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2009 August 9

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Source: nja @ 2ch
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扉絵は 髑髏




Bleach 370 English Translation

Cover page is Barragan.

Hacchi compliments Soifon: You can even get in through the crack in the barriers.

Soifon: I have a limit of 1 shot per 3 days, I did 2 shots in one day…considering I’ll be getting something in return. (TN: it’s implied that this is something good…like trapping up Urahara for 1 month XD)

Barragan seems to have eaten up the attack and he still lives

(Soifon and Hacchi) face the “Komundoru” god and went “WTF” in surprise. (TN: I’m assuming the “god” is Barragan. Someone on 2ch says Nja really meant “Hueco Mundo”, so…)

Barragan starts going berserk and spitting out his Death breath ceaselessly.

The right hand (not sure who it belongs to、Edit: judging from responses on 2ch, it’s probably Barragan himself) was eaten by the breath and starts to age, but was stopped by the barrier. Then it went inside Barragan’s stomach/midsection.
(TN: Confusing, this part)

Barragan destroyed the entire severed right hand.

That was what happened

another spoiler from 69 ryuma


バラガン、小さい小さい連呼しながら、ワシはウェコムンドの神、ワシの力こそが唯一絶対、至上 の力云々、


バラガン、ポカーン 右腕どーした。

最後、ハッチがSSには死神以外の神と名のつくものがいないのであなたの言葉の重大さが理解で きない、



English Translation

It’s Hacchi’s right hand that is touched by the death breath and begins to rot. He uses a barrier to cut it off and throws it at Barragan.

Barragan angrily spews his death breath. Hacchi dons his mask and uses a barrier to defend, but it rots.

Barragan keeps quietly repeating, “I am the God of Hueco Mundo. Only my power is absolute and supreme.”

While he goes on saying things like, “Your lives, and the lives of ants appear the same to me,” Hacchi’s right arm starts disappearing.

Barragan: “Oops, what’s wrong with your right arm?”

Hacchi: “Because your powers are the only absolute in the world I present this to you.”

At the end, Hacchi says that because there are no other gods in SS besides Shinigami he doesn’t understand the importance of his words.

“Forgive me my disbelieve, God of Hueco Mundo.”

As he says this Baragan is disintegrates


Bleach 370 Trivia : Kisuke Urahara was inspired by Snufkin, a character that appears in Tove Jannson’s Moominvalley novels. Tite Kubo confirms this in an interview with Shonen Jump that was published in Shonen Jump volume 6, issue 11 of November 2008, number 71.

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  1. elliott guerrero - August 18, 2009 at 7:20 pm #

    hisagi wont have a banai hes only a vice captain..dont get me wrong…renji has a bankai but thats because he wanted to get stronger…

  2. V - August 19, 2009 at 3:20 pm #

    BRING ICHIGO BAAAACK …. we want more shinigami to kick those arrancars a***s

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    i am english but yeh no one else can use english :P

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    I wonder whats happening back at Hueco Mundo? Renji and the others are about to try and take on Espada number zero! …scary. Does that make him the strongest espda?

    I'll be very surprised it Hisagi has a bankai. 69

  5. UNKOWN*BANKAI - August 21, 2009 at 5:48 am #

    da bald guy from squad 11 has a bankai so u never knw who has 1 n dont want 2 show it n he didnt even wanna show his shakai