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2009 May 18

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Konan, after listening to Naruto’s answer, rejects him by saying “isn’t that beautiful.”

“Nagato took what Jiraiya said and Yahiko’s life and dream and came up with his own decision in between the two, except on a much grander scale.”

At that time Gai, Lee, Neji and Sakura arrive. Katsuyu apologizes, but says Neji forcefully pushed to come.
Neji, who heard Naruto’s answer, says “if you were to just let that happen to Konoha, Kakashi-sensei and Shizune-san – even Hinata-sama – would unspeakably furious about it.”

“But I am Ero-Sennin’s… it’s because I really want to believe in my teacher’s words. Those words were what Nagato and Jiraiya recalled everyday while they were training.”

Neji starts to say, “Jiraiya-sama and that guy…!?”

“Long ago, I had the Kyuubi sealed inside of me that caused a lot of things to happen. I had hateful thoughts, but even so I came to love everyone in the village. Because of that, no matter who it was and no matter what happened, the valuable people became important in my thoughts and feelings together.” [translators note: the Japanese is a bit weird or maybe I’m parsing it wrong]

“If this comes to pass and he doesn’t die, I’ll change this world by becoming Hokage!”

With this frank talk, Naruto and Yahiko’s images are overlaid.

From dark shadows a pair of eyes glares at Nagato. It is Kisame!


source : nja @ 2ch
translator : kuroihikari @ MH

タイトル 形見
Title: “Memento”

Spine of book is Orochimaru.

In the chapter can be seen the speech of Naruto.
Nagato responds to this speech.
That is what teacher talked about. (Translator’s NOTE: Not quite sure about this. ).
A hint was given to me, written in the end of the story in a book. Naruto tells Nagato that he’s thankful. (Translator’s NOTE: Something along Naruto being thankful to Nagato of reminding him of the ending of the book.)
And then, to the story…
The protagonist in the story becomes Nagato. He is portraying the lead role. The story begins. (Translator’s Note… Yes, I know, it doesn’t make any sense. The translation should be pretty close, though.).
This time they’re talking about his name.
ナルトが 「ナルトだ」
Naruto “It’s Naruto”.
Upon that being said, Nagato returns to himself.

Studying under the same teacher… You and I understand each other.
You must be joking…

From the wheelchair, without hands, Nagato’s starting a seal
“You… I tried to believe in you…. Uzumaki Naruto!”

The End.

That’s it, simply.


sources : 2ch
status : unkown




カツユ説明。根の長 三代目と対立




里が壊滅いたしました。 他一同ざわざわ・・

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  1. housaki - May 19, 2009 at 3:33 pm #

    wow.. yahiko is alive….

  2. deidara - May 19, 2009 at 3:59 pm #

    here.. translation ( i used google translate :P)

    That's dismissed and asked to answer the Naruto

    Nagato and Yahiko was once a dream of his own saying come Seiya

    Between the large sway my decision

    GAI RINEJI SAKURA arrived there

    Apologize and pushed the momentum of the screw in the Naruto KATSUYU

    Screws to hear the answer to Naruto

    KAKASHI SHIZUNE and the teacher says is like a leaf in the wind

    Furious with you telling me I had to take such HINATA

    But I'd say that JITAI hsien my master hentai

    Seiya and the date of training and self Nagato came to remember the words of

    Put the screws to him and said that because of its own and came

    Color because I was used to seal the nine tails and I am a

    I think it was hateful

    I still love it if I heard all of the ri! !

    But even that any and every guy, the big guy

    I think it's important because with

    Well if it is acceptable to you, I'll change this world is my

    Identify and Yahiko Naruto straight in the past

    Stare at the dark shadows Nagato

    That shark demon


  3. mostafa - May 19, 2009 at 5:02 pm #


    Chapitre 448 de prévision by mostafa

    Accepter la réalité (Nagato est laissé sans voix après avoir entendu la réponse de Naruto. Naruto puis tourne le dos à Nagato et s'en va)

    «Il est en vous laissant vivre. On peut utiliser ce temps pour vous de récupérer et de renforcer les six voies de la douleur», a déclaré Konan. (Nagato envisage Yahiko)

    "Savoir ce Kyuubi. En me laisser vivre, je vais continuer à rechercher la paix par l'intermédiaire de mon propre chemin. Comme vous, j'ai pas les moyens pour accepter un fantasme d'un vieux fou, je vous guide dans le monde à travers la douleur. Fare bien, nous allons nous rencontrer encore une fois, Uzumaki Naruto. Ce serait une catastrophe si quelque chose allait se passer pour vous. Vous êtes la source de ma paix ", a déclaré Nagato.

