BLEACH 402 Spoiler [ブリーチ ネタバレ]

2010 April 25

BLEACH 402 Spoiler : The last chapter ends with Kisuke Urahara attacks Aizen from behind and piercing him shoulder ! and can you believe the true power of hougyoku is to make your hearts dream come true ??. So what happens next ? Let’s find out the answer on BLEACH ブリーチ ネタバレ 第402話 Spoiler at Don’t forget to leave comment below, if you would like to discuss the spoiler and predictions.

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Sources: bbs jojohot
Verification : Confirmed

Urahara : long time no see, Mr Aizen
Urahara : You look really unusual in this form eh
Aizen : It was nothing, midway through evolution is always ugly
Urahara : no one said you look ugly in this form
Urahara : so, you fused with hogyoku
Aizen : This is not “fused”, please say “subdued”
Aizen : I have subdued…the hogyoku that you weren’t able to fully master.
Urahara : Weren’t able to fully master…this is indead true.. at. that. time
Aizen : At that time? This is really a remarkable kind of unyielding attitude
Aizen : Nope, whether you’re not accepting defeats, it is not important….anymore…
*Aizen stabbed urahara*
Urahara : …wha…
Aizen : Because you will lost the opportunity to subdued the hogyoku
*Urahara using the same technique when he fought yammy and explode*
Urahara : Rikujokoro (Six Rods Prison of Light)
Aizen : According to the battle records between you and yammy,it does stated about this tool. I didn’t expect you’re able to use this tool at this time, too careless. So, what are you planning to do after using this level of hado to tied me?
Urahara : this.level.of. hado? Since where you’re under impression,that I was only intend to use this level?
Urahara : Hado 63, sajo sabaku!!(locking bondage stripes), Hado 79, Kuyou Shibari!!(nine day bondage??)
Aizen : …wha…
Urahara : *incanation* (ok,thats one f*cking long incanation~Im not good at poem, so I won’t translate it..sorry >.<) Aizen : Do you think I will let you use that kind of kido? that kido…is too slow Urahara : bakudo 91,Senjyu Kouten Taihou *explosion~~ ichigo is shocked* Ichigo : …………. …soo stong… Urahara : ..Mr Aizen..It seems that you're really careless because of having the power of hogyoku Aizen : You're right *urahara is shocked, he turns back* Aizen : too slow *Aizen slashes him* Aizen : let me be careless, there is no need of warning from the start. Aizen : I can feel that after having the hogyoku to resign ,my body has started to override all of my strength that has been far above in Soul society from the past and no one was able to match me, so I don't even have to purposely dodge level 90 and above kido attack. Urahara : nope, I say~you're careless isn't because you didn't dodge away the kido attack. If it was you from the past, there's no way you will trying to attack me continuously without any plans. *some kind of handcuffs coming out* Aizen : this is… Urahara : a seal, I've blocked the part that all the shinigami able to pull out their spiritual pressure from the wrist. Aizen : …you Urahara : your inside body will get burned out by your own reaitsu. *Aizen burns/explode!* prison death!! the end

BLEACH 402 Spoiler Summaries

Credit : Ohana
Verification : Confirmed
Translator : Sheetz_Flol

めずらしい格好してますねと キスケ
進化途中は醜いものだよ 藍ちゃん
宝玉と融合したんですね キスケ
融合じゃなくて、従えたんだよ 君が御し切れなかった宝玉をね 藍ちゃん
確かに ”当時はね” 
負け惜しみか~~~ 刺す藍ちゃん
  バクドウ63 サジョウサバク
バクドウ79 クヨウシバリ

長い長い唱をとなえるキスケ 遅い!藍ちゃん
ハドウ91 センジュコウテンタイホウ
ポカーン イチゴ ギン
振り向くキスケ 斬る愛染

90番台のキドウですらうんちゃらかんちゃら~ 愛染
昔のあなたなら 僕にふれることなんてなかったのに~うんちゃらかんちゃら
封をしたっす 霊圧を塞ぎました
自分自身の霊圧で  うんちゃらかんちゃら~

Aizen acts like he knew Kisuke was coming.
Kisuke: That’s an unusual form.
Aizen: Midway through an evolution is ugly.
Kisuke: You fused with the hougyoku?
Aizen: It’s not a fusion, I’ve subdued it. The hougyoku you  weren’t able to fully master.
That was true “at the time.”
Aizen: “Making excues?” He makes a stab.
Kisuke dodges like he did when fighting Yammi and disappears.

