One Piece 659 Spoilers 「ワンピース ネタバレ」

2012 March 5

One Piece 659 Spoilers: At the latest Chapter end with smoker goes on to explain that it’s unusual that so much poison gas is coming out. so what happens next..? find out story on One Piece 659 Spoilers 「ワンピース ネタバレ」 第659話 at if you would like to discuss the Spoiler or prediction, please leave a comment below.

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Credits: mangastream

One Piece 659 Spoilers Summaries

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Trans: Steven D Teach












Smoker and co arrive at the island
They arrive at the building Brook saw

He orders one of his dudes to find a guy named M that they can’t find? (I messed this part up methinks)

Luffy and co ride on a boat Ussop made.
Kentarous follows

Kentarous says that there goes the intruders
in front of him is a guy called the boss and his underlings

Brook battles with the upper body of the samurai
He runs away saying it’s scary

Arriving at the castle is Smoker
Law comes out of the door
In order to become a Shichibukai he sent 100 pirate hearts to the government

The boss, M, Law, and Smoker. Lots of enemies, huh!

M goes inside a flask.
He’s probably the user of the Gas gas fruit.
His appearance is, as we thought, some sort of liquid or vapor.
Law calls Smoker, “White Hunter-ya.” (adding the ya like he did with Luffy)

One Piece Chapter 659 About My Torso

Credits: mangastream

page 2-3. smoker’s crew blows a hole open in the glacial side of the island, and they discover a river that leads inside.

page 4. they enter only to find more glaciers somehow moving on their own and acting as walls.
page 5. a lake with violent winds blowing around it separates luffy’s group from the burning side.

page 6. usopp uses one of his seeds to create a hollowed-out banana that can serve as a boat.

page 7. they begin to cross the lake, until the centaur that luffy just defeated calls out to them and jumps.

page 8. the centaur blows a horn and signals for the rest of his allies to take out the intruders.

page 9. a group of centalirs appear on the other side. one of them spots zoro and suspects he’s a samurai because of his katana.

page 10. nami and chopper escape the facility with the children.

page 11. meanwhile, sanji and franky battle the suited men.

page 12. sanji kicks off the men’s helmets to keep them from using their poison gas.

page 13 – 14. on the shore of the frozen part, brook is fighting with the samurai’s torso.

page 15. wondering what reason the mysteriolis torso has to fight him, brook decides to run.

page 16. the “master” of the suited men finds out that smoker’s crew is entering the island. and remarks that smoker is a troublesome man.

page 17. smoker’s crew reaches the foot of the palace and demands that whoever’s living inside comes out.

page 18. trafalgar law, now a shichibukai, appears. his new bounty is 440,000,000

page 19. smoker’s crew decides they want tu go home, saying that law delivered 100 pirate hearts to the wg\hq in order to become a shichibukai.

Trivia: In the Japanese anime, Smoker was originally voiced by Ginzo Matsuo. However, Matsuo died on 25 August 2001 of an acute sub-arachnoid hemorrhage. Subsequently, Mahito Oba (the voice of the Narrator) took over the role of Smoker, beginning with episode 94.

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  1. strawhatpirate10 - March 11, 2012 at 3:06 am #

    my theory on Master is that he was a substance given a human df by VegaPunk thats why he always in his element form because its natural for him

    • Sandai Kitetsu - March 11, 2012 at 1:04 pm #

      chopper has the human human df and we know objects can be given fruit powers but can liquids and gases?

      • Brett - March 28, 2012 at 5:49 pm #

        That sounds a good idea! (Why didn’t we come up with that ofebre ) I will set this on the agenda for our next meeting in your name if you don’t mind. A Pirate Social network already exists with but an own Pirate diaspora could be worth a try.

    • Kakashi - March 11, 2012 at 1:39 pm #

      that would be so cool! haha… though, it would have to be some kind of a special Human DF – like Sengoku’s for example.

  2. dyll47 - March 11, 2012 at 4:15 am #

    luffy has high bounty because of the things he did.
    the cp9 arc, impel down, and the war. so it made him a threat to the WG.

