Naruto 「ナルトネタバレ」 580 Spoilers

2012 March 25

Naruto 580 Spoilers: The latest chapter end with Kabuto turns into a dragon. so what happens next..? find out story on Naruto ナルトネタバレ 第580話 Spoiler at if you would like to discuss the Spoilers or predictions, please leave a comment below.

Naruto 580 Spoilers Summaries

Credit: Mangastream
page 1. kabuto launches a dragon jutsu at sasuke

page 2. as itachi rushes over, v‭lent wind vibrations interupt his concentration.

page 3. sasuke and itachi are paralyzed by the wind vibrations, but since kabuto can liquefy his body, he can still move.

page 4. kabuto goes after sasuke first.

page 5. itachi movements throw kabuto off-kilter.

page 6. itachi explain that he already know where kabuto going to attack, so he can guard properly.

page 7. kabuto jumps onto the ceiling.

page 8. itachi tells sasuke to remember the plan they used when they went on a mission together.

page 9-11. sasuke remembering hunting a huge boar as the puts the plan into action with hisbrother.

page 12-13. sasuke thinks he has kabuto, but then is shocked to see kabuto off to the side stabbing itachi.

page 14-15. itachi’s body splits into crows and then regroups.

page 16. itachi and sasuke remember their time together and prepare to catch the snake

Trivia: Kabuto family name, Yakushi (薬師), is the short form of the Japanese name of the Medicine/Healer Buddha (long form: Yakushi nyorai), Bhaisajyaguru, and means “medicine user”. End of Naruto 580 Spoilers

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