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2009 May 11

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Naruto 447 The Unleashing

naruto 447 hinata

“And then. That was when the change occured,” said Nagato.

Switch Scene to the past:

“Yahiko. Why, you were the leader of our dream. It should’ve been me instead,” cried Konan. (She cries)

“I’m a man of my word. You may have this woman’s life,” said Hanzou. (He pushes the shackled Konan down the cliff)

“I hope we’ve discouraged you from pursuing anything wreckless. And just in case, we’ve slaughtered your entire dream team,” said Danzou. (Nagato holds Yahiko in his arms) “Nagato, we’ve failed. There can never be peace in the world of shinobi. We were foolish to think otherwise,” cried Konan.

(Nagato walks over to help Konan up. He cuts her shackles. Nagato then stares at Danzou’s head protector)

“Don’t move. I’ve found the answer I’ve been waiting for. It took me a decade, but now its crystal clear,” said Nagato. “You can’t take on all of them. I know you, but even with Yahiko, this would be a suicide. Don’t expect me to just stand by and let you die,” said Konan.

“If you step in, you’ll die. Let me face this alone, my destiny, my peace, through pain’s eyes this time” said Nagato.

Switch back to the present:

“In that instant, my powers were fully awakened. It was like being born right after death. That day something in me awakened, like never before, pain overcame all my emotions. The pain I’ve felt through my entire life boiled to the surface. All I could think about was making them feel the same pain, and for me to do that, I craved bloodshed,” said Nagato.

(Naruto is startled)

Switch Scene back to the past:

(Danzou and Hanzou glance at raging Nagato)

“Look at the fire in his eyes,” said Danzou. “If he wants to die too, I have no problem with it,” said Hanzou. “It’ll be my honor. Men, crush em,” said Danzou. (Nagato rushes into the fray. Dozens upon dozens of anbu black ops surrond him. Nagato then extends both arms.)

“Nagato, don’t,” yelled Konan. (Nagato looks over at Konan and then quickly turns away)

“If he’s going to use that, then I need to get out of here. It consumes up so much chakra, that it leaves hims defenseless. I better take Yahiko away from here. He deserves better than this,” said Konan.

(Konan uses her origami to transform into a winged angle. Her wings carries Yahiko’s corpse away from the commotion)

“Good. She got away. No need to hold back. Shinra Tensei,” yelled Nagato. (Everyone is being smashed by the full force of Shinra Tensei. Danzou and Hanzou look in awe)

(Immediately the surronding area is reduced to waste. Most of the Anbu ops are dead. Danzou is severly crippled. The smoke clears and Nagato is kneeling on the ground, drained and sweating heavily.)

“What, impossible,” said Nagato. (Hanzou’s Salamander is dead however, it protected him from the explosion)

“I won’t kill you, even though you ended the life of my life long partner. (Smoke appears as the dead Salamander vanishes) I’ll make make you crave death once I’m finished tearing you apart, limb, from limb,” said Hanzou. (Hanzou pulls out two Kunai then the screen cuts)

Switch Scene back to the present:

“Just like that, our peace was shot down to pieces. Though permentally crippled, I survived and over the years I prefected my Rinnegan further, allowing me to move and display my abilities through the usage of corpses. I studied all forms of ninjutsu and undergone a series of taboo experiments.

I went underground for some time, planning my final assult against Hanzou. I created the technology responsible for the tower and communication network, Hanzou would never know a thing until it was too late. I used Yahiko’s body to house my most powerful techniques.

It was like he was reborn. His body, my will, the will of God that he passed on to me. Hanzou’s reign later came an end, then I became known as Pain, a messenger that would guide the world down the path of salvation,” said Nagato.

(Shows God Realm walking over the corpse of Hanzou)

Now you know my story. How I came to be this obstancle that clouds your judgement. So what is it Uzumaki. Where is your answer now,” asked Nagato.

(Naruto closes his eyes)

Next Chapter: Naruto’s answer

Naruto 447 Prediction by Nutty at NC

Nagato’s Awakening

Nagato stands shock with Yahiko bleeding in his arms.

Nagato; “Why Yahiko…”

Yahiko; “I tried my friend, but my way of bringing peace those not work”

Nagato; “Yahiko, Why!!!. I promise Yahiko I will bring peace.”

Yahiko dies, with a smile.

Hanzo looks down at the pair with a look of satisfaction on his face, then smirks

“I’ll let the girl go and let this be a warning to all who oppose me”

Back in Lab

Nagato Coughs!!!

“Me and Konan, fled with Yahiko corpse, but my pain was growing, I hated everyone, everything, but I was even more determine to gain peace by any means, this was my promise to Yahiko”

Coughs again

Konan; “Nagato you need help…”

“What does it matter Konan, I have fail Yahiko, but I still want to hear his answer”

Nagato; “Well”

Naruto[Image]; “What happen to you guys after, how did you form Akatsuki”

Nagato; “After Yahiko death, I craved only to see those who had done this suffer, so push myself to my limits, I tested myself against the very best Shinobi’s, I learned to control my Rinnegan, developed and learned forbidden techniques, then when I was ready, I faced Hanzo again for power of Amegakure, but this time I had the advantage , you see over the years he had grown weak but he was no fool he was always fully protected, but I had a secret.”

Coughs more raspy

Flashback of Animal, Human and Preta Paths, infiltrating Hanzo base for a confrontation.

Hanzo’s men rush into battle the three intruders, only be to easy disposed by the Animal Path summonings.

Hanzo and his Salamander enters the battle.
Hi Salamander starts battle with the summons, while he begin attacking the three intruders.

Nagato; “The battle with Hanzo was fierce, but he was old and weak, he had lost a lot of his speed but none of his strength and cunning, but he wasn’t prepare for my other three paths which were disguised amongst his men, you see Hanzo great weakness was that while he was always protected, his men were not ,so they were easy to infiltrate and even impersonate. So I lure him into a false sense of victory then unleash my surprise.

Hanzo is sitting on top of his Salamander, order his remaining three guards to clean up the intruders, .when one suddenly springs,, strike him with Chakra Disruption Blades, into his chest, while the Naraka Path proceeds to revive the others and Preta grabs hold of his Salamander and proceeds to drains it Chakra.

Hanzo; “ I saw you died,” to the Deva Path.

Deva smiles, “And it is only rightful that I should see you as well”

Deva throws a kunai from one of the fallen ninja’s kunai on the ground to Hanzo.

Nagato; “ That was the end of Hanzo reign and the beginning of a god‘s., I united the people Amegakure and brought peace to the land, anyone who oppose peace were…”

Naruto; “KILLED!!!”

Nagato bows his head

Nagato; “That the difference between me and you, we both want the same thing but you’re are not willing to go as far I am for it and why should you. Our worlds are different you grew up in a system I despise, even hated; Konoha brought chaos to my land, destroyed everything, my life, family[Image] and friends, but yet all I have ever craved for is peace, I put my body and soul into that my dream, our dream.”

Konan eyes grows tense and alarm, “ He is here Nagato, for the Junchuuriki”
My ending maybe be abit far-fetched and there is no fight scene because;

1) I have never wrote one before.

2) Don’t know any of Hanzo’s move to make one (hehhee) and inventive jutsu are hard, im not even sure of his fighting element (though i suspect it might be water)

3) This predict won’t even come through, so it just be a drag

4) this was troublesome

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