Eyeshield 21 (アイシールド21) Chapter 325

2009 April 11

Eyeshield 21 (アイシールド21) 325 is now available!! Read online free Eyeshield 21 chapter 325 at

Download: Eyeshield 21 chapter 325 – Double Devil (thanks to FrankHouse for the scanlation), also available Eyeshield21 (アイシールド21) 325 RAW (MQ/HQ).

Please support the publishers that bring our favorite manga titles by purchasing the official Eyeshield 21 manga volumes when they are available in your area.

Trivia: When he is stressed, Sena will have odd dreams about his opponents (such as being skewered by Shin’s Trident Tackle and later roasted over a fire). In the anime, he will sometimes have these dreams while he’s taking a bath, awakening while underneath the water and causing a nasty wake-up call.

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