Naruto ナルトネタバレ 542 Spoiler

2011 June 6

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Credits: Ohana
Verification: confirmed
Translation: Shounensuki






ミナト 早く、あなたが(ビー)に気づいてあげないと

A conversation between the previous Hachibi jinchūriki and A.
Can B cope with living as a jinchūriki?
Didn’t the previous previous [jinchūriki] die because the seal failed?

The previous jinchūriki does.

A coup d’etat? is staged in Kumogakure.
A and B vs. several Kumogakure people.
B is brought down.

Shortly after:
Konoha (Minato) vs. Kumogakure (A & B)
A begins, exchanges blows with Minato.
B changes into his bijū form for a bit.
The Konoha army gets scared.
Konoha retreats.

Minato(to A): “Quick, if you don’t recognise B , he’ll become neither jinchūriki nor human.”
He says only this before leaving.

Shounensuki thought:

I think B might not have been able to control the transformation yet
Hence why Minato said A had to do something to prevent B from completely losing it

Trivia: Though not confirmed, Killer B was given the name of Kira Hachi by fans. It comes from the word “Kirābī” incorrectly translated into Japanese (Hachi is the Japanese word for “bee”, as well as “Eight”. Kira is a loanword of the English “killer”). Kira Hachi, can be translated to “Killer Eight”, following the homophone of bee.

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    ure so smart neji ! U dont even know whether 2 use than or then! Ur predictions suck! Ive seen 5 yr old kids making better predictions!

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      And you are a troll…

      You use a fake name and you haven’t said anything intelligent, so go step in a fire to see how long it takes to burn a body filled with air

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      Test to see if ur the real job:

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      If your the real job I apologise, because although you raged a lot at people on this forum I respected the ideas that you put forward and sympathised with you at that dark time when people kept that Obito was Madara – it was the Dark Ages of this forum.

  2. Leo - June 29, 2011 at 8:44 am #

    Why the hell madara has to be only behind naruto for the nine tails as it was well and good with Sora as well and no where in the manga said to be worried abt him, so madara can easily go and catch that sora and can fulfill his dream plans rightttt