    (Il est épuisé. Il transpire un peu.)

    "Merde. J'ai utilisé trop de chakra. Même en mode Sage, Rasen Shuriken prend beaucoup de moi. Préférable de ne pas les laisser aucune, ou ils peuvent attaquer par derrière moi", dit Naruto. (Tout d'un coup Naruto yeux creuser. Il Avis Neji et Gai).

    "Naruto est de retour est détourné de l'ennemi", a déclaré Gai. "Son chakra est également faible, pas bon», dit Neji. "Les gars stop, Naruto a gagné", a déclaré Katsuyu. "Assez de mots, je vais le prendre à partir d'ici», dit Neji. (Naruto hurle dans le haut de ses poumons)

    «S'IL VOUS PLAÎT NO», hurla Naruto. (Neji Gai et défonce la origami arbre. Naruto Neji tentatives d'arrêter, mais il tombe. Nagato et Konan sont menacés, ils ont fait face à des chocs. Neji axes de sa paume.)

    "Hakke Kuushou», hurla Neji .. «À cette gamme et de sa condition, il va", a déclaré Konan. (Elle essaie de se mettre en avant, mais la vague hits Nagato, causant de vomir du sang de sa bouche, le nez. Et puis, lentement, ferme les yeux)

    «Je ne voulais pas les choses à la fin de cette manière. Mais il semble que la paix, est à vous maintenant. Droit, Naruto", a déclaré Nagato. (Ses yeux fermer complètement. Naruto yeux de démon, comme la croissance. Konan cris)

    "ARRGGHH. J'ai dit que je épargner sa vie. C'est pourquoi le monde n'est jamais comprendre. Je ne pouvais pas sauver une vie. Après tout cela, je n'ai pas pu le sauver de sa douleur, s'écria Naruto.

    "Konoha ninja Vous pensez que vous êtes les seuls qui comptent dans ce monde. Tant que vous égoïstement s'accrocher à vos idéaux, il y aura toujours de la haine», a déclaré Konan. (Elle se transforme en son Angle formulaire. Tout le monde compte.)

    "Sa ne sert à rien. En maintenant l'ensemble de ce secteur est déjà entouré", a déclaré Neji. (À l'extérieur de la montre quelques survivants Anbu et Lee et Ten-ten sur le côté.)

    "Ce n'est pas la façon dont je voulais faire les choses. Ce n'est pas la façon dont la paix va arriver», dit Naruto.

    "Je ne sais pas comment les choses se sont passées, mais ce gars-là est celui qui a détruit Konoha. Comment avez-vous jamais pu montrer de remords pour quelqu'un qui a tué votre maître, et de blesser vos villageois est au-delà de ma compréhension", a déclaré Neji.

    (Konan cherche à s'envoler. Elle défonce la menace, mais l'origami est immédiatement entouré. Elle commence à faire son attaque par les plumes se transforment en forte avions de papier, mais plusieurs Anbu et quelques autres ninja entourant l'explosion de jeter toutes ses étiquettes à elle. Ses ailes de départ à tous les après-delà, elle les utilise pour défendre.)

    «Ils ont contré moi», dit Konan. "Sa attaques sont fortes, mais elle utilise toujours le papier de son offensive et de la défense", a déclaré un Anbu. "De tous les angles, de préparer le feu élémentaire ninjutsu", a déclaré Aoi

    (Feu de tous les angles paralyse Konan. Elle tente de briser en tournant en butterfiles)

    "Nous avons besoin de son vivant pour l'interroger», a déclaré Ibiki. "Right. Je vais limiter ses mouvements. Refroidir son eau et son arrêt de poliferating. Mizuame Nabara», a crié Izumo (Konan est gênée collant avec du liquide.)

    "Maintenant, limiter son", a déclaré Ibiki. (Comme elle tombe. Shinobi lance piège de multiples chaînes de lier son. Similaires à ceux utilisés par Kakashi pour tromper Dieu royaume. Elle est liée à Ibiki et ses captures. Naruto regarde que la formation de la destruction de Konoha apporte Nagato et Konan .)

    "C'est, je suppose que la paix et la haine sont basés sur l'interprétation. J'ai besoin de sensibiliser les gens à l'autre des sentiments, de sorte que nous pouvons tous comprendre les uns les autres et rien de tel ne pourrait jamais se reproduire», a dit Naruto.