    WB has high bounty because of his large fleet of pirates. he may not be causing rampage but the pirates under him are. and they’re a big threat not only to WG but to the whole world.

    but shanks, i don’t see why the WG should put a high price on his head for just being a yonkou. we all agree that bounties are determined not by strength but by the threat they pose to the WG.
    he may have done crimes against the WG but i don’t think they’re really serious. we all know shanks is a very patient person. he won’t do anything unless you really piss him. so his crimes could be just self defense or defending his territories.

    but i do agree that with akainu as FA, shanks may have a high bounty now simply because shanks stopped him during the war and he looked stupid to everyone in there.

    • Dark_Ritual_Us - March 11, 2012 at 5:22 am #

      Dude Shanks or any other yonkous wasn’t a yonkou all there life they where once a rookie like Luffy, Kid and Law are now.. So current yonkous now Shanks, Kaido, Bigmam they were all rookies who fought there way up, they may have defeated warlords that try to catch them and they defeated the other former yonkous to become a yonkou themselves, so that’s enough to give them high bounties..

      • Iriana - March 28, 2012 at 3:08 pm #

        You were there too, BC? I was informed by my haegdtur and MIL when they finished the race, that this would now become an official family event and I had better get my ass in gear and get ready to join in next year. Evidently, even my grand-daughter had a blast. She was all in pink, in her stroller with a pinwheel saying Hi! to everyone!

    • Sandai Kitetsu - March 11, 2012 at 6:37 am #

      hes a yonko, thus he is automatically an enormous threat to the WG, u saw what WB could do in the war, u saw how shanks stopped akainus punch, bounties are determined by threat but strength is a factor in how much of a threat u are, how much damage could a weak pirate do, and why would any1 be scared of a high bounty if it didnt signify strong to some regard.

  3. Mickey D - March 11, 2012 at 4:34 am #

    Shanks is most likely the biggest pirate threat to the WG now that WhiteBeard is dead. After all, Shanks is constantly inspiring more pirates, he sails the seas as a lawless criminal and doesn’t seem to do anything to decrease the number of threats aimed towards the WG.

    Kaidou kills those he doesn’t like, usually pirates to our knowledge, so he’s clearly good for the WG. Big Mam does the same but with entire countries that are under her protection, leading more countries to seek alliance with the WG.
    -Even BlackBeard only inspires more marines to take out the evil moral-less pirates, and since BlackBeard isn’t that aggressive and only acts on what he believes is fate, he’s definately good new to someone like the WG. Even taking out other powerful pirates with dangerous DF[Making it much easier for the WG 2keep an eye on their enemies].

    • Kakashi - March 11, 2012 at 8:00 am #

      BB, Kaido and BM are themselves probably bigger threats than any threats they’ve ever squashed…. just because BB is stealing DF powers doesnt mean those powers or thair dangers are disappearing – quite the contrary, these guys are consolidating power, especially BB. If these DF powers were distributed, the Marines would have less of a hard time taking them down, but once they organize into Yonkou sized organizations, its too big of a threat to simply eradicate without an all out war. BB and other Yonkou dont decrease the threat level in general at all… they in fact increase it significantly. Taking out one extremely powerful guy/crew is much harder than a bunch of nobodies (in comparison).

      While Shanks IS a major threat simply because he is a pirate and extremely strong he isnt in general as big a threat because he by himself doesnt disrupt things. Pirates inspired by Shanks (Luffy) still havent reached the same level of threat…. and when they do, they will be threats on their own, not because of Shanks. Roger has inspired in general, all the pirates.

      • Mickey D - March 11, 2012 at 8:28 am #

        Well of course, that’s Y they call them Yonkou, I doubt they’re crushing any threats greater than them, thou the only known threats greater R Dragon and Rayliegh, mayB even Crocus, Seagull, and Copper.

        Second a Yonkou himself is too big a threat to quench w/o an all-out war. By BB gathering all these DF’s he’s actually helping the WG much more than hurting them, cuz he’s not only destroying threats for the WG within the NW[a place where pirates can run wild thanks to the Yonkou], but destroying threats the WG has yet to hav taken out that could possibly become huge threats lyk another a future Yonkou or Revolutionary if left to fester. Plus he makes all of these threats much easier to monitor, by taking many threats and turning them into one threat.

