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2009 June 14

Danzou gave the order to kill Sasuke ..? what happens with naruto and sakura…? Find out the answer on Naruto [ナルト] 452 Spoiler at You can also download previous Naruto 451 manga chapter. If you would like to discuss the spoilers or predictions, please leave a comment below.

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naruto 452naruto 452naruto 452naruto 452naruto 452naruto 452naruto 452naruto 452naruto 452naruto 452

Naruto ナルト 452 Spoiler

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使者が 今は暁にいて雲隠れを襲って師匠をらちりやがったんだと聞き

みんな驚いた所で 完
背表紙はちっこい蛙 名前忘れたw

English Translation

quick sum up

Naruto says he won’t allow that kind of crap and is going to complain to Danzo

Kakashi stops him, saying that the big wigs made the decision, play your hand poorly and you’ll end up in the brig. Just hold out until Tsunade-sama wakes up.

To Danzo,

He orders Sai to keep an eye on Naruto and make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid (the reason being that Naruto is the hero and has more fame than Danzo, if Danzo doesn’t manage Naruto well, there would be an uprising by the villagers)

The thus ordered Sai returns to Naruto, Sai, Kakashi. Naruto asks Sai about Danzo, but Sai can’t talk because all the Root members have their tongues sealed, if they spill any secrets, they will freeze up (in short, if they talk, they’ll die), so Sai can’t say anything

They explain to Sai who doesn’t know the whole story, about Danzo giving the order to take out Sasuke

The Hidden in the Clouds guys here and spring into battle mode

Sasuke kid-napped our teacher

While neither group is going all out, the two “black” (sorry, that is what the Japanese says) ninja school Sakura and Naruto, that’s how good they are

Why would Sasuke do that? (Naruto obviously asking)

The Hidden in the Clouds say that Sasuke is now in Akatsuki and he attacked their village and kid-napped their teacher. Everyone’s jaw drops and the chapter ends

(on the binder is one of the small frogs, forgot his name)

Another translation by Nightjumper

Naruto says that he won’t allow this.[Danzou becoming Hokage]

Kakashi tells him off, saying that it’s what the higher-ups have decided for the time being, if he’s[naruto] is unlucky, he’ll get thrown into jail[for opposing Danzou]… At least until Tsunade wakes up.

Scene change to Danzou

Danzou orders Sai to make sure Naruto doesn’t do something stupid
The reason why, is because Naruto is a hero right now. He’s more popular than Danzou. Punishing him[naruto] could lead to the people of the village revolting.

After receiving his orders, Sai goes to meet up with Naruto and the others.
Naruto asks Sai what Danzou’s like,
Sai says he doesn’t really know him, but Danzou donates curse marks/seals to all members of Root. Sai can’t talk about classified info, because everyone who has, has fallen over unconscious.(Talking = Death)

Some prehistory on Sai
[Unsure]Then the guy who authorized taking care of Sasuke, comes out.

[Unsure]They hear the Cloud ninja talking.

“That Sasuke guy abducted our master(s)”

[Something about Naruto and Sakura not making a mutual effort, and either getting pissed off or brushing their worries off]
A dark influential person –> Two dark persons

“Why would Sasuke do something like that?”

[Something about the present time, Akatsuki, Kumogakure, an attack, and master being abducted]

Everyone is surprised by this

Spine is of some small frog, Nja forgot his name

sasuke is gay ..?

Trivia: Many rumors say, Sasuke is Gay ..?, When he was brought down by Haku, he was thinking of manly Naruto. He was even thinking of the time they KISSED. Now, maybe thats because he likes Naruto as best friend forever, but My guess is that he wouldn’t be thinking of Kissing. —

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  1. deidara - June 14, 2009 at 2:16 pm #

    OMGGGG….. Sasuke is Gay !!! ha..ha..ha.ha

  2. Naruto Addict - June 14, 2009 at 6:44 pm #

    Hmmm…… Danzo want to kill sasuke, sasuke want to kill danzo, naruto want to protect sasuke. So its simple, when all will be trying to kill sasuke, naruto will protect him… and then (Naruto and Sasuke) Vs. All others like in movie bonds…

  3. jaxx - June 14, 2009 at 9:19 pm #

    worthless trivia…. i think the one who post this piece of crap trivia is the one who's gay… he might have experienced it (kissing another guy)….

