’ll know the history of 10 years of Naruto if you look at it)
Two-page colored cover: Left half has young Konan, Orochimaru(Nagato) and Yahiko. Below that, is how they are of the current day. Right half is exactly the same, only with Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura instead.

Now, details of the color pages:
Everyone is standing around Sakura & Hinata. Sakura is healing Hinata. (Huge emphasis on Hinata’s breasts. [Their size:] three cupfuls of rice.[or something like that])

Sakura is talking about how/why it came to be like this. Seems like she’s thinking along the lines of “This is for Naruto’s sake…”[OR “This is because Naruto…”, I’m not sure.]

Gai: Let’s go and back Naruto up!!
[Something about Katsuya telling Gai that’ll they’ll get in the way, and that Naruto left the village in their care, or something like that. Not sure]

[Long story, short, of Naruto VS Pain:]
Naruto does an attack with KB and Rasengan. Pain evades the attack. Naruto does decides to do a Tajuu KB, and have all of them throw debris at Pain, or something. Pain deflects them all, and kills every one of them except two. Pain tells Naruto to give up. Naruto fires up another FRS. Pain thinks he’s safe at his range. Naruto tells Pain that he’s given up… on giving up. And then some **** about a successful attack with KB and Rasengan.

Source: 2ch
Credits: Nja
Verification: Confirmed

サクラ (ナルトの為にこんな事を…)みたいな事思う


天道 (あれは飛ばないこの距離なら大丈夫だ)
ナルト 俺が諦めるのを…諦めろ!

Trivia : Madara has stated that Akatsuki didn’t have the power to destroy Konoha. However, Pain has been able to destroy most of the village, both buildings and personnel alike, meaning that Madara has yet to know of Pain’s true strength

Fans also speculate that Madara could also be Danzo as many physical characteristics of Madara/Tobi and Danzo are similar. Tobi has bolts on the same arm that Danzo has covered up. They both share hair styles and have wrinkled faces. Danzo’s right eye is covered by an eyepatch. Tobi’s right eye is the eye that Tobi’s mask reveals and is the same eye Madara has shown his Sharingan.

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  1. patricia - March 31, 2009 at 10:03 pm #


    The coverage of the jump is with Naruto, Sakura and Kakashi

    The double page with color is Nagato, Yahiko and Konan child compared with Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura

    on the page in color, there are around the world who sakura is giving medical care to Hinata

    they wonder why all this is going like that

    sakura is why naruto it ….

    Gay said he needed support naruto and he starts to go

    katsuyu but said something like it will be more a burden than anything else

    Naruto-kun seems to have a strategy so we will let him do it

    gay group does not know what to do

    the scene changes and there naruto

    naruto which launched its 2 consecutive FFRS 2 kagebunshin these leaves in place

    they pretend to catch the foot of tendou but there is a stick so that each hand and with 2 shots, it makes the kage Bunshin

    (Sennin mode turns off completely)

    Naruto seems to be taking 100 clone debris Konoha and directed toward tendou

    Sometimes the attack but it takes time and all the debris / clone is returned

    there are 3 and they make rasengan

    tendou: AC does not fly this distance thus I fear not

    Tendou a person who can not answer …. must abandon!

    it is moral to naruto

    naruto: I give up!

    in saying this, 2 clones and their body launches touch with their pain rasengan