Shonen Jump 週刊少年ジャンプ 2009 Vol. 40

2009 August 29

「週刊少年ジャンプ」 Weekly Shonen Jump 2009 Vol. 40 【zip】

Shōnen Jump 2009-40

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Trivia: Beelzebub (べるぜバブ) is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Ryūhei Tamura that serializes in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine. Beelzebub was first published as a one-shot by Tamura in Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2008 volumes 37-38, where it won the fourth Gold Future Cup. The manga’s title is a wordplay on the Japanese pronunciation of Belzebub/Beelzebub. The story follows the “strongest juvenile delinquent”, Oga, as he watches over the devil king’s son (a baby that he accidentally picked up, who happens to be the future devil king) with the destruction of the world hanging in the balance. He is chosen to raise the baby until he’s of age to destroy mankind, together with the demon maid Hilda.

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