  4. deidara - June 15, 2009 at 9:35 am #

    Naruto 452 prediction

    page 1: Danzou shown giving orders to root anbu squads headed by familiar jounins to confront sasuke and kill him

    page 2: Naruto rushes to Danzou,demands an explanation. danzou just shrugs him off.

    page 3: Danzou repeating his candidatory speech to Naruto,about how the legacy of the 3rd hokage caused the chaos and destruction in konoha.

    page 4: Naruto interrupted Danzou, then revealed all he knew from the fight with Pain. How danzou was a key player in creating the character Pain.

    page 5: Danzou in total shock, "how did Naruto know about that?" danzou thought to himself.

    page 6: Danzou gritting his teeth, everyone now is looking at him with accusation on their faces. Danzou, retalliates by telling about how Naruto was the cause of this destruction,how akatsuki was involved and naruto their central target, and how sasuke is now a part of akatsuki, also now after Naruto's head.

    page 7: Danzou was interrupted, by whom? by our fallen hero sasuke. a little speech from our emo punk, and readies himself to take danzou's head

    page 8: Danzou is seething within, "how the hell was he interrupted twice during 1 chapter?" thoughts to himself. but is glad that he would not have to worry about sasuke's whereabouts now.

    page 9: Sasuke sees Naruto. Naruto sees sasuke. they started fighting..inside their minds. Naruto has the was tsukuyomi, but Naruto didn't try to break away from it. in his mind,he was trapped by sasuke, but inside his mind, Naruto will just not lose.

    page 10: Sasuke breaks the genjutsu contact. Naruto is exhausted,falls on his knees. Sakura recalls her promise to herself not to be a burden anymore, attacks sasuke.

    page 11: Karin intercepts her. Kakashi is already face to face with juugo, suigetsu stands in front of the 3 hidden cloud nins.

    page 12: Sasuke is tired but he doesnt show it,"how can Naruto be able to beat me using my genjutsu?Regardless, i can't let this opportunity avenge my brother"

    page 13: Sasuke attacks, hundreds of Root anbu gangbangs on sasuke, sasuke retaliates. all the while telling his reasons for vengeance, how Danzou and the elders made the order for the assassination of the uchiha clan.

    page 14: Danzou, is waiting. calmly,but inside he is very anxious. anxious for the other Kage's to arrive.

    page 15: Kakashi and sakura falls back to a fallen naruto,takes him to safety away from the heat of the battle. Juugo and Karin helps a partially melted suigetsu, the 3 cloud nins are beating away at suigetsu. the fighting ground evens now. sasuke continues pushing forward. Anbu body count = 67.

    page 16: Konoha is alerted at the sudden attack of Team hawk/Akatsuki. evacuation procedures are again met. Team Gai prepares for action. Naruto is in partial comatose, seems like tsukuyomi has that immediate effect even if the victim wins inside.

    page 17: Gaara, Kazekage of the sand,and the Mizukage of the mist, arrives at the scene, stands beside Danzou awaiting sasuke. Team Gai arrives at the scene to stall Sasuke's approach to the Hokage.


    next chapter 453: the gheyest ass raeping fest. will team Gay stop a rampaging sauceghey?

  5. deidara - June 15, 2009 at 9:39 am #

    Another Specialist Prediction:

    Danzou approves the Hit on Sasuke

    "No. As long as there is still breath in this body, none of this will go down," yelled Naruto. "I understand, but this is the Hokage. Perhaps Sasuke really did get into a bind," said Kiba

    "Let's first find out what's going on before panacking and making rash decisions. Still, I can't believe a man like that has actually become the Hokage. This changes things drastically," said Kakashi.

    "I'm with Kakashi on this one. Although, I can also sympathize with Naruto, its Sasuke afterall, and Tsunade has warned me about Danzou. He has a cold militaristic philosphy. Instead of settling matters with treaties and negotions; he prefers wet work ops and the preservation of a strong and feared government," said Sakura.

    "Yeah, that's pretty much it in a nutshell. He leads a sub organization within Anbu, called Root. Its main purpose is to create shinobi without human emotions," said Kakashi.

    "So Sai was," said Naruto.

    "Exactly," said Kakashi.

    "What, how is such a thing legal in Konoha," asked Kiba. "Its not. But who would oppose him? He believes that the cause of Konoha's failures is because the 3rd Hokage's teachings placed too much meaning on feelings. And when emotions get in the way, missions are compromised. And based off the current cirumstances, who would blame Danzou for sticking to his route," said Kakashi.