        Shanks is a major threat due to his ventures in the NW, but not necessarily cuz he’s extremely strong, but more so cuz he was apart of the Legendary Pirate King’s Nakama, and helps keep the dream of being a pirate alive. Pirates lyk him R by far the most dangerous, unpredictable, and influential. He should’ve been wiped off the map back when he was 15 yrs old. There’s no telling how much a pirate lyk him knows, his existence in itself is a major threat and the fact that he’s already a Yonkou doesn’t help matters.

      • Kakashi - March 11, 2012 at 8:59 am #

        Shanks is nothing if not strong…. hes defintiely a big threat because he was a Roger nakama (knowing about Raftel, One Piece etc.), but his threat (apart from that) comes from being strong enough to do things… if he was just some pussy he wouldnt be a big threat to the WG, even if he inspired the likes of Luffy (who is the only significant example iirc). Its not like if there were no Shanks, all pirating would cease (or even a significant amount of it)… hes not the sole reason for pirates to be out there. In fact hes not the reason most pirates are out there at all. Even before Roger there used to be plenty of strong pirates like Shiki, WB etc. Most of the “bad” pirates are inspired their own greed – only a few are inspired solely or majorly by Shanks or any particular individual. Shanks is just another example of what one can be/do/achieve if one is a strong enough pirate in this world. There are other examples too… and pirates in general are inspired by that anarchy – the opportunity and the obvious possibility of living as a pirate (as demonstrated by the large number of pirates) will inspire any greedy person to go pirating.

        Specific pirates are inspired by other specific idols (like Shanks for Luffy), but that doesnt in itself constitute a great threat because the general situation is such that enough number of people are gonna be inspired anyway. And because of that, theres gonna be plenty of strong pirates for the WG to deal with. Shanks by himself hasnt made a big dent in this phenomenon. Once Luffy becomes Yonkou level of course, it would matter haha, but by that time, Luffy would be an individual entity.

        Threats from Rayleigh, Dragon etc dont even factor into this discussion.

        You said that Shanks is a bigger threat because he inspires other pirates while BB etc only purge the seas of pirate scum and thus inadvertently help WG. But thats bullshit because BB is *creating* more threats than hes destroying. He is adding powers to his own coffers while purging relatively easy-to-take-out pirates. The WG is no better off because their task is no easier now.

        Its not like they go all out to kill all the pirates all the time and only the Yonkous are preventing them from doing so. If that were the case then there would be constant marine-Pirate wars in the Paradise and other Blues. Thats not the case. If Marines come across pirates they will try to capture/kill them but they arent deployed in a war like scenario 24×7 to hunt down all pirates. Hence some relatively minor pirates with strong DFs arent that major of a concern to the WG.

        For example if BB killed Foxy and took his powers, he’d actually *amplify* the threat form that particular DF because theres no way Foxy could ever match what BB or his crew could do with that power. Hence BB is only increasing the threat they pose to the WG. Its simple natural selection – the strongest survive and the survivors get stronger from their struggles. The highest survivors are the strongest and thus the Yonkou are a bigger threat than the sum of the threats of the pirates the crushed. Its not like the WG is only waiting for them to take out all the other pirates and then are gonna roll in with the big guns ant take out the Yonkous and smile saying “hahah, you fools, you made our jobs easier!!”

      • Mickey D - March 11, 2012 at 9:27 am #

        Wow U did a lot of writing for this. Lol. But it seems U fail to understand the topic, Ur looking at it from an outside view-in.

        Shanks and any other member of Roger’s crew if let live shall only inspire more pirates. By being apart of the Pirate King’s crew they inspire pirates and criminals around the world. They know a vast amount of knowledge that the WG would prefer not be used for the enlightenment of anyone. And most importantly, as a Yonkou, Shanks stands tall as a criminal that the WG would rather hav dead and at the very least 4gotten and hidden from the public eye. As a Yonkou he doesn’t do anything to help decrease the WG’s threats but instead helps provide grounds for pirates to do watever they plz and gives ppl a reason 2unite under a protection other than that of the WG.

