Naruto 462 Spoiler [ナルト 462]

2009 August 31

Rage Filled Raikage ! An outbreak of a serious battle and Jugo goes cursed seal 2 !. So what happens next?, let’s find out the answer on Naruto 462 Spoiler [ナルト 462] at Please leave a comment below, if you would like to discuss the spoilers or predictions.

Naruto 462 Spoiler Spoiler is now available..!! we will update this page as soon as the scanlation is available.

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credits :nja & vered
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雷影の反射スピードは黄色い閃光に劣らない、こいつらもよくついてきてるが反射を活性化する雷遁チャクラを まとった以上車輪眼でも追いつけない


ジュウゴ殺してやったぜと騒いでる、カリンがそのスキにダンゾウを探そうとするが雷影無傷、ジュウゴに肘う ち。


それが血塗られたうちはの憎しみの運命、遥か昔六道仙人と呼ばれる忍びの祖から始まる憎しみの呪いとマダラ 。

兄は生まれながら仙人の眼、チャクラの力と精神エネルギーを授かり平和には力が必要と悟るもの 、
弟は生まれながら仙人の肉体、生命力と身体エネルギーを授かり、平和には愛が必要とさとるもの 。

マダラはナルトに会うのは二度目だが、千手の火の意思が宿ってるのがわかる、お前の中に初代火影、俺のもっ とも憎んだ男を見ることができるといい、
マダラがうちはは復讐を運命付けられた一族、サスケはうちはの憎しみを全て背負い、その憎しみの呪いを世界 へぶつけるつもりだ。


English Translation

Summary of the talk between Naruto & Madara:

Madara tells them the truth about Itachi. They say that he is lying. Madara denies lying however, saying that if they’re to talk about Sasuke, telling the truth about Itachi was unavoidable. He says that Sasuke is a true avenger. Naruto accuses Madara of being the one who made him that. Madara denies this, saying that it was Sasuke’s own choice. He doesn’t deny though, that it was a gamble of his own whether Sasuke would follow Itachi’s will or not. He says what Sasuke’s target is what Itachi desired, what the Uchiha clan desired – revenge on Konoha. Naruto asks why Sasuke would be so bent on revenge. Madara says that it can’t be helped, as hatred is the Uchiha clan’s destiny. They’re cursed from since long before to walk a path of hatred. Naruto asks what he means by “cursed”.

Madara says that it goes back since the time of the Six Path Hermit – that was when it all started. Kakashi says that the Sixth Path Hermit is just a fairy tale. Madara says that it’s true though. He says that the Hermit sought to guide the world to peace and for that purpose gave his powers to his two children. The elder brother got the power of the “eye”, and the power of chakra and the energy of the mind as well as the belief that power was needed to pacify the world. The younger brother got the power of the “body”, the strenght of mind and the enrgy of the body as wella s the belief that love was needed to archieve peace. After that, the Hermit died and the true successor wasn’t determited. But from that moment and on the curse of hatred had been created.

Naruto asks what he means by that. Madara says that the youngest son saw himself as the most fitting as the successor, while the older brother saw himself as the natural successor and from that moment and on they were enver quite able to reach an agreement and their battle of hatred started. The older brother’s lineage became known as “Uchiha”, whereas the younger brother’s lineage bacame known as “Senju”. He says that the conflict between him and Senju was fate. He also tells naruto that even though this is only the second time he has meet him, he can see that Senju’s Will of Fire resides within him. In Naruto, he sees the First Hokage. He says that event though he’s dead, he’s still alive in a sense. He says that he admired Senju, was his rival, but also hated him the most. Senju and Uchiha, The Will of Fire and Hatred, Naruto and Sauke.

Trivia : Raikage (雷影; Literally meaning “Lightning Shadow”) is one of the five great Kage of the Naruto world and leader of Kumogakure. It is unknown how many Raikage there have been. He is also the older brother of Killer Bee, the jinchūriki of the Eight-Tailed Giant Ox. It is hinted that Killer Bee, and therefore the Raikage as well, comes from the Yotsuki clan.

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  1. deidara - September 1, 2009 at 12:40 pm #

    んじゃ ◆bvOTKk1mXg :2009/08/31(月) 19:59:55 ID:31GE/llF0




    Yeah yeah yeah I'm sorry tomorrow will go on a business trip Mirenee

    Next week we also have more teeth bon appétit ""


    spoiler from nja not available on this week, !!!

  2. Translate - September 1, 2009 at 2:21 pm #

    That Bale ★ Yo

    Sasuke "You do them in a moment I'll kill you"

    Lightning Shadow "Bah! Wappa is this!"

    Sasuke appears suddenly in the dark there

    Weasel "I finally woke up from幻術"

    Sasuke "the same thing?"

    Weasel "and did not even know it took me to the幻術during the battle with a"

    Sasuke "Brother! Was still alive!"

    Weasels "(She chuckles conspiratorially to me and have trust. It's something in the eyes of my guy)"

    Next! He defeated the pane was also幻術Naruto! ! Be deprived of the eyes and Sasuke! ! Happens! ? Naruto!

    Say Sir ★

    • maldito - September 1, 2009 at 9:15 pm #

      These characters 幻術” means Illusion. I am not sure though but in Chinese that means Illusion. I know that Japanese uses Chinese characters too.