    "But, that can't be how villages should operate. There should be an idea of understanding. Village systems would be competeing for survival. And the strongest one will have the others kneeling at their feet. That's the same ideal that led to Pain's creation," said Naruto.

    (Everyone is surprized by Naruto's intuition.)

    "Hmm. Naruto certainly has a point, but people who where born in war like environments managed to survive by clinging on to those old ideals. That's the only way they see it, any other way would be foolish and sentimental. Add sadly, those kind of people are the ones that are in control of our government," said Kakashi.

    (Kakashi pictures the 3 elders and the council Leaders.)

    (Outside. The crowd gathers around Danzou and his Anbu supporters. In the midst of it all, people are shockedabout Danzou's rise to Hokage. People question Sasuke's morale. Soon afterwards Team 7 makes its way to the crowd. Danzou begins his speech.)

    "Citizens, fear not, Konoha's future is in capable hands. I, Danzou, the Founder of the Root Division of Anbu, will ensure that nothing like this will ever happen to this village again. Within the past[Image] two decades alone, this village has been placed under unrequired fire. Why is that? It was because the Hokages before failed to eliminate

    threats as soon as they arised.

    They let personal and cultural barriers get in the way of perserving the way of the shinobi. Orochimaru was given time to escape, because he was Sarutobi's student. That cost the village. And this instance here, the Akatuski leader was Jiraiya's own student, and look at what happened. But no more. Under my watch all threats will be elminated. All suspensions will be taken care of. That is why I have agreed to assist the Raikage in the assination of Sasuke, something Tsunade would of never agreed to.

    Sasuke, who has left the village without proper orders and without specifiying length of stay, has been marked as a missing-nin. In his traveles he is now in support of the terrorist group known as Akatuski. And has infiltrated THe Cloud and has captured Raikage's brother, a Jinchuuriki.

    Konoha is to be on high alert. All abled shinobi will guard this village, because who is to say, he won't go after Naruto? Uzumaki Naruto will hereby be reolcated until the Akatuski matter is settled, which would be explained in depth during the upcoming Kage Summit issued by Raikage. We can't risk such an overwhelming power being turned against us. That is all," said Danzou.

    (Everyone is in uproar.)

    "This look bad for you Naruto," said Kiba. "No way. There's no way a jerk like that is going make me sit here and let them kill Sasuke. Nor will I sit around and do nothing while Akatuski plots their next move," said Naruto. "What do you suppose you do. I don't like Danzou either, but he and the Raikage wouldn't lie about something this drastic. Still, I don't agree with him isolating you from everyone. You are one of shinobi that protect this village," said Sakura.

    "Damn it. If Tsunade was wake, none of this would of happened," said Shizune.

    "This was exactly what I feared from the beginning. Naruto is not some tool to be locked away," said Shikaku.

    "I can't believe it. I won't believe Sasuke to be aiding Akatuski. I can't believe that he'd send someone like me into Akatuski's hands. I won't believe it," yelled Naruto.

    (Danzou secretly walks by.)

    "Oh? Why wouldn't he," smiled Danzou. (Naruto grabs Danzou's collar.) "What do you know about Sasuke? Nothing. I know all about your exploits. Pain told me. I'm not going to sit here and-," said Naruto before getting cut off.

    (He is immediately surronded by Anbu.)

    "Unhand the Hokage at once," said Anbu 1. "Uzumaki Naruto, please," said Anbu 2. (Kakashi rushes in and removes Naruto from Danzou.) "What's gotten into you Naruto?

    I know your heart is in the right place and you want your freedom. But this is hardly the way to settle things," said Kakashi.

    "I forgive him. He is but a child afterall. But know this Uzumaki. Sasuke is no longer pure as he was. The slightest influence could paint him into a completely different picture. The old friend that you use to know, is gone. Forget everything you thought and knew about Sasuke. That is all. I hope you've come to your senses," said Danzou.

    (Naruto closes his eyes. And reflects back on what Itachi told him.)

    "Sasuke. You couldn't really do something like this," said Naruto.

    (Flash back of Itachi and Naruto's conversation.)

    "You said you want to bring Sasuke back, don't you? But what if he doesn't want to go.

    But what if its the opposite? You said you thought of Sasuke as a brother. Well, I'm asking you what you'd do if Sasuker were to attack Konoha," said Itachi.

    "What? Why would Sasuke? He'd never do that," exclaimed Naruto.

