ワンピース ネタバレ ONE PIECE 608 Spoiler

2010 December 13

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第608話 海底の楽園
そこは海だった為一味全員流されるウソッチョサンルフィはケイミー達に助けられルフィも無事意識を取り戻す 。




追うかい?ハモンド 内地まで・・・
アーロンさんの野望を討ち砕いた 麦わらが来たと・・・・



Chapter 608: Paradise under the sea
The Strawhats fly into Fishman Island, but their coating comes off at it attaches itself to FI’s larger bubble.
If they had gone through the right entrance, it would have been fine.
FI’s bubble is double-layered, and there’s air between the bubbles. The middle layer has sea in it.
But they were flying in so fast, they flew past that layer right into the sea bubble.
The Strawhats are flushed away in the sea, Camie comes and rescues Usopp, Chopper, Sanji, and Luffy.
Luffy regains his consciousness. The whereabouts of the other crew is unknown at the moment.

Camie guides them around FI, they meet the mermaids.
Sanji is so moved, he cries even more than when he left Baratie lol
Barrel containing Cariboo also washed ashore, and a mermaid is about to open it…
Cariboo keeps silent.

Lastly, head of the leader of the New Fishmen Pirates appear in silhouette.
He says to bring the Straw Hat Luffy to him….

He has teeth like sharks, but seems to be wearing something on his head.
He has round, inflated face, and his front hair is wavy.

The New Fishmen Pirates lines
What a reckless entrance… they may have suicided there
You wanna chase them, Hammond? To inland? Not sure if they’re still alive…
Yeah, we’ll go… It’d be annoying if the Neptune Army found them first…
But let’s get back to Noah first, and let the boss hear about this.
That Strawhat Luffy, the man who destroyed Arlong’s goal, has arrived….

When Hammond went to tell the bossman, he looked very terrified.

And no, the boss’ nose wasn’t jagged like Arlong.

Trivia: Jinbe is a master of Fishman Karate, which he can use to knock away many guards at once. His strikes are so strong that he doesn’t even need to make physical contact with an enemy as the very air will blow them away after a few seconds of time from the attack’s initiation.

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      Jewelry Bonney

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