    • Translate Again - September 2, 2009 at 2:25 pm #

      Shadow Lightning VS Sasuke

      Lightning plunge into

      Suigetsu `fast! 』

      Lightning (lightning Myongjigeogari'm wearing chakra), Shingo heavy punch.

      Shingo stop heavy

      462 SASUKE Ninja Spirit …! !

      Sea is detected?

      Suigetsu, take the sword to the sea.

      Darui to stop knives

      Suigetsu 『I (sword) I'm having

      WTF do it just because I broke Ne 』

      Lightning punches will double in the Keigo Merikon a while ago

      First pet 『1』 Lightning

      Sasuke copy wheel eye ~ ~ ~

      『Thunder eagle be seen in photographs will not happen in the ring眼Gotoki』

      Sea (the body's neurotransmitter-like reflection the shadow is comparable to the speed of lightning … a yellow flashing light

      To stimulate reflection about getting better but I guess a guy who

      But it still can not keep up than dressed copy wheel eye chakra Myongjigeogari lightning …)

      Shingo while under heavy punch separation? 『Kuahahaa

      Ne death! ! 』

      『Darui! ? 』

      Sea (distance zero)

      Shingo heavy blow to lightning

      『Kutsu Darui』

      Sea (or did? Hell? And even lived blow like a hasty lightning shadow?)

      Sea (?)

      Sasuke in front of the shadow of the Sea

      Get a sea-nine-tails like a shadow

      Sea (or幻術this … This is …

      Come and want to rely on a good diversionary attack their fellow guys!

      That was with me … Damn! Body does not work …)

      Sea fall

      Sasuke suppress the eye

      Darui, while fighting with Suigetsu 『sea! Want to sleep or something! What up! 』

      Shingo heavy Kyahahaha 『killed! I made it to kill! A Who the hell is next? ! ? 』

      I'm watching from the shadows Karin (surprisingly useful guy in the Keigo It's your weight?

      Okey The elephant does not perceive it while Dan now …)

      Karin (!! My God!!?)

      Lightning, heavy clothesline in the Keigo! !

      Naruto turns page

      Thurs clapping 『Naruto Datsu lie …! ! As such it's bullshit

      Yamato 『Oh, no …』

      『Eagle on speaking weasel thing is unavoidable things Sasuke』

      Scarecrow 『them pull your leg … They thought it (killing the family) can not believe』

      『Kite No. .. do not lie

      That's true of the weasel (Order of the upper leaves killed the family)

      Ri guy died for Sasuke leaves for 』

      Scarecrow them we mean?

      Sasuke you know it as if it's true

      Why Sasuke "Akatsuki" lend a hand! ? He succeeded at making a weasel

      Has it come back to the leaf 』

      Fluoride as a friend … 『Hey eagle as a teacher who has a mind of Sasuke Sasuke

      I was going to know it's wrong place … boo

      It's real … He's a real avenger! 』

      In whether the Naruto that Sasuke is like that to you! ? 』

      『Eagle ear … so …』

      『Naruto …! 』

      So chose the eagle himself 『Sasuke』

      Kakashi Yamato 『…! 』

      Naruto them we lie! ! ! 』

      『Eagle was willing to take bets, too … what a weasel he …

      How to take a leaf or even revenge

      He chose revenge …

      The mind is here (Dawn) was the thing that human

      The purpose of Sasuke … it is now out of the family … and

      Revenge of the Weasel leaves forced 』

      Shingo heavy wall Meri込N Deru

      Lightning from behind to take the sword Sasuke

      You do 『our eagle two in the next two will be chosen destiny

      Can not take the sword that Sasuke

      『Eagle of the family is destined revenge』

      Sasuke immediately seal off between

      『Sasuke Tobi all the hatred of the knapsack.

      I'll bump to the world the curse of hatred 』

      Sasuke Chidori preparation

      『Eagle and friends … hatred is the strongest weapon is force』

      Sasuke Chidori Lai to take the hit

      That's Literary Kite (hate) is the way of Shinobi Sasuke 』

      The fight between Sasuke … challenge is possessed with hate! !

      End. Say Sir ★

      He said he often I read the Kite Sasuke Ninja Spirit.

      Rooster wrong. Pota writing from the first time. I'm sorry.

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    :ohana ◆luR4HO8C2g :2009/09/01(火) 21:10:10 ID:i8cuEX5JO






  4. razor - September 1, 2009 at 6:21 pm #

    wow awesome but naruto meets sasuke so early

  5. kwek-kwek - September 3, 2009 at 1:05 pm #

    uchiha madara & the first hokage are brothers?wow…what an intresting story. i didn't expect it would be like this…

  6. saclone - September 3, 2009 at 4:09 pm #

    hey.. sasuke can turn mode in sage mode …?

  7. razor - September 3, 2009 at 5:29 pm #

    wow naruto get best vote in jump

  8. dtong - September 3, 2009 at 7:20 pm #

    uchiha madara and the first hokage aren't really liek brothers. i think their ancestors were the eye and the body. i think now theyre just like cousins

  9. Sairenji - September 3, 2009 at 11:03 pm #

    I can't wait to see the chapter scanlated!!!