ONE PIECE 631 Spoiler 「ワンピース」

2011 July 5

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ONE PIECE 631 Spoiler Summaries

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ONE PIECE 631 Gyoncorde Plaza



扉絵 双子岬 クロッカスと笠をかぶったロン毛(後ろ姿)が酒を酌み交わしている。

いきなりデッケンが変な頭で現れ、『失恋したから髪を切ってやったぜ!!』と言い上だけ坊主になった(笑 )
ギョンコルド広場はホーディー達全員集合。ホーディーは白髪に成り体のサイズも少しUP。覚 醒した様子。
広場には海獣達の前に転がるネプ軍兵士達。一人が幹部一人と共に自爆を試みるがホーディーの撃水って技で 一撃・


煽り文 『あれ!?ルフィは!?』


Coverstory: At the Twin Capes, Crocus and a long-haired man wearing a kasa hat (back turned and can’t see the face) drinking together
Suddenly Decken appears with a weird look
My heart is broken, so I shaved head! (He only shaved the top lol)
Although it means very little as he wears a hat.
He finds Luffy to be an obstacle, and laughs as he tells others he thought up a good idea (to get rid of him)

In Gyoverly Hills, Neptune Army is decimated by the sea monsters
At Gyoncord Plaza, all the Hodi’s men gather. Hodi is white haired now, and his body is a bit larger. Looks like he’s fully awakened in power.
At the plaza Neptune soldiers fall in front of the sea monsters. One of them attempts to suicide bomb to take out one of the lieutenants, but Hodi stops him with a water attack Gekisui.
That attack goes through many buildings, and even reaches the Mermaid Inlet 150km away.

The three princes arrive at the Plaza. They take out the sea monsters
The lieutenants use ES pills to dope up, to fight the three.
Jinbe and Megalo head to the Plaza with Shirahoshi.

Editorial: Wait, where’s Luffy!?

End of chapter





I skipped most of the later half.
The three brothers strike with their moves!

He also mentions that the 150km is correct, unless what they printed is wrong. The gekisui move is a water shot.
(he also posts the bottom 5 TOC, check the thread)

“Sengoku Armors ended well.

I checked over and over, and the water that flew did travel 150km. Unless they printed wrong.

I wonder if the long-haired person who we see the back is Yorki.
Long haired, and white. Wearing a striped cape.
The kasa hat is like Oars, and tip is square. The tip of the cone is black
Behind them is Laboon opening his mouth wide. ”

Trivia: According to Oda, Zoro resembles a shark. Oda uses the color green to represent Zoro, he smells of steel, and the flower that suits him best is the thistle.

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  10. One Piece - July 5, 2011 at 2:30 pm #

    you know what i thought of while watching opening 14 for the anime… the fact that sabo is alive by 75% and that if they ever meet luffy will be angry at him for not contacting or trying to save ace(hoping sabo will be a super strong person) but sabo says dragon didnt let him and therefore luffy starts a grudge towards his father…

    COME ON sabo is most likely alive it was even clearer in the anime when dragon boards the ship and they all shocked at the injuries of some1… if it was dragons the dialogue would of been different…and sabo most likely stayed with dragon as he would want to change the world like what dragon wants…
    ORRRRRR he might have just died :/ ORRR he might have surived on his own? but where is he? FML
    to many mysteries in one piece D:

    • anon with a ? - July 5, 2011 at 4:18 pm #

      Yes Sabo is alive both Manga and Anime lead to that conclusion. As for him saving Ace, No matter how strong and fast he could have become, I doubt he could have got their in time or he was on his way but was too far. Luffy found out Ace was captured and all the events took place in a few days. I.E. Sabo hears of the news about Ace and tries to make his way but a question that does come to mind? If Sabo is with Dragon and Robin Has met him then why hasn’t Robin told Luffy????

      • -jAysOn* - July 5, 2011 at 4:31 pm #

        because ROBIN didnt know that luffy and sabo knew each other. so thats why(if your prediction is true)..