        BB however only helps, he elimnates future threats to the WG, some with the possibility of being an even greater threat than himself. He actually does make the WG’s jobs much easier. The WG isn’t strong enough to take out a Yonkou truly, nor to constantly wage war against a Yonkou and his forces, so instead they focus on decreasing the pirate threats in the blues, paradise, and areas of the NW where they can operate. Yonkou lyk BB, only help in this cause by getting rid of pirates and taking their powers, making their threats fewer and easier to manage. As well as lowering the amount of allies/forces available to the Yonkou in case of a time of war. But even more than this BB serves as a source of inspiration for pirates to kill other pirates and a symbol of betrayl among comrades, ones the WG would rather hav brought to light than those of Shanks or WB.

      • Kakashi - March 11, 2012 at 10:35 am #

        In fact it is you who doesnt understand the topic. Even before there ever was a Pirate King, there were plenty of pirates (WB, Shiki etc werent inspired by Roger to being pirating). Roger kicked off a pirate age by appealing to the inherent greed of the would-be pirate – he mentioned his greatest treasure. Thats all that needs to be done to get piracy started off. It it wasnt Shanks then it would be someone else who would inspire the pirates all around the world. We havent had specific examples of pirates being inspired by Shanks other than Luffy. Pirates like Croc, Moria etc are simply out to find their own ways.

        Shanks is indeed dangerous because of his knowledge, but so is Crocus etc – nobody is denying that. But they havent spilled their guts about the Void history etc for decades. Shanks in in fact the greatest threat from among them because he is strong. Apart from his knowledge, his strength is the single biggest threat. Inspiring other pirates is a secondary concern because those pirates have to first survive the Grand Line to become any kind of a threat to the WG. Meanwhile he himself is a much bigger threats because of stuff he can himself do (because he is strong) and nothing pirates inspired by him can ever do can match up to that (until Luffy ascends to Yonkou levels or spills the guts about Ancients weapons etc).

        And ur point about BB is simply completely wrong. Even if BB managaes to wipe out entire fleets, the problem for the WG only grows. The WG wouldnt have any trouble wpiing out pirate crews with their strength, but they arent after small flies all the time and they dont want to risk irking the Yonkous without adequate preparation. THe pirates BB is clearing fromt he field are no threat to the WG per-se. But when those powers go to him, the threat increases, multiplies sand amplifies.

        Its like a black hole – mass distributed all around is no threat to light passing through, it might be bent by huge stars (strong pirates) but it isnt stopped in the least. But a black hole (super concentrated mass) makes it impossible for even light to escape – the threat is concentrated and is much greater than the diffuse threat.

        If BB has made the jobs of the WG easier by clearing the field of pirates where he operate, he has only made it 10 times harder for them to do anything about himself – hence in the overall scheme of things, he is only kaing things harder.

        The WG’s making goal inst to get rid of the small pirates – they could care less. The biggest threats are the biggest threats lol, and if those threats are increasing while decreasing relatively minor threats nobody is getting better off! Its just dumb to think so.

        The point about less allies available for the Yonkous to wage war is also wrong because the strength of the allies hasn’t disappeared – their strength is simply in the hands of BB and his crew and as a result in fact its even worse. Because in case of allies, theres a chance of betrayal from the allies (like Squardo did) and the WG might eb able to exploit that. But if the powers are controlled by BB and his crew personally theres no chance of that at all – so in fact its much worse for the WG!

        I can write a lot because its easy to do so when u r right and explaining simple stuff.

      • Kakashi - March 11, 2012 at 10:43 am #

        btw – taking the ‘outside view’ as u call it is in fact the correct approach. U think the gorosei or akainu are concerned abuot the small view?? Hell no… they see the threat from BB growing while only reducing smaller threats that they themselves wouldnt have problems taking out using simply a VA or RA etc. but BB needs much more than that – Akainu himself is needed. Undoubtedly, if they had the choice, they would want BB to remain without additional DFs and take out those minor guys when and as chance presented to them.

