BLEACH ブリーチ ネタバレ 第412話 Spoiler

2010 July 12

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Verification: Confirmed
Translation : Sheetz_FLol


Rangiku appears before Aizen and Gin.
Don Kanonji grumbles that he was going to stop those two. He then escapes with Tatsuki.
As they leave Tatsuki wonders hazily, “Who was that? Is she Ichigo’s acquaintance? She’s wearing a kimono. Ichigo, you didn’t tell me you knew someone so beautiful.”
Aizen tries to speak to Rangiku but is interrupted by Gin. “Excuse my acquaintance. I’ll take her over there and then come back.”
“You have time. Feel free to speak here,” says Aizen. But Gin says they’ll just be in the way and leaves with Rangiku. Aizen: “Amusing as always, that boy.”
On the roof of a building, Gin asks how she came to be there. Matsumoto: “After your reiatsu disappeared I immediately used the senkaimon to get here before you.”
Gin: “Not that. Why did you come staggering here?”
Rangiku: “Isn’t it obvious? Because you’re here. I can finally ask you in person why you’re serving under Aizen, and why you betrayed Kira, who trusted you.”
Gin: “Are you speaking truthfuly? Are you really speaking about Izuru?
Why did you come here…Rangiku. You’re a hindrance when you’re so close by.” Gin points his sword at her. SLASH!!
We see Don Kanonji fleeing. Tatsuki says they can slow down now. “There’s Arisawa!” cries Keiko, carrying a sword.
“Afro-san was collapsed over there so I borrowed it.” Tatsuki asks who “Afro-san” is and he explains.
“What about Chizuru and Kojima” she asks. “I found Mizuiro. He’s over there with Honshou. We’re running away now.Those guys from before are getting closer.”
Gin leaves the rooftop, and behind him is a fallen Rangiku with blood streaming from her chest. He has a sword in his hand. Aizen gives him a sideways glance.
Switch to Ichigo and Isshin. “Not done yet, Ichigo?” Isshin asks. Ichigo spits out blood. Till next chapter.

Verification: Confirmed
Translation : Sheetz_FLol

愛染 銀の前に立つ松本

銀 僕の知り合いがすいません~隊長~
愛染 ここで話すといいよ~~~
銀 邪魔でしょ~~~
銀、松本を抱え飛ぶ ビルの上へ
松本 なんで愛染の下に?~~~
銀 乱菊邪魔や~~ 
刺す?? 倒れてる松本

走る観音寺 タツキ降ろして!!


Matsumoto stands in front in Aizen and Gin.
Kanonji banters with Matsumoto.
Kanonji tells Tatsuki to flee with Machiru.

Gin: Please excuse me and my acquaintance, captain.
Aizen: You can speak here…
Gin: We’ll be in your way.
Gin grabs Matsumoto and flies to the roof of a building.
Matsumoto: Why are you serving under Aizen?
Gin: You’re in the way,Rangiku.
Does he stab her?? Matsumoto collapses.

Kanonji runs. “Tatsuki, drop down!!”
We see Keigo holding a sword.
He borrowed it from Afro Shinigami, who had collapsed.
It seems Keigo is now able to sense Aizen’s reiatsu.

Both Papa Isshin’s hands are bound by a cloth.
Blood trickles down from Ichigo’s mouth.
The end.

Trivia : Don Kan’onji (ドン・観音寺, Don Kan’onji), real name Misaomaru Kan’onji (観音寺 ミサオ丸, Kan’onji Misaomaru), is a popular spirit medium who hosts a television show called Ghost Bust that, at the time of his introduction, was watched by a staggering 25% of Japan’s population.

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    you guys are fucking stupid
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    just because he makes her bleed doesn’t mean she is dead
    she is a vice captain
    gin proberbly intentionally hurt her but not kill her
    you guys are dumb

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    Everybody should know that there are different kinds of intepretations in the manga according to the different sites like and So i dont think there is a permanent intepretation that is the right one but there is up to each and everyone to intepret from the japanese original manga to english. As such i personally prefere mangastream when it comes to bleach, one piece and naruto. One of the amazing things thing about this site was a few weeks ago when naruto was training with killerbee that killerbee was riming all through his speach, this is amazing because the riming both fits the storytelling and it rimes. I can say that it is difficult for each and every to make such and intepretation, then i looked at onemanga and mangafox but there was no rime, so i personally thing mangastream is the closest english original intepretation.

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    FOR YOUR WEAK BLEACH FANS!! – stop crying like emo fuckers… this is what happened to your precious mangas

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    this chapter is like a 3 minute scene in the anime

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    So Keigo really could feel Aizen, thats a fairly interesting development if u ask me, could there be some hidden power in Keigo as well or has his Stupidity all been a cover, is it really Afro-san’s Zanpakutou he has?

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      personally I hope next chapter gos back to Ichigo and his Inner fight this chapter kinda sucked. No real information just more speculations and yet again unanswered questions.IMO.

      • Anon - July 16, 2010 at 4:17 am #

        1. What REALLY happend on the roof with Gin and Rangiku? (I didnt see any blood)

        2. Whats up with Keigo all of a sudden?

        3. Why does Tatsuki care if Ichigo knows a hot chick?

        4. How long has it really been, Isshin looked fucked up.

        thats just this chapter. (with the exception of #3 maybe, that one is more my own curiousity, but #1 is critical to Gins char IMO, #2 just seems weird and outta no where but still intriguing, #4 is critical to everything)

      • Devolution - July 16, 2010 at 4:56 am #

        Well, Anon, if Gin did what I think he did, then I was right, you were wrong, and Gin is evil as hell. :P

      • Anon - July 16, 2010 at 6:04 am #

        actually i didnt say i thought he did anything, i simply stated i didnt see any blood. I myself also believe Gin is evil but still now its up for SPECULATION seein as Kubo wasnt very clear. Hence the whole point of my previous post.

      • Anon - July 16, 2010 at 6:17 am #

        u know how we bleach fans are we are gonna have to see Rangiku layin dead or have someone say it (other than Gin cause that doesnt solve anything) before ppl believe it. therefor Kubo is really screwin with us cause as sick as i am of all the bitchin (on any subject not just this one) Kubo’s really addin fuel to that fire by not clearin shit up, and dont say wait next chapter cause Ichigos hollow told Ichigo not to die fuckin ages ago and its just now to the point were we find out what he meant. Isshin was introduced as a Shini again fuckin ages ago and we still dont know all of that story only that his Zan is named Engetsu and is seemingly just like Zangetsu.

      • Asdfghjkl - July 17, 2010 at 1:33 am #

        Anon actually … if you look closer, on the picture where you can see Rangiku … check the area around her neck … you can see small amounts of something, i assume blood :D

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    hmmm i dont think that gin has realy stabed rangiku
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    • Mizune - July 16, 2010 at 6:22 pm #

      hmm you have a point there.. if he really stabbed her then the blood should not only be in her chest.. there should be some blood on her back.. and yeah if he could really kill her then why not do it in front of aizen. and maybe they talked about something before gin leaves the rooftop

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    okay people, gid DID stab ranginku, you can clearly see him touching her below her neck before he stabs her and blood there after.good job gin……….