One Piece 「ワンピース ネタバレ」 675 Spoilers

2012 July 19

One Piece 675 Spoilers: The last Chapter end with CC Caesar Clown’s broadcast of his new weapon of mass destruction via a video Den Den Mushi to Illegal underworld brokers..! so what happens next..? find out story on One Piece 675 Spoilers 「ワンピース ネタバレ」 第675話 at if you would like to discuss the Spoiler or prediction, please leave a comment below.
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Trans : Aohige_AP

ONEPIECE 第675話 その名も『シノクニ』
子供たちは飛行船に乗りキャンディーを欲しがる。シーザーはビスケットルームにあるからゆっくり味わえと言 う。
シーザーは部下に厳重に鍵を閉めろと命令。子供の一人がウソップとナミの言葉を思い出し出たい と暴れる。
シーザーは何か有った時の為にモネの心臓をローに預け、ローの心臓はシーザーが預かる。それが契約だったら しい。
ローはモネをもっと警戒しておくべきだった。Mがあまりにマヌケだった為なめきってたと挑発。シーザーは心 臓パンチするw

現在炎の土地側からスマイリーの分身たちが集結してる。そこで合体してスマイリーと成った時に 実験始まる。
スマイリーは毒ガス爆弾H2Sガスそのもの。前回の問題点は毒を食らったものは弱りながらも避難できたと言 う点
スマイリーに巨大な餌を与えることである効力を追加し完璧な殺戮兵器に成るらしい。その名もシ ノクニ。
シーザーは部下達に竜ソリに乗って急いで逃げろというも橇が溶けて逃げられない。防護服を脱いで急いで逃げ ろというシーザー。もともと殺すつもりだった様で驚いた演技してる。

シーザーはスライムに長々と会いたかったとかまだ待てと命令するもスライム聞かずスグにキャンディを食べて しまう。
シーザー『あ!!!』『よし!!食べていいぞスマイリー そうだよーし良い子だ』と言うもスライムは聞いて いない。

ONEPIECE Chapter 675: The name is Shinokuni
Coverstory: Caribou is swallowing the mermaids

The children get on the airship, and begs for candies.
CC tells them he has some in the Biscuit room, so take their time and have some.
Ceaser tells one of his men to lock the room and secure it.
One of the child remembers what Usopp and Nami told them, and wants to get out.

Nami is fine, since she’s in Sanji’s strong body. She wakes up Usopp.

Ceaser made a treaty to have Monet’s heart given to Law, and Law’s heart given to Ceaser in case something went sour.
Right now, Vergo has Law’s heart.

Monet shapeshifted and was stalking Law, that’s why everything he said was revealed to them.
Law should have payed more attention to Monet.
Law tells Ceaser that because “M” was so stupid, he underestimated him.
To this, Ceaser replies by punching Law’s heart.

Smoker’s heart is in Ceaser’s hands too. Monet reports the video is ready.

continued to next half…

aohige Note : BTW, T hasn’t answered a question “what the hell is Shinokuni?” (spelled in katakana), but it may be 死の国 = Nation of Death, or Land of Death.
We’ll see what it’s about soon I guess.

The video shows a massive candy, in the center of the icy parts of the land.
Underground brokers from around the world sees the footage.

Meanwhile in the fire land, smiley’s parts are assembling. When it’s all gathered and formed a complete Smiley, the experiment will begin.
Smiley IS the Poison Gas BOMB H2S itself. The problem with previous incarnation of this poison gas was that those afflicted by the poison were weakened, but still could get away from it.
By giving Smiley gigantic food, it turns into a perfect killing machine. The name of this weapon is Shinokuni (Land of Death).
Sanji, Brook, Zoro, and Kin-emon flees from the slimes in the center of ice land.
They find the candy ahead of them, and spots Ceaser’s men and a small dragon near it.
Ceaser tells his men to get on the dragon-sled and hurry up and get out of there, but the sled melted and they can’t get away.
Ceaser tells them to take off their protective suits and hurry up and run
He actually planned to kill them all anyways, but is acting like he cares.

Ceaser tells the slime he wanted to see him so long, and orders him to wait.
But the slime doesn’t listen and eat the candy anyways.
Ceaser: Ah!! Alright, you can eat now, Smiley. Good boy..
But the slime seems to be ignoring him

end of chapter

One Piece 675 Trivia: Kid is named after a real life pirate, William Kidd, who was also nicknamed “Captain”. His surname is taken from Eustace the Monk, another real life pirate

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