One Piece (ワンピース) 541 Spoiler

2009 April 26

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One Piece 541 Spoiler Summaries


『気をつけろ!!奴らをそこに隔離してある!!』 『!!?』



ジンベエ『ハァ10時前ハァ 処刑は午後3時』
ルフィ『3時まで殺される事はねェんだな!!?とにかく!!ハァまだまだチャンスはある!!』 クロコ『フン・・』ルフィ『!』
イナズマ『扉なんざ無意味 この右手は渇きを与える』 ここでクロコの能力解説 新参への尾田個人からの好意の為省きます


『こちら「LEVEL4」』 獄卒『き・・・来た!!!』
『現れました!!!応戦します!!!』 獄卒『撃て!!』クロコスナスナで当たらず 獄卒『!!』
クロコ『三日月形砂丘!!!』 獄卒達『ぎゃあああああ』
獄卒『撃て!!監獄弾だ!!!』 ルフィ『ゴムゴムのォ!!!』獄卒『あ』

『だが怯むな!!!援軍が来るまでなんとか数で持ち堪えろ!!!』  続く


Level 5
Ivan: are you guys prepared?
you guys were lucky to come out to the front door
now we are surrounded by inescapable >>??

A:cold B:cold

IVan: to go to Marin HQ we have to steal one boats from Marin so we need more people
with our number now we wont be able to escape and even if we do only handfull will survive
so our objective is to free as many prisoner as possible

Level 4 stairs
J:exectuin is on 3:00 PM and its now before 10:00 AM
At that time exectuion will happen so WB will come before that. Ace
is now on sea fight can happen at any time
Luffy: Before 3:00 Pm we still have a chance!
Crock: hmm

crocs ability explained. (just dehydrating enought to make anyting back to sand)
Gurads: they came!
Level 6 Shichbukai Jinbei Luffy D Monkey former shichibukai Crocodile
J:flaming hell..
Gurad: Shoot!
Crocodile: Sand Dune!(maybe Barachan..)
Luffy L gomu gomu rain
Jinbei: Fishmen garate ~~~~something..
Gurad: waht?
What was that punch?
300 Milion Ruky and two Shichibukais..
But dont give up! wait till rainforcements!


Tivia: Jinbei is one of only two Shichibukai without a surname, the other is Crocodile. They are also somewhat gangster-themed: Crocodile dress like a mafia boss, while Jinbei epithet can be interpreted as “Yakuza of the Sea”.

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