Naruto [ナルト] 449 Spoiler

2009 May 25

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Naruto 449 Spoiler Pics

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Shizune, Pa Frog, even Kakashi
Everyone revives!

Bookspine is Kabuto.

カカシ 俺は父さんを誇りに思うよ
Kakashi: I’m proud of [you] Dad.

父   ありがとう
Father: Thank you.

Kakashi is struck by an arrow of light

父 お前はまだこっちくるのは早すぎたようだな
Father: It seems it was still too early for you to come here

Thank you, I could meet mother at last thanks to you.
[Note: not sure who spoke this line. Spoiler seems to imply it’s Kakashi’s dad, but it seems it would make more sense coming from Kakashi]

Then Kakashi wakes up.


長門 『外道 輪廻天正』








Nagato : Gedou Rinne Tenshou ! ( Heretical Justice Reincarnation ) [ Rinnegan are supposed to be the eyes of the Reincarnations … ]

Everybody is brought back to life.
Fukusaku, Kakashi …

Nagato hairs becomes grey … and paper like.

Konan makes a flower out of paper and gives it to Naruto.

Sasuke is rushing to Konoha



Collected Naruto 449 Spoiler Script

source : 2ch
verifiction : pending

長門、幼女になる・・なんで?紙が白くなって俯いてる   コナン無言

サクラ、空を見上げて何あれ? ヒナタ、あれは・・?とか言ってる



水月(千鳥の比なんかじゃないぞ・・あれは) 以下略


source : 2ch
verifiction : unkown


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5 Responses to “Naruto [ナルト] 449 Spoiler”

  1. Sonics1030 - May 26, 2009 at 2:13 pm #

    Here's Google Tranlate's sucking translation:

    Reincarnation invoke the Nagato.

    Payne was done to them is like giving the power of life that I'm left with chakra chakra some Nagato.

    He was hurt from the outside but no resurrection!

    Himself in a fall in the risk of heart surgery that Nagato

    It's like I'm wrong when I have a choice …

    Or any償ETA last? Seiya teachers come to their own … I'll apologize now.

    Woke up around to stop the Nagato Nagato and Naruto to go away in the heart of the leaves

    Nagato's償WANAKYA … But, I have lived …

    What if I'm even Naruto's atonement? That's my peace I do not if it's

    Nagato's what you mean forgive me? ,

    I do, I'm not here? ,

    The good and I'm here! ,

    , I want to be here! ! I'm here! ! ,

    Waiting for a proper translate.

  2. kugutsu - May 26, 2009 at 4:23 pm #







    長門、幼女になる・・なんで?紙が白くなって俯いてる   コナン無言

    サクラ、空を見上げて何あれ? ヒナタ、あれは・・?とか言ってる




    水月(千鳥の比なんかじゃないぞ・・あれは) 以下略


    Here’s Google Tranlate’s sucking translation:

    Nagato "naga成道"

    2 ascend to the sky dragon pet out. Black clouds begin to rain out the storm

    Nagato "7 will now heal the patron leaves the rain continued to rain days."

    Naruto, if it? I talk with say

    YOUHA, I would like to restore all

    Nagato, changes in the body and spit up blood. Conan still a worry

    Nagato, and I will幼女? Conan's silence is俯I white paper

    Sakura, you do the sky to the heavens? HINATA, that is? I'm talking

    Dragon flying in the sky

    Are waiting for the clouds are shining black dragon?

    Sasuke "done"

    (you do not, things like the ratio of the zigzag) snip

    Demon shark "unlike weasel, I was hot-tempered brother."

  3. mostafa - May 26, 2009 at 4:34 pm #


    verifiction : PREDICTION

    Chapter 449: Nagato's Trust

    (Konan is worried about Nagato's condition. Blood trickles from his mouth once more.)

    "Nagato, what are you planning? We should use this time to escape, save your strength," said Konan.

    "Konan, silence. I need as much chakra as possible to pull off the summoning," said Nagato. "WHAT? The King of Hell Statue. You can't possibly be planning on sealing the 9 tails alone. He is not even contained," said Konan.

    (Naruto goes on the defense)

    "Don't worry Uzumaki. I have no interesting in taking the Kyuubi from you. I said I believe in you. Let me us, students of Jiraiya, bring peace," smiled Nagato. "Nagato," mumbled Naruto.

    (The area begins to shake. Nagato continues to concentrate.)

    "ARRRGGHH," yelled Nagato. (The King of Hell Statue emerges and severly cripples the origami tree. Naruto avoids the statue's entrance by slipping to the side. Konan and Naruto both glance at the statue. Seven eyes are open, to reflect the amount of Bijuu sealed within it.)

    "See? The Rinnegan gives me amazing power. This moving statue was said to be a personal summon to that of the Six Realms Sage. Incidently, I have inheirted this monstrocity that day I awakened the Rinnegan. This beast absorbs souls and converts them into energy, energy that could be condensed into an attack.

    The overall strength of the attack, depends on the level of chakra the soul has. Since the tailed beasts has the greatest resources of chakra, their souls would be more than suffice to create a gigantic weapon of mass destruction.

    I intended to use this weapon to restore peace to the world. But now, after hearing your story, I fear all my efforts would have gone in vain. If people are to live in a world without scheduled conflict and eradication, a weapon such as this shouldn't exist. Right, Naruto," asked Nagato.

    "Nagato, are you asking him to destroy this thing. What about Akatuski's purpose? What about everything we've bleed and fought for," said Konan.

    "What about it? If its all in line of the prophecy, our existence is not by chance. It was only written down that the world would meet peace through Naruto's existence," said Nagato.

    "Nagato, are you even listening to yourself? You've become a fool, just like Jiraiya. I won't sit her and let all our efforts go to waste," said Konan.

    "No one is keeping you here. And if you provide yourself to be an obstancle in the way of peace, Uzumaki has no qualms about putting a stop to you," said Nagato. (Konan looks scared)

    "Fine, do what you like," said Konan.

    "Destroy the staue with everything you've got. Once you've done that, the seven Bijuu will escape and Akatuski's direct motive will be lost," said Nagato.

    "RIght. For peace," said Naruto. (Naruto remains motionless. And after a several moments of gathering chakra, he entires Sage Mode.)

    "So what attack should I use on this thing," mumbled Naruto. "Make sure you use a powerful technique to take this thing out," said Nagato.

    "I could use Rasen Shuriken. But I don't want to take Nagato and his partner out as well," said Naruto.

    (Close up on Nagato. All of a sudden flashbacks starts rushing through his mind. From childhood all the way up until he meets Naruto and does battle with him.)

    "I've served my purpose. Konan, you live on. Once he uses his attack, I'm going to get in the way. Therefore I'd be gone as well," said Nagato. "Www, What," yelled Konan.

    Swich Scene to Akatuski's Secret Lair:

    (Zetsu is witnessing the ruin land in which the King of Hell Statue use to stand)

    "All man. Madara is not going to be happy with this," said Light Zetsu. "I wonder who had a hand in this. Time to report to Madara at once," said Dark Zetsu.