      • sanji - July 5, 2011 at 4:39 pm #

        bs.. the revolutionaries knew that robin is one of the strawhats and so would sabo know. and don’t you think that he would ask robin about luffy?

        i still hope he’s dead

      • 2 Girls 1 Cup - July 6, 2011 at 1:19 am #

        Maybe he got some amnesia after the explosion he receive from the celestial dragon/

    • your dead if you read this - July 5, 2011 at 6:24 pm #

      damn sabo is ivankov heeeeeeeeeeeehaw!!!

    • your dead if you read this - July 5, 2011 at 6:24 pm #

      damn sabo is ivankov heeeeeeeeeeeehaw!!!

    • cormag - July 5, 2011 at 8:14 pm #

      Dragon was not in goa kingdom the day sabo died. He was in Shimotsuki Village, which isn’t even on dawn island, caring for the people he saved. On top of that oda has made it clear that the sea is no place for a child (chapter 1.)(I know people are going to bring this up: koala was a slave freed by tiger. Yes he did take her to sea, but 1. he owed her a debt and 2. he cared for all slaves) and dragon is leading a full scale revolution. He is not going to bring a child with him to baltigo, a war zone. there were also no other ships in the vicinity of sabo, and the world nobles. And he was hit by a bazooka. I know people liked sabo, but can we please be honest with ourselves. Dragon couldn’t have saved him, no one in town would have helped him because of the tenryubito and ace and luffy didn’t find out until the next day. One piece is a story about inherited will, and that’s the romance of sabos death. He was kind and ambitious in a cruel and dark world, and his death was unjust. It’s moving. I understand that oda will tick us into thinking some one is dead to reveil later that they weren’t, and I understand the fun of theory’s, and I don’t even care if people think he’s alive, but I want someone to give me a reason for how he lived, because it wasn’t dragon.

      • sabo - July 5, 2011 at 9:21 pm #

        sabo is alive see this
        they have found someone who was seriously injured and I think it’s sabo!!!!!!

      • orijinalmos - July 5, 2011 at 10:27 pm #

        How can you say that it absolutely wasn’t Dragon that saved Sabo’s life? i mean it was stated that he watched the Tenryubito in the anime ( and if you dont wanna go by anime even thought its pretty much the same freaking thing as the manga expect words are changed slightly to help the viewers understand) then go back and read the manga it clearly states that Dragon was the last of his crew to arrive at Shimotsuki village. Also We still dont fully know the extent of Dragons power so without that no one can definitively say how he saved Sabo. But with so many signs pointing to Sabo is alive I personally thinks its a foregone conclusion but then again nothing is certain in the OP world. Oh and i also believe that Sabo was the one that met up with Robin on that huge bridge I mean just look at the guy he looks like Sabo would 17 years down the road
        BTW- The guy with the big face that was seen on the island around noon was clearly Ivankov.
        I also dont think that Oda is saying that the Sea is no place for children i mean take a look at Shanks and Buggy they were both crew members of the Gol D. Roger and they weren’t much older than 10 at that time. I think the point to be made is only the strong survive and even then help is always needed(nakama are important).
        (sorry if its a lil long but points had to be made…If any wholes are seen in my points then get yours eyes checked…lol, no but seriously replies are welcomed, internet thugs are not :) )

      • Larian - July 6, 2011 at 3:59 am #

        I think you are missing some information. In the animation, Dragon said clearly he was at the Goa Kingdom Celestial Dragon Ceremony. So little piece of extra information boosted Sabo’s chance of being alive by manifolds, also, animation also showed Dragon was hold a small body, because we can’t see what Dragon was holding, who been hurt badly,

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    At the war for saving ace, he didn’t go to saved ace might because he suffers from memory lost(amnesia).?!
    That’s why Robin didn’t say anything about SABO?!

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        but the rest of the prediction was nice!