    "Sasuke is still pure. He could be colored easily by anything. If that should happen, would you be able to stop him. Even if it meant killing him? Could you weigh Sasuke's life against Konoha," said Itachi.

    "I'd protect Konoha! And find a way to stop Sasuke without killing him. I won't bend my words. That is what being a ninja means to me," said Naruto.

    "I've given you some of my power. I hope the day comes when you never have to use it," said Itachi.

    (Back to the present.)

    "Sasuke. What have you gotten yourself into? DANZOU," yelled Naruto. (He turns around.)

    "What is it, boy," asked Danzou. "Leave Sasuke to me. I'll stop Sasuke with my own hands. Please don't involve the other villages. I don't really care for your methods. But if Sasuke is such a threat, then let me take care of him. I'm the only one who knows him best. I'm the only one who knows how he feels. Please, I'm begging you. Give me the order, and I'll stop Sasuke for everyone. If I fail, you can lock me up afterwards," said Naruto.

    "Nnn. Naruto," mumbled Sakura. (Everyone is astoned by Naruto's reaction.) "Are you sure about this Naruto," asked Kiba.

    "Facing Pain must have changed him. This is not the same Naruto we were use to," said Kakashi.

    "Hmm," Danzou thinks on it.

    "Danzou my lord. He did defeat the Akatuski leader. Perhaps its not out of the question," said Anbu 1.

    "He is no longer a child. Perhaps you should allow it," said Anbu 2. "He gets this one chance. If he screws up, I'll see to it that he never steps foot ouside Konoha again," said Danzou.

    Next Chapter: Danzou's Permission

  6. narufangirl - June 16, 2009 at 6:37 pm #

    I think Kishimoto wants Sasuke to be gay xD because of the Konoha Gakuen(short video) when he saw Orochimaru dressed like a girl and he blush…

    Dammit, the manga is taking too long again to go to the point… -.-'''

  7. dustin - June 17, 2009 at 12:46 am #

    ok pplz i think this is how its going to turn out. sasuke is going to try to attack the elders and kill them but naruto fights sasuke and before the fight is over they are forced to stop because madora finds this the best time to kill 2 birds with one stone. he will try to kill everyone in the village as well as capture naruto…maybe even force naruto to give in or he would kill everyone. and something happens and then naruto and sasuke gang up on madora and kick his ass :P the end xD

  8. Naruto 452 - June 17, 2009 at 3:57 am #

    Confirmed Naruto 452 spoiler here: Naruto 452 ナルト 452 Confirmed

    Verification: Confirmed

    Credits: Nightjumper

    Naruto says that he won’t allow this.[Danzou becoming Hokage]

    Kakashi tells him off, saying that it’s what the higher-ups have decided for the time being, if he’s[naruto] is unlucky, he’ll get thrown into jail[for opposing Danzou]… At least until Tsunade wakes up.

  9. Hitsugaya - June 18, 2009 at 5:56 am #

    well its simple

    Sasuke wanna kill Danzo and when he will try to naruto will come to protect it and bla bla bla

    and i think madara will go to fetch hachibi himself

    and also i dont think someone in Naruto can beat Madara ,even if naruto tems up with Sasuke :P

    even if Team Gai try to prevent Sasuke of enterin Konoha they will b no match

    coz Sasuke is very strong

    n concerning the trivia

    As all hi5 n facebook or all people who r fan of naruto we all know that Sasugay is gay XD

    • amaida - June 18, 2009 at 3:52 pm #

      @hitsugaya : i totality agree with you .. good comment :-)

    • sonics1030 - June 18, 2009 at 4:28 pm #

      Me too! Totally agreed!!!

      But then, who will Naruto end up with? Sakura or Hinata? And if he ends up with Hinata, what will happen with Sakura? Geez, I don`t know who I`d like Naruto to end up with!

      • Hitsugaya - June 18, 2009 at 7:06 pm #

        yeah i was expectin naruto to say something to Hinata ,but i think Naruto will choose Hinata as she has confessed her love for him and Naruto wont turn her down fearin that he can break her heart

        For me the endin of Naruto maybe like this :

        A fight between Sasugay ,Naruto vs Madara

        They manage somehow to defeat him n the final showdown between the two friends

  10. naruto - June 19, 2009 at 2:22 am #

    nani sore?

  11. mostafa - June 19, 2009 at 11:36 am #


    download naruto shippuuden 452