    Chapitre suivant: La reconstruction de Konoha by mostafa

    Status: Prediction

    Chapter 448 Prediction

    Accepting Reality (Nagato is left speechless after hearing Naruto's answer. Naruto then turns his back on Nagato and walks away)

    "He's letting you live. We can use this time for you to recover and strengthen the Six paths of Pain," said Konan. (Nagato envisions Yahiko)

    "Know this Kyuubi. By letting me live, I will continue to pursue peace through my own way. Since you provided me no means for accepting a fantasy of an old fool, I will guide the world through pain. fare well, we will meet again, Uzumaki Naruto. It would be a disaster if anything would happen to you. You are the source of my peace," said Nagato.

    (He's exhausted. He sweats a little.)

    "Damn. I used up too much chakra. Even in Sage Mode, Rasen Shuriken takes a lot of me. Better not let them no, or they could attack me from behind," said Naruto. (All of a sudden Naruto eyes widen. He notices Neji and Gai.)

    "Naruto's back is turned away from the enemy," said Gai. "His chakra is also low, not good," said Neji. "Guys stop, Naruto has won," said Katsuyu. "Enough words, I'll take it from here," said Neji. (Naruto yells at the top of his lungs)

    "PLEASE NO," yelled Naruto. (Neji and Gai bursts through the origami tree. Naruto attempts to stop Neji but he falls down. Nagato and Konan are threatened, they show faces of shock. Neji thrusts out his palm.)

    "Hakke Kuushou," yelled Neji.. "At that range and in his condition, he'll," said Konan. (She tries to get in front, but the wave hits Nagato, causing him to spew blood from his mouth, nose. And then slowly closes his eyes)

    "I didn't want things to end this way. But it looks like peace, is up to you now. Right, Naruto," said Nagato. (His eyes close completely. Naruto's eyes grow demon like. Konan cries)

    "ARRGGHH. I said I would spare his life. This is why the world is never understanding. I couldn't save one life. After all this, I couldn't save him from his pain," cried Naruto.

    "You Konoha ninja think you are the only ones that count in this world. As long as you selfishly cling to your ideals, there will always be hatred," said Konan. (She transforms into her Angle Form. Everyone take notice.)

    "Its no use. By now this entire area is already surronded," said Neji. (Outside shows some of the surviving Anbu and Lee and Ten-ten on the side.)

    "This is not how I wanted to do things. This is not how peace is going to arrive," said Naruto.

    "I don't know how things went down, but this guy was the one who destroyed Konoha. How you could ever show remorse for someone who killed your master and hurt your villagers is beyond my comprehension," said Neji.

    (Konan tries to fly away. She bursts through the origami threat but is immediately surronded. She begins to attack by making her feathers turn into sharp paper air planes, but several Anbu and a few other ninja surronding her all toss exploding tags at her. Her wings start to all apart after she uses them to defend.)

    "They've countered me," said Konan. "Her attacks are strong, but she still uses paper for her offensive and defense," said Anbu one. "From all angles, prepare fire elemental ninjutsu," said Aoi

    (Fire from all angles cripples Konan. She tries to break apart by turning into butterfiles)

    "We need her alive for interrogation," said Ibiki. "Right. I'll constrict her movements. Water will cool her down and stop her from poliferating. Mizuame Nabara," yelled Izumo (Konan is constricted with sticky liquid.)

    "Now, restrain her," said Ibiki. (As she falls. Multiple shinobi tosses trap chains to bind her. Similar to the ones used by Kakashi to trick God Realm. She is tied down and then Ibiki catches her. Naruto looks on as the formation of Konoha brings destruction to Nagato and Konan.)

    "This, I guess peace and hatred are based off interpretation. I need to make people aware of each other's feelings, so we can all understand each other and so nothing like this could ever happen again," said Naruto.

    Next Chapter: Rebuilding Konoha by Naruto Addict

  4. kugutsu - May 19, 2009 at 5:27 pm #

    ooh.. kakashi died..?

  5. imfamous30 - May 19, 2009 at 5:54 pm #

    U sure that's what it says because that didn't really make any sense lol

  6. housaki - May 20, 2009 at 6:54 am #

    tobi can teleport people but it's true Naruto should be able to sense Kisame if he shows up

  7. KattyBlackyard - June 15, 2009 at 3:54 am #

    Original post by Dmitri Gromov