Naruto 463 Spoiler [ナルト 463]

2009 September 7

Driven by hatred sasuke challenges him one one !. So what happens next?, let’s find out the answer on Naruto 463 Spoiler [ナルト 463] at Please leave a comment below, if you would like to discuss the spoilers or predictions.

naruto 463

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credits : Nja @2ch
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タイトル サスケVS雷影

第二間接部分までしか刺さらず クソッ!!

雷影 雷遁をまとったこのワシに傷をつけるとはその術ははたけカカシと同じものだな・・・
雷影サスケをつかみくるっと反転させ これで終わりだ!!と


カリン なんてチャクラなの・・・これは尾獣並のチャクラ><

サスケの周りには骨の様な物体がさまよい 目から大量の血を流し 天照!
マダラとの会話 長門と同じ様にサスケを説得させるかどうかサスケには無駄〜
カカシ   うちはの復讐に尾獣を集めてるのはなぜなんだ?
マダラ   簡単にいうと 完全体 になるためだ

お前らとの話は楽しかった〜 っと時空間忍術みたいなのでマダラは去る
ないサスケとりあえず防御作にでる スサノオウの不完全版の骨を身体の周りにバリア状にし

憤怒の一撃 逆水平チョップ
ダルイ  左腕をくれてやるとは雷影様!!
おもいっきり吹っ飛ばされダウンするサスケに雷影が 止めだ!! とジャンプした所で 

完です 来週はギロチンドロップですかね・・・

English Translation

Title – “Sasuke vs. Raikage”

Sasuke dodges Raikage’s elbow and stabs him with the chidori…but his fingers only make it part of the way into Raikage (his fingers only get to about the second joint in)…Sasuke – Dammit!!

Raikage – To think you were able to wound me when I have this Raiton chakra covering me. That technique must be the same as Hatake Kakashi’s…

Raikage then seems to grab Sasuke, turn him upside down and say, “This is the end!! Raiga Bomb!!” (*The spoiler writer comments that this technique takes up over 2 pages, possibly because Kishimoto wants to show just how powerful it is) —-Translator comment: I think the Raiga Bomb is supposed to be a wrestling move similar to a Power Bomb where you pick your opponent up and slam him body/head first into the ground

*As Sasuke gets slammed to the ground the bones from what looks like Susanoo (the technique Itachi used) protect Sasuke from the fall, helping Sasuke to get out of his predicament

Raikage, noticing that Sasuke’s eyes are now Mangekyou Sharingan withdraws and raises his Chakra levels even more

Karin – What chakra…this is a bijuu amount of chakra.

The bone-like shape is drifting around Sasuke. Then a large amount of blood comes from Sasuke’s eyes as he uses Amaterasu!

*Scene changes to Naruto

*Continuing the conversation with Madara. Madara says that Naruto won’t be able to talk sense into Sasuke the same way he did Nagato.

*Spoiler writer seems to have forgotten part of the conversation

Kakashi – Why are you collecting the bijuu in order to exact your revenge as an Uchiha?

Madara – To put it simply, in order to be complete (*in order to reach my/it/something’s complete form*).

Madara then disappears using his space/time ninjutsu saying, “It was fun chatting with you guys~”

*Scene goes back to Sasuke

Sasuke attacks Raikage with Amaterasu, but is easily avoided by Raikage, moving with speeds higher than the shunshin no jutsu. Sasuke, not even being able to keep up with the Raikage with his Sharingan, goes on the defensive. Sasuke uses the bones of the incomplete Susanou to act as a barrier around him, though it seems as though he cannot attack through the bones with Amaterasu…

*Then Raikage hits Sasuke with a furious Backhand Chop

Darui – Way to give it to him with your left arm, Raikage-sama!! (*Could imply that Raikage is not messing around when he hits with his left arm)

Sasuke goes flying and is on the ground when Raikage tells him that this is the end and then leaps into the air…

That’s all for this week. The spoiler writer then wonders if next week will start with the guillotine chop (another wrestling move).

Trivia : The Valley of the End (終末の谷, Shūmatsu no Tani; English TV “Final Valley”) is on the border of the Land of Fire and the Land of Sound. It was somehow created following the foundation of Konoha, when Hashirama Senju and Madara Uchiha fought for control of the village. The Nine-Tailed Demon Fox was present for part of the battle under Madara’s control. Hashirama was victorious, and Madara was believed to have died. In memory of their battle, two giant statues were built on opposite sides of the waterfall, Madara on the left (the Land of Sound side) and Hashirama on the right (the Land of Fire’s side).

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      jiraiya is dead because pein didn't took the soul out of jiraiya, he got killed by pein own hand

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