He uses bakudou 63 “Sanjyou Sabaku” and 79 “Kuyou Shibari” to bind Aizen. [Sounds like they cause the ground to come up and wrap around him.]
Aizen is not able to do a lot.
Kisuke says a long chant. “Too late!” says Aizen.
Hadou 91 . Senjyu Kouten Taihou. [Some type of canon?]
Ichigo and Gin are shocked.
As they wonder if he disappeared or was blown away Aizen reappears.
Kisuke turns around and Aizen slashes his sword.

Aizen:” Even using a 90 level kidou, blah blah blah….
A long time ago you didn’t even touch me…blah blah blah…”
Aizen starts to glow? His two hands are in handcuffs.
It’s a seal so his reiatsu is blocked.
With his own reiatsu, blah blah blah
It forms a column of light…Until next week.

Credit : Ohana
Verification : Confirmed
Translator : Sheetz_Flol

背表紙 うきたけ 享楽 と誰か
表紙 一心パパ
キスケ 波動の91となえるも藍ちゃんにきかない。


ギン イチゴ 小さくヒトコマ出てた。
キスケ バクドウ63 79使うけど。。
波動91 使うとき 長い言葉を言うんだけど藍ちゃんそのキドウ知ってる

Spine picture is Ukitake and Kyourakui, along with someone else.
Cover pic is Papa Isshin
Kisuke recites the chant for hadou 91 against Aizen but it’s ineffective.
He creates a seal…

Gin doesn’t appear. Only Aizen and Kisuke.
Gin and Ichigo do have a short scene.
Kisuke uses bakudou 63 and 79…
However when he tries hadou 91 he says a long speech so Aizen knows which kidou he’s using.
“Do you think I’ll let you use that kind of kidou?”

Trivia : Urahara has been highly popular with fans base. In the the first popularity poll he placed 7th, 4th in the second, 8th in the third, but in the 4th poll he dropped out of the top 10 placing 20th. In the Zanpakutō poll, his Zanpakutō, Benihime, placed 12th.

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      that's very unlikely cz aizen's slander on him causes urahara and all the vizards to be banished from seireitei.

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      It'll be interesting if Urahara and Aizen have been working together and that Aizen was like weaker then Urahara and bitches out!

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    How can we know if Stark was in fact stronger than Barragan?

    Hitsugaya should be dead by now.

    Are really the captains that weak? They couldn't even release bankai before they got owned.

    Wonderweiss and Tousen resurrections were the worst forms/abilities anyone could have though of.

    Ichimaru´s Bankai terrible sucks.

    Why doesn't Aizen is using his shikai anymore?

    why doesn't he releases his bankai?

    How can hougyoku, a piece of crystal made by another shinigami (how can they be shinigamis if they fear so bad death!) have that "Christmas on the mountains with a speaking dog" power?

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      Well simply put Barragan's ability only works if you touch you or if your hit by his death mist.

      Stark is a Gunner long rangan Super fast Cero/Soul Bomb user Barrgan would actually have to touch Stark to beat him So yeah Stark was stronger then Barragan seeing as how not even Shunsei and Ukitake we're fast enough to dodge his cero and he even fought of of the oldest captains and 2 of the captain vizard. heck Shunsei and Ukitake have 2 blades and a spirit in each sword and the Vizard have 1 blade and a hollow mask meaning if you put it this way even though the 4 of them only used Shiki adding the 2 double blade users and the mask he was fighting 4 bankai level fighters. Barragan only fought 2

  10. mastershake - April 26, 2010 at 3:22 am #

    ichigos mom was the daughter of the king of soul society. therefore ichigo is half human, half shinigami of royal blood. the king of soul society stripped isshin of his shinigami powers b/c he entrusted his daughters safety to isshin, but allowed him to live to look over ichigo and co. aizen needs ichigos royal blood inorder to use the kings key he plans to create.

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      ur a freakin genius or maybe isshins dad is the king of soul society

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        yea that might make more sense. isshin is of royal blood and had to give up his powers in order to marry the one he loves who is a human.

