ONE PIECE ワンピース 547話 Spoiler

2009 June 14

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ONE PIECE chapter 547 spoiler pictures

Source: Himajin @ ch
Verification: confirmed

The poster apologizes for the boring spoilers, and blames it on Magellen… but admits to just not having read it well (TN: sorry, not sure about that part)

First page color spread. All of the escapees seem to be drinking and having a party at the moment.
Luffy’s on the offensive.
Magellen: I didn’t want to use this technique… It’s an ability that will destroy Impel Down itself if I use it.
It’s a poison that nothing can defend against. (Sorry for not knowing the name)
Not being able to do anything, Luffy and 3 head to Level one.
There, faces hidden(in shadows maybe? not sure sorry), the Okama King and Inazuma break through to Level 1 using Death Wink.
It ends at sea with Jinbei riding on the backs of a large group of whale sharks he had called.


Buggy Devil Fruit: The Bara Bara no Mi [バラバラの実 ], also called the Bara Bara Fruit, is Paramecia type Devil Fruit that allows the user to be immune to slashing attacks and to be able to split their body apart into pieces and control the said pieces however they wish, mostly by levitating them away from the user’s main body. Barabara is a Japanese term for splitting something up.

4 Responses to “ONE PIECE ワンピース 547話 Spoiler”

  1. mp44christos - June 16, 2009 at 7:17 am #

    sounds 100% fake to me!

  2. Mr. 5 - June 16, 2009 at 4:54 pm #

    Magellan gonna destroy everything!!!

    So there is Luffy vs Magellan serious fight? Nice… Luffy will lose again! :-)

  3. One Piece 547 - June 17, 2009 at 3:55 am #

    Confirmed One Piece 547 spoiler here: One Piece 547 ワンピース 547 Confirmed

    Source: Arlong Park

    Credits: Battle Franky & Godsleftsock

    Verification: Confirmed

    Iwa-san catches all of the escapees in the Death Wink’s recoil. Then everyone escapes to the sea on a group of sharks.