        The Schichi can easily take care of hundreds of minor threats. They dont *need* Yonkous to do that. Maybe so in Yonkou territory, but if Yonkou get stronger from theat then the headache for WG only increasea – and thats all that matters to them.

        Obscure, abstract things like “hmm, BB is inspiring the most hardocre threats to emerge into the light so we can destroy them or have them destroy themselves (maybe) – YAY!!” dont make thier jobs easier in the least.

        It might happen so but in reality, if you dont go out and kill the worst and strongest pirates on ur own, other pirates arent gonna do that for you as the strongest WILL survive and continue to be a threat.

  4. BLUE WAFFLE - March 11, 2012 at 4:43 am #

    Chapter 660: Centaur Company

    PG 1

    ■ Smoker: Don’t try to change the subject Law. Besides, I’m here to do my job. The Strawhat Crew are on this island.
    ■Law:*grins* They are? Well you better hurry up and find them. I doubt they’ll stay out of trouble for long.
    ■Smoker: damn you.
    ■Tashigi: Smoker-san, some of our troops have spotted “Soul King” Brook running on the island. They are currently trying to subdue him, but they are having trouble.
    ■Smoker: I see. Go and assist them Tashigi.
    ■Tashigi: yes sir!!

    PG 2
    ■Smoker: You and I aren’t done talking Law.
    ■Law:*sighs* I see. Then come inside I suppose, Smoker ya.

    Inside Biscuit’s Room
    ■Sanji:*smoking* I wonder where they went.
    ■Franky: They started whispering and next thing you know they super bolted.

    PG 3
    ■Sanji: Oh well, lets catch up with Nami-san.
    ■Franky: right.

    In Vegapunk’s old lab
    ■Nami: Yes, I found my weapon.
    ■Giant Girl: Big sis!! The spacemen are here!!
    ■Hazmat Man 1:*running at them with 2 men as back up* Dont let them get away!!
    ■Hazmat Man 2: Stop!! We have to go!! The marines are here!!
    ■Hazmat Man 1: Shit!! Alright let’s go!!

    PG 4
    ■Giant Boy: They ran away.
    ■Chopper:*in brain point* I wonder why?
    ■Nami: They said the marines are here. I guess they aren’t affiliated with them.
    ■Sanji/ Franky:*run to the lab with the severed head in Franky’s arms*
    ■Boys:*star eyes* Mr. Robot!!!

    PG 5
    ■Franky:*poses* You guys alright?
    ■Boys:*star eyes* Yeaahh!!!
    ■Chopper: those men stopped chasing us and ran. I think their hiding from the marines.
    ■Sanji: Marines? So they aren’t allies?
    ■Severed Head: Are you all stupid?
    ■Crew: huh?

    PG 6
    ■Severed Head: Punk Hazard has been put off-limits to anyone by the Government. Anyone found here will be arrested if found by the Marines. This place should be uninhabitated by anyone or anything.
    ■Nami: I see. Whoever those people are don’t want to be caught.
    ■Girl: Hey big sis!! I found an exit to outside, but its really cold.
    ■Nami: good. There are some jackets over there. They’re big but they will have to do.

    PG 7

    On the border of the Ice Lands and Burning Lands
    ■Usopp:*with his hat on* Please Listen to us!! Zoro is not the samurai who hurt your friends!! We came here to help you actually!!
    ■Boss Nessus:* a large centaur with a black horse lowere body. He was muscular, wearing no shirt. He wore a dark cape draped over his shoulders. He had a thick goatee and a black ponytail. He carried a sword as large as him* And why should I believe you normal legged human?
    ■Info Box: Boss of Centaur Company: “Sea Guardian” Nessus Grant
    ■Centaurs:*glare at them and stand ready to attack*

    PG 8
    ■Robin:*fully dressed* Please understand, Centaur-kun. We came here when one of your commrades contacted our ship in search for you. We merely came here to be of assistance.
    ■Boss Nessus:*nods* I see. I fully understand little lady.
    ■Usopp:*angry* I JUST SAID THAT!!!!
    ■Boss Nessus: Excuse me for my ignorance Swordsman. Please, all of you follow us to our base.
    ■Luffy/ Zoro:*fully clothed* base?

