BLEACH 399 Spoiler [ブリーチ ネタバレ]

2010 April 4

BLEACH 399 Spoiler : The last chapter ends with Gin tells Ichigo that he will not go easy on him and activates his Bankai. so what happens next ? Let’s find out the answer on BLEACH ブリーチ ネタバレ 第399話 Spoiler at Don’t forget to leave comment below, if you would like to discuss the spoiler and predictions. Please dont post troll and spam comment.. Thanks.

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Credits : 69 @2ch
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399.DEICIDE ディーサイド
ギン「久しぶりやなぁ こうして君と戦うんも。キミ憶えてる
「ボクがじだん坊の腕斬ったら、キミがまぁえらい剣幕でつっ込んできて・・・おもろい子や・て 思たんを憶えてるわ」
ギン「嘘ばっかり 挑発のつもりなん?」
一護「そうじゃねえよ あんたの剣を憶えてねえんじゃねえ あんたの心を憶えてねえんだ」
「相手と剣を合わせると相手の考えが少しわかる 心が読めるとか言うんじゃねえけどどういう覚悟で剣を振ってんのか 
ギン「なんや 詩人やね」
一護「うるせーよ あんたにはそれがなかった あん時のあんたは俺と戦ってても俺のことなんか見ちゃいなかった何を見てたのかまでは知らねえけどな」
ギン「・・・なんやおもろい子やと思てたけど なんや気味の悪い子やなあ」
ギン「愛染隊長がキミに興味持つん ようわかる気ィするわ ボクの神鎗そんくらい延びるか知ってる?」
ギン「あれ 降参なん?つまらんなぁ しゃぁない ようわかるようにキミらの長さで教えたげるわ」
ギン「ピンとけえへんやろ 数で聞いても。見したる、いくで、今度は、手加減なしや」
「卍 解 『神殺鎗(かみしにのやり)』」ギン一瞬開眼
一護「・・・何驚いてんだよ 同じ卍解が卍解で止められねえワケねえだろ」

The color page is Hirako on a wine-red sofa listening to a pair of headphones. His eyes are hidden by his hair

At Isshin and Aizen’s battle
Isshin: Pfft!
Aizen wards off a katana swinging down at him
Aizen: Raikouhou
while releasing a kidou spell.
That explosion happens in the background while Ichigo and Gin talk between themselves.

**399.DEICIDE ディーサイド

Gin: It’s been a long time, eh, when we last fought. Ya remember? That time before.
When I cut off Jidanbou’s arm, you were… ah, really pissed off… “What’ an amusing child,” I remember thinking
Ichigo:…. I don’t remember.
Gin: You’re lyin. Are ya tryin’ to rile me up?
Ichigo: That’s not it. It’s not that I don’t remember that sword of yours. It’s what you were thinking inside, that I don’t remember.
When I face an opponent, I usually understand a little what’s in their heart. Not that I can read their minds but, it’s that, how they ready their sword or something
Whether they approve of me or look down on me, or whatever they want to make me understand
And in the middle, when I get desperate, that’s usually when I start to notice how or what makes my enemy that strong, and usually a big part of it is their heart.
Gin: Oh my, how poetic.
Ichigo: Shut up. Back then, you had nothing. That time that you and I fought, I couldn’t see a damned thing and up to now I don’t know anything.
Gin: … And I thought you were just an amusing kid but, you’re an irritating child after all.
Gin says this while threatening him. Well, that’s how Ichigo felt while thinking to himself.
Ichigo: …. You’re not telling me anything.
Gin: Aizen-taichou has an interest in you – it was that kind of mood. D’you know how far my god’s spear can extend?
Ichigo: I don’t know.

Gin: A hundred swords. From the saya it’s approximately a hundred sword lengths.
Ichigo: I didn’t ask you.
Gin: Now, how far do you think it can go when I’m in bankai?
Ichigo: …. I didn’t come here for a quiz show.
Gin: Oh, givin’ up already? How boring. Well, nothin’ I can do bout that. So you can think about it, it’s-
[13 kilometers]
Ichigo looks surprised for a moment.
Gin: Just wanted to point that out, even if ya didn’t ask for the number。Just showin’ ya, this time, I’m not going easy on ya.
Bankai, God-slaying spear, Gin releases in an instant
At the same time he releases, he swings the sword all around him. At the opposite page, all the buildings around him are instantly bisected.

Then he faces Ichigo with the sword filling up with energy, who took a step back while blocking the sword.
Ichigo: ….. what kind of power was that. You can just stop a bankai with just another bankai, you know.
While repelling Gin’s sword, Ichigo releases a Getsuga, Gin again releases in an instant, but Getsuga scores a direct hit.
Gin rises up from the smoke,
Gin: ….. why…. Just like I said, yer really an irritating child.
From his right cheek, Gin starts bleeding. Then it’s off to next week.

Trivia: Gin eyes were also open on the cover of Volume 20, showing that they are blue in the manga, as opposed to the anime’s red. Gin also opened his eyes in a cut scene in Bleach: Dark Souls. In the cut scene, his eyes were golden yellow.

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  1. Blec - April 11, 2010 at 9:34 am #

    i fail to see how this is funny…

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    next chapter: Ichigo's Father will Die!

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    gin will die in 2 episodes.. why?

    he immediatly showed his Bankai which should be the limit of his powers. and well people that immediatly show off all theyr powers in front of main characters.. die, yes he will use ressurection. but just like tousen, that just get beaten in 1 episode aswell..

    sad. though i hope this wont happen, its just "bleach" logic. Every villain besides aizen will get his ass kicked after 2 episodes maybe 3 of showing theyr full power.

    well, aizen hasnt shown his full power either so he might not even be an exception