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2010 October 18

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Naruto 514 Spoilers Summaries

Credits: Ohana
verification: Confirmed
Translation : Saladesu

Naruto 514 カブトの目論見

デイダラ ってますますマジヤベーゼ!いきなり塵遁かましてくるきか!うん!!


土影 逃がさんぜ!!
塵遁放とうとしたら 赤ツチが背後から土影を止める
赤ツチ それをやっちゃったら島亀も殺しちゃうダニ!!
土影 ええい!!ややっこしい!!でかすぎて風景にしか見えん!!
デイダラ 隙あり!!うん!!
手から粘土鳥出して 土影の眼の前で 喝!!
鳥爆発する でも、赤ツチのゴーレムで攻撃かわす
土影 この島から引き離すかの
デイダラ 赤ツチのゴーレムか 相変わらず土影にベタベタくっつきやがって邪魔くせー!!うん!

黒ツチ あのヘビヤロー!!
黒ツチ あのヘビ操ってるんのはやっぱあっちのヤローか!大蛇丸の部下だった もやしヤローのくせしやがって!!
マンダ テレパシーでカブトに何か伝える
カブト そうかナルトはこの亀の中ってことか さて…となると入口は?

ヤマト (くそ 外はどうなってる!?)な…なんか今日は や…やけに地震が多い日だね
アオバ そ…そうですね
ナルト …にしても多すぎだってばよ!それに地震って天地ってひっくり返るっけ?
ヤマト いや…あまりに揺れたから天地がひっくり返って見えただけで…
ナルト そうかな…? オレってばちょっち外見てくっから!!
ヤマト いや〜〜君は大事なSランク任務中なんだから任務やんなさい!
ナルト いや… ちょっち外みてくるだけなんだけど…
ヤマト キリリ顔して  忍者にとって大事なのは その任務を最期までやりぬくこと!!
そしてこの任務は他でもない 君だからこそ!君にしかできない任務!!だから…頼まれた… 分かるな!ナルト!
ナルト …
アオバ (さすがにナルトも何かの異変に気が付きはじめてる… sらんく任務だとハッタリかましたけどやってる事は
チンチンがあるかないかを見てるだけだもんなあ ナルトもバカじゃない…もうバレてるんじゃ…)
ナルト うん!分かった!オレってば任務に集中する!!
アオバ (うん!当分いけるなこりゃ!バカでよかったっ!!)

黒ツチ 印を結んで
黒ツチ (遅せーよ!!)熔遁・石灰凝の術 口から石灰吐く
カブト攻撃かわす 出て来ましたね (アオバもいるのか…)
そこに ヤマト モトイ アオバ 到着
黒ツチ のこのこ出てくんじゃねーよ!アタイらで片づける!!(と言いつつ)
アオバ アンタは確か土影の孫娘…
カブト ちょうどいい…これからナルトくんの所まで案内してもらおうか
ヤマト 蛇…その声…まさか お前は…
カブト フードを取って また会ったねヤマト
黒ツチ そっちへ流す!!捕まえろ!! 口を膨らます 水遁・水喇叭!
アオバ いいぞ!
交わす カブト
アオバ だめだ!読まれてた!!
黒ツチ (捕まえろと言いつつ)…捕まえたぜ!
ヤマト これは…
カブト なるほど
黒ツチ (アタイの石灰凝の術は即効性のセメント!水で流して範囲をッ広げ…そしてそれは水の反応しおて凝固する!!)
ヤマト モトイさん アオバこの水を踏まないように!
黒ツチ さらに念には念だ!
アオバ よし!こなればこっちのもの!オレが情報を抜きとります!

Translation by saladesu of MH:

514 Kabuto’s Plan
Enraged… At an ex-pupil!!

Tsuchikage prepares some Chiriton (Clay release) jutsu in mid-air
Deidara: Things are getting worse and worse! Chiriton all of a sudden? He’s gonna even more fired up! Yeah!!

Kabuto watches Deidara as he gets on the turtle

Deidara runs away by getting on a bird
Tsuchikage: I won’t let you get away!!
When he releases the Chiriton, Akatsuchi stops him from behind.
Akatsuchi: If you do that, you’ll kill even the island tortoise!!
Tsuchikage: Eh! How puzzling! It was so huge I could only see the scenery!!
Deidara: There’s an opening!! Yeah!!
He releases a clay bird from his hand and right before Tsuchikage’s eyes: Katsu!!
The bird explodes, but the attack was blocked by Akatsuchi’s golem
Tsuchikage: Were you trying to get us away from this island
Deidara: Akatsuchi’s golem, huh. You’re just the same as ever, clinging around Tsuchikage, you hindering *******!! Yeah!!

Manda is going on a rampage on the island
Kurotsuchi: That damned snake!!
Kabuto is squating down and doing something
Kurotsuchi: It’s got to be that guy controlling the snake! He was Orochimaru’s subordinate, even though he’s just a bean sprout of a *******!!
Manda tells Kabuto something using telepathy
Kabuto: I see, Naruto’s somewhere on this turtle huh. In that case… Where is the entrance?