    PG 9

    Centaur Company HQ:* a square building with ice covering it and “CC” on the roof.
    ■Luffy: Hey!!! Why are you taking away Leggy?!
    ■Boss Nessus: Though we mistook your friend as the samurai, there is no doubt those legs belong to him.
    ■Luffy:*complains* But I want to be a centaur!!!
    ■Usopp:*pats his shoulder* Let it go Luffy.
    ■Centaur Soldier: Boss, the dinner table is ready.
    ■Luffy:*drooling* Dinner?!
    ■Robin:*giggling* that was quick.

    PG 10
    ■Boss Nessus/ Crew:*sit down and eat sea king meat*
    ■Centaur Soldiers:*stand guard around the table and building*
    ■Luffy:*eating* This is good. Is this all centaurs eat Usopp?
    ■Usopp:*eating* I cant be for certain, but they might.
    ■Zoro: Hey Boss Centaur, tell me more about this samurai.
    ■Boss Nessus:Well he came here yesterday without warning…..

    PG 11
    ■Boss Nessus:*talks while flashing back to the samurai cutting his men* He was strong and ruthless. We even tried talking to him, but his eyes and ears were shut off by rage. He kept asking for someone while cutting down our men.
    ■Zoro:*drinking* Then what happened?
    ■Boss Nessus: He ran away after my men outnumbered him. He ran off to the PH-006 building and we lost him. If I’m right about those legs belonging to him, then he probably ran into the Warlord who comes here from time to time.
    ■Robin: They were talking of a warlord. What warlord is stationed here?

    PG 12
    ■Boss Nessus: “The Surgeon of Death” Trafalgar Law. Despite the law made by the government for no one to enter the island, he freely visits and vacations here.
    ■Luffy: Law? That’s who saved me and Jinbe from Marineford. He’s a warlord now?
    ■Boss Nessus:*nods* indeed.

    PG 13

    Outside of CC base
    ■Centaur Soldier 1:*looks* Hey, what’s that?
    ■Centaur Soldier 2: don’t know.
    ■Brook:*running at them in fear*AAAHHHH!!!!!!
    ■Centaur Soldiers:*freak out* A GHOST SKELINGTON!!!!!
    ■Torso:*jumps between Brook and the soilders*
    ■Centaur Soldier: Is that?!

    PG 14
    ■Brook:*cries in fear* Please leave me alone!!!!
    ■Torso:*jumps at Brook and tries to attack*
    ■Centaur Soldiers:*hit it down with clubs*
    ■Brook:*sighs* thank you.

    PG 15
    ■Brook: Luffy-san!!
    ■Luffy: Brook!! Why are you here?
    ■Brook: I was going to wait at the ship, but a torso attacked me with swords.
    ■Boss Nessus:*examines the torso as it is tied up* Just like the legs. Put the torso in a separate cell until we find the head as well.
    ■Centaur Soldier: Yes sir!!

    PG 16
    ■Usopp: Mr. Centaur, the rest of our crew is missing. Mind helping?
    ■Boss Nessus: ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!
    ■Usopp:*scared* ok….
    ■Robin: Mr. Centaur, the rest of our crew is missing. Mind helping?
    ■Boss Nessus: of course.
    ■Usopp:*angry* HE DID IT AGAIN!!!!
    ■Brook: you seem stressed Usopp-san.

    PG 17
    ■Tashigi: I can’t believe how weak you men are.
    ■Marines:*on the ground defeated*
    ■Marine: It wasn’t our fault Tashigi-chan. The pirate was being chased by a torso. It cut us down before we could follow.
    ■Tashigi:*confused* Torso?


    • Dark_Ritual_Us - March 11, 2012 at 5:34 am #

      Wait wait is this Real or a theory or fake?

      • Titus Yoshi - March 11, 2012 at 5:45 am #


        Spoiler’s don’t come out this early, ever

        Let alone the whole script

        This is just a prediction written by somebody

    • Kakashi - March 11, 2012 at 7:47 am #

      Blue Waffle gives predictions from time to time… they are generally good.

