ナルトネタバレ Naruto 472 Spoiler

2009 November 15

Naruto 472 Spoiler : The last chapter end with kisame fused with samehada….! ths grotesque from has no weaknesses….? Can Killer bee defeat kisame ..? What do you think about it…. ? Let’s find out more about the story on ナルト-ネタバレ Naruto 472 Spoiler at If you have any predictions or would like to discuss the spoiler, please leave a comment below. You can also read and download previous Naruto chapter 471.

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Source: Nagai Ryuuzi @ 2ch
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Naruto 472 Naruto 472
Naruto 472 Naruto 472
Naruto 472 Naruto 472
Naruto 472 Naruto 472
Naruto 472 Naruto 472

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キラービーが尾獣化し、ポン太とサブちゃんを掴みながら鬼鮫から逃げようとしていたが、その水遁の術は鬼鮫 を中心にして水が移動するという術で、逃げようとしても鬼鮫が追い掛けてくる限り、逃げられな かった 追I掛

そこでハ尾の提案で、鬼鮫の目当てはキラービーなので、ポン太とサブちゃんを置いて自分だけ逃げれば水の中 心も移動していき、二人は水から出られるという作戦をしようとするが、鬼鮫はポン太を攻撃しよ うとする 逃

急いでキラービーが助けに来るが、それは鬼鮫の罠でキラービーを背ビレで攻撃し、バージョンを尾獣の衣まで 戻す

だがキラービーが足から一本だけ尾獣化したハ尾の尾(タコの足)を出し、吸盤で鬼鮫を自分から 離さなくする 離



だが鮫肌と融合した鬼鮫はチャクラを肌で感じとる事ができ、背ビレでキラービーを攻撃する 鮫肌感


水遁の術と融合を解除した鬼鮫は倒れたまま動かないキラービーに近づき、足を切り落とそうとするが鮫肌が地 面で食い止まり、キラービーをかばおうとする


キラービーのチャクラが気に入った鮫肌はキラービーを主人にしようとしていて、鬼鮫から奪ったチャクラをキ ラービーに分け与え、回復しようとするが鬼鮫が鮫肌を蹴り、邪魔をする

地面に刺さっていたキラービーの刀を鬼鮫が抜き、キラービーに止めを刺そうとして終わりです 刺

Killer bee changes to bijuu, and tries to escape while holding Sabu-chan et Ponta. But the water moves with Kisame in the center, so if he swims after them, they can’t reach the air.

Then Killer Bee suggests that since Kisame is after him, he’ll leave them and try to escape by himself, so that with the water moving they will eventually reach the air. But Kisame attacks Ponta

Killer Bee gets back to the rescue, and falls into the trap of Kisame, who attacks him with the dorsal fin and gets him back to a lower version of bjiuu

Killer Bee gets out a single tentacle and uses it to grab Kisame away from him

Meanwhile, Sabu-chan and Ponta get out of the water

Killer Bee somethings about lightning sword, but on a suggestion of Hachibi, just spouts off ink in order to escape

But Samehada/Kisame fusion can feel the chakra through the skin and he attacks Killer bee with the dorsal fin

More to follow

Kisame has cancelled the Suiton and the fusion, and gets close to Killer Bee down and not moving. He tries to cut off his legs but Samehada grabs the earth to protect Killer Bee

Thorns come out of the handle, forcing Kisame to drop it, and Samehada jumps close to Killer Bee

Samehada liked Killer Bee Chakra so much, it wants to make him its new master. It tries to heal Killer Bee with Chakra stolen from Kisame, but Kisame kicks it off

Kisame grabs a sword of Killer Bee stuck into the earth, and gets ready to stab him.

Trivia : Kisame’s shark-like attributes carry over into his battles, for he even shapes his Water Release attacks into sharks. He is also able to alter the entire battlefield by using his Water Release: Exploding Water Colliding Wave, to create a lake’s worth of water to give him the field advantage, and to use for attacks. Using Earth element, Kisame can travel under the earth, with the tip of his Samehada jutting out, making him look like a shark swimming towards his opponent.

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    Sasuke is the first shown to put out Amaterasu flame, even Itachi couldn't, Madara? Maybe the space-time jutsu… Jiraiya just seal the flame in another dimension…

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    kisame does have a tail

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