Naruto 468 Spoiler [ナルト 468]

2009 October 11

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Credits : Nja@2ch
Verification : Confirmed
Translation : Shounensuki @NF
んじゃ戦場で とマダラ去る
連合軍総指揮官はガアラの推薦で はたけカカシへ
って意見で 雷影 ビーは何をしでかすかわからん
      ガアラ うずまきナルト も同じだ
ダンゾウは 他の五影の信用を無くし敵前逃亡したからこの話が
      里の民に知れ渡ればいずれは失脚 と雷影さんのお墨付き

キサメさんは大剣 鮫肌 と合体・融合?ができ化け物へ
その強さは 尻尾を持たない尾獣 と先輩達に恐れられていた


サクラ ナルトの元に到着 ナルト話があるの… 


次回 ビーVSキサメ

って所で完  以上3分で読んだナルトの感想ですw


土影 白い牙の息子か…ふむいいじゃろう 

って感じに どんだけ親父と息子名声あるんだよwwと

Madara leaves the battlefield
The six countries form an alliance (The Iron Country also participates)
As supreme commander of the alliance, Gaara recommends Hatake Kakashi
The Tsuchikage and Raikage agree
The Tsuchikage wonders “Should we make the jinchūriki fight at the front-most lines?”
Raikage: “I don’t know what Bee would do”
Gaara: “The same goes for Uzumaki Naruto”
They discuss that the two should be restricted and guarded.
The Kage discuss how they lost their faith in Danzō after he deserted them
The Raikage signs a document making Danzō loose his standing wherever he is known
Chōjūrō talks about Kisame

“Kisame-san has the ability to merge/unite? with his sword Samehada and turn into a monster. His power is like the Tailed Beasts, excluding the Nine-Tails. That’s why all my senpai feared him.”
Bee is studying enka under Sabu-chan

Sakura arrives at Naruto’s location and goes to have a talk with him…

Kisame arrives at Bee’s location

Next time: Bee VS Kisame

It ends with this. No less than three parts show us Naruto’s thoughts
And the second spoiler:
I also somehow thought of Kakashi, but the Tsuchikage feels something like “The White Fang’s son… I wonder if he has enough experience”.

Trivia : Madara is able to teleport himself or anyone he touches to another location in an instant. Kakashi Hatake likens it to the Flying Thunder God Technique because of its time and space manipulation, but notes Madara’s version to be much more versatile. The ability can be used without predefined locations and without hand seals. It can also be used to transport only parts of Madara’s body elsewhere, leaving him visible to opponents but impervious to attack.

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    I dn't get it, y is the sage eye said to even be a sage eye, I thought all it was was a sign he was in the complete sage mode. Anyway it can be read by all doujutsu users, its just that there are special parts can only be read by the rinnengan, sharingan and other types of sharingan(MS). Which brings to mind, if there are other doujutsu out there, do u think byakugan would bbe able to read it as it derived from the sharingan?