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        isshins uniform is different from the any other uniform we've seen – similar to captains, but has shoulder attachment + different symbols.

        So pubs his part of Royal guard and that's how he met Ichigo's mother – and also who's to say people who are part of the royal family have spiritual power like shinigami???

        There is nothing that says that. If they did have shinigami powers you'd assume they'd be the strongest shinigami as they are royal blood – if this was the case they wouldnt need the royal guard would they?

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        … but Aizen said ichigo was part human, making him part human / shinigami.

        Perhaps not even Aizen knows about his mother – because hey, Bleach has to go on, even after the all-mighty Aizen dies.

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        guys havent u forgetten when isshin first appeared the arrrancar he fought was the one that killed ichigo mother… doesnt that means something….. or maybe its my imagination….. or maybe had planned that assasination

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    i think urahara isnt an ex shinigami, but is an ex model , look at his last pose in last page in the last chapter :D

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      LOl (Urahara)

      "Shut up Aizen I'm A Diva" LOL

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    ~Waiting on (Grizzly Zero) To comment with his smart dumb ass

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    i don't think kubo knows where he is going with this plot cause he's just stretching the plot as long as possible.

    If he's truely running against the clock to find good ideas , he should just turn bleach into a monthly issue, so that he'll have time to do more quality storylines and fight scenes.

    You could tell with the rukia arc, he took he's time to introduce characters and developed the story well.

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    this is going abselutely to nowhere..

    realy? "it can make your hearts desire come true"

    how can it be THAT FISHY.. jeesh, they realy dont have much imagination to create something that stupid now aizen has "omg you cant hit me because i messed with your senses" AND "ow i want you dead, BOOM your dead haha"

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      It's about true heart wish. An instant anger is nothing like that.

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    yeh like your deepest desires – i.e. Aizen's would be to become divinely powerful.

    Ichigo's would be to become strong enough to defend his friends.

    HAHA ichigo's so gay.

    Also Aizen is starting to piss me off – i like how he talks – but atm he's talking too much. And I like his fighting style a lot more then his ability to blah blah blah.

    i also like Urahara's fighting style – calm and effortless educated strikes vs Aizens speed, (fuck im baked and i forgot what their spells are called), and ability to not fuck around and one-shot kill when the opportunity arrives.

    So Aizen vs Urahara – CANT WAIT!!!

    • kobor42 - April 26, 2010 at 2:42 pm #

      Yeah, if someone, then Urahara has the chance to find the slightest opening for Aizen. And I guess he was away this much, because he was analyzing Aizen and the Hyogyokus power.

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    from what aizen said in the last chap hougyoku = dragon balls w/o reuse time and no dragon =)

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      It seems the Hougyoku Is trying to grasp the human heart and desire And maybe it'll manifest itself.

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    I ll just laugh at Aizen if the Hogyoku turns out like

    the pearl in Inuyasha.

    Corrupts the soul until the owner selfdistructs.

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    i hate golden week

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    so i wonder, did urahara know the true power of the hogyoku or not? is that why he sealed it away?

    of course he probably gave himself uber powers with it first?

    id like to know how he became so strong, but i suppose i am assuming he is one of the most powerful characters in bleach… he attained his bankai the same way as ichigo remember

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    Does anybody else think orihime will eventually play perrhaps a very important role in this story? Tthe hogyoku grants ur hearts deepest desires. Orihime can already reject shit frm ever happening so if she gets a hold of the hogyoku she could very much be the most deadliest character in bleach 0.o

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      she and Sado I think

      = )

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    So if the Hogyokus powers are correct according to Aizen. Than it is possible that Ichigo's other friends also have some kind of powers. Urahara mentioned it slightly in chapter 240. I think they will have some kind of powers and Yoruichi is training them or something.

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    i think tosen infected hisagi and komamura when he exploded

    and they'll become hollows

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      WTF???? O.o

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    ok seriously manga aside (since it aint out this week) when are we gonna get anything about this 4th movie? a title, a short summary, anything besides it deals with Ichigo and his hollow. screw the live action movie dont care about it, but this 4th animated movie is what i want to see. if anyone can shed light on the topic i would greatly appreciate it.

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