      This one is good too.. esp the perv-Boss running gag hahah.

  5. Titus Yoshi - March 11, 2012 at 5:47 am #


    Yo, wherever you are…

    Well, at the track meet there were people from Canadia

    Since you’re from Canadia, I’m wondering if you were there or know of anyone who went there

    The meet was at Spruce Creek

  6. Titus Yoshi - March 11, 2012 at 5:50 am #

    Sorry for starting off the new page with a non-OP related topic :/

    But to make up for it, here’s a post that is OP related…

    • Any - March 28, 2012 at 4:40 pm #

      Yes, this is one of the reasons I arpaecipte One Piece as well. It is all about family and making family even if one does not have a worthwhile blood family; in One Piece, the saying blood is thicker than water could be turned completely around and still make sense. I also love how as the odds keep expounding against the crew and their fights get harder and harder, they always manage to overcome the odds. I do wish there are more fights where the crew tackle things together during the middle of arcs, but they tend to break up into two-man teams or even fight separately a lot of the time. I can see why since it is a big cast of characters, though.

  7. Nanda - March 11, 2012 at 10:33 am #

    why din’t funimation release new episode of one piece today??????

  8. komori Ningen - March 11, 2012 at 11:12 am #

    yo No OP episode today
    it’s cool, the gap between the manga and the anime is too small anyway.
    It has been a year since the tragedy that happens in japan.
    Even if I didn’t donate anything to them during that catastrophic event, at least I give my condolences to everyone who has been affected by the earthquake.

  9. Dark_Ritual_Us - March 11, 2012 at 11:40 am #

    Oda can’t give Luffy Afro anymore it makes Luffy unbeatable.. Imagine Afro Luffy after this 2 yrs time-skip not even Akainu or BB can stop Afro Luffy.. Btw I think Luffy can do Gatling gun with his fingers + haki in it…. Bored

    • Sandai Kitetsu - March 11, 2012 at 11:50 am #

      that should be called the gum gum shrapnle or the gum gum gatlin shigun lol

    • Kakashi - March 11, 2012 at 12:25 pm #

      haha, finger Elephant Gatling Gun!!! nice idea… boredom does inspire a (weird kind of) creativity lol.

      And yeah, Afro Luffy in unbeatable, no matter what!


    • Jessica - March 28, 2012 at 1:56 pm #

      My son is almost 5 years old and i apmirrily bought this game for him. He has several other DS games, but only the Lego is the Star Wars version. The Star Wars game was much easier for him to play and figure out on his own without much help. The game play was more intuitive, as you see a locked’ door with a picture of the character that you need to be to open it. My son initially found this game much more difficult to play. It is my fault i admit, i didnt notice the E for everyone rating with the 10+. Anyway, after the first week he wasn’t much interested in it. But after i showed him a bit of the game play ( i love the game myself ) he is playing it well. He still occasionally needs help when he is stuck with one of the puzzles or cant figure out what to do next, but overall he loves it. As for the comments about the blurry graphics in the cut scenes they are correct. Its not a reason to avoid the game, but is a bit disappointing. They could have definitely done better in this area.

  10. jonas funch - March 11, 2012 at 12:31 pm #

    i wish the anime teams would take breaks because animes are not that good these days because the fillers is ruin them but one piece dosent have alot of fillers but they instead chose 2 make the arcs over or double as long as they really example the marineford war 31 chapther in the manga and 31 episodes in the anime and that does drag the arcs out and make them fell not so good as they are in the manga but oh no we can not take breaks we will instead ruin the anime by making fillers or make the arcs double as long as they really is instead of thinking what the fans want stupid anime team

  11. Arslan - March 28, 2012 at 8:58 pm #

    , he says that his Straw hat is his treasure so it does mean more to him than any amnuot of money or gold he will ever find. That says a lot coming from a pirate, who is suppose to be a gold loving, greedy with money type of person. :: Hope I helped::

  12. Suketi - April 15, 2012 at 11:42 am #