Naruto is holding his head
Yamato: (****, what’s happening outside!?) S… Seems like there are an aw… Awful lot of earthquakes today, huh
Aoba: Ye… Yeah!
Naruto: … Even so, that’s way too many! In the first place were earthquakes ever able to reverse the ground and the sky?
Yamato: Uh… It just looks like it because it was shaking so much…
Naruto: Really…? I’m going to go out and take a quick look!!
Yamato: No, no~~ You’re in the midst of an important S-rank mission, so finish your mission!
Naruto: But… I’m just going to take a quick look…
Yamato (makes a stern face): What’s most important to a ninja is to complete his mission as fast as possible!! And that mission is a single mission, that was assigned to you precisely because you are you!! It is a mission only you can do!! That is why you were tasked with it… Do you understand! Naruto!
Naruto: ….
The armadillo behind them stretches out
Aoba: (As expected, even Naruto has begun to notice the abnormalities… We tricked him that this was a S-rank mission but what he is doing is just checking whether animals have a penis. Naruto isn’t an idiot… He must already have figured it out…)
Naruto: Yeah! I got it! I’ll focus on my mission!!
Aoba: (Good! For the time being everything is going well! It’s great he’s an idiot!!)

Kurotsuchi does some seals
Kabuto notices Kurotsuchi
Kurotsuchi: (Too slow!!) Youton: Sekkaikori no Jutsu (TN: melting release: hardening quicklime); he spits quicklime out of his mouth
Kabuto evades the attack: You’ve appeared, huh (I wonder if Aoba is here too…)
Just then, Yamato, Motoi, Aoba arrive
Kurotsuchi: Don’t just come out here so nonchalantly! I can take care of him alone!! (as he is saying this…)
Aoba: You really are Tsuchikage’s granddaughter…
Kabuto: Excellent… Can I have you lead me to where Naruto is?
Yamato: A snake… That voice… You couldn’t be…
Kabuto removes his hood: We meet again, Yamato
Kurotsuchi: I’ll send a flow over there!!Get him!! (expanding his mouth) Suiton: Mizu Rappa (water trumpet)
Aoba: That’s great!
Kabuto evades
Aoba: It’s no good! He read your moves!!
Kurotsuchi: (while saying “get him!”)… I got him!
Yamato: This is…
Kabuto: I see
Kuro: (My Sekkaikori no Jutsu is instant cement! By spilling some water around, I expand my range… And when it reacts with water, it solidifies!!) With this, you can’t move any more!!
Yamato: Motoi-san, Aoba, don’t step on this water!
Cement encases Yamato’s body (TN: I don’t know if Ohana meant Kabuto…)
Kuro: I have another plan within this plan!
Aoba: Alright! Once he gets solidified, he’s mine! I’ll get intel out of him!
Deidara and Tsuchikage and flying towards the sky, they are so fast Akatsuchi is lagging a little
Deidara (You’ve gotten even faster than when you were in your prime, haven’t you, gramps)
tsuchikage: You always fought from a long distance! I don’t like that!!
Deidara: Shut up! (I’ll get him with C4!! yeah!)

Trees come out of Yamato’s hand, Aoba rides on those trees towards where Kabuto is, solidified
Aoba: Kabuto… You sure have fallen… Becoming even more and more like Orochimaru
Kabuto: Before worrying about me, you should worry about falling from there
Yamato: Aoba, focus!
Aoba is about to reach Kabuto but Kabuto sheds his skin and becomes a snake. It slithers along Yamato’s tree and nears Yamato. Aoba falls into the cement
Yamato: He shedded! Is this it!?
Yamato sends out blocks of wood from his waist, and sends Motoi flying away on them
Yamato: Motoi-san, stay away!!
Kabuto bites Yamato…
Kabuto: Kurotsuchi, I knew how your jutsu worked, so I was able to make you let down your guard
Aoba: !!?
Motoi: Yamato!!
Kuro: ****!!
Yamato runs away

Tsuchikage: You’re pretty good for flying up this high arent you!!
Deidara: Don’t look down on me, gramps!! Your Chiroton and my Bakuton (exploding release), which of them is Art…?
From behind Deidara, the Edo Tensei coffins appear
Deidar: !!? What the hell? I was just at the best part!! Yeah!!
The coffin shuts and disappears.
Yamato (TN: I think Ohana meant Kabuto) takes refuge in Manda’s nostrol. Manda disappears.

Tsuchikage returns
Tsuchikage: Deidara got away… How about you guys?
Motoi: Yamato, the one who used Mokuton and was keeping an eye on the Kyuubi, got captured…
Aoba: Our guy got away too!! Help me out of this situation!! I’ll go right after him!! Where did Kabuto go!?
Motoi: I cant sense the enemy any more… I don’t know which way he went either. It’s no use.
Tsuchikage: They couldn’t get as far as the Kyuubi and Hachibi huh… I don’t know about that Mokuton user who probably stood out because he could be used as a hostage for interrogation…
Tsuchikage gets Aoba out of the cement
Tsuchikage: The problem now is that intel could get into their hands from that Yamato!
Aoba: Yamato-san isnt someone you can get intel out of that easily!!
Tsuchikage: That’s not what I’m saying. If he’s up against Madara, then he has really strong eye jutsu… He won’t be able to do anything if he has those eye jutsu used against him

Yamato is tied up and falls to the ground
Yamato: Kuh!
Madara: You’ve brought me quite a different present, hmm?
Kabuto: That is certainly true… But this guy was the one watching over the Kyuubi and is in possession of some top-secret information. Even better, with this guy, we can make those Zetsus even stronger… Rather than doing the impossible, the minute we caught this guy, I was choosing the method that would be 4 times more efficient. For you guys, that is.
Zetsu: …

Madara’s right eye is the Sharingan; left eye is the Rinnegan
Madara: In that case, hurry up. This left eye is craving war

Nagato’s Rinnegan is with Madara…!!

Naruto is on break next week because Kishimoto’s doing some data collection/research.

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