One Piece 「ワンピース ネタバレ」 698 Spoiler

2013 February 3

One Piece 698: The last Chapter end with Doflamingo is clearly upset, and also sweating in worry…! so what happens next..? find out story on One Piece 698 Spoilers 「ワンピース ネタバレ」 第698話 at if you would like to discuss the Spoiler or prediction, please leave a comment below.

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ONEPIECE Chapter 698 – Doflamingo appears!
The old granny sends off Caribou to the port

The weakness to Caesar’s gas is that, it takes half a day for the poison to kill someone after it petrifies them.
As long as they release them from the gas shells before then, they can be saved
Smoker let Brownbeard go get his men… Brownbeard thanks him and promises he’ll return to be captured once he saves his men.
The G-5s have the headless bodies of Buffalo and Baby 5.

Right in front of the marines’ eyes, the heads of Buffalo and Baby 5 comes flying to the body, reattaching themsleves!
It was Doflamingo who arrived with the heads. He instantly takes out chunk of the G5 using unseen methods, simply flying past them.
He used the Coqueror’s Haki!

The marines question why a Shichibukai is attacking the marines, and pulls out their guns.
Smoker tells his men to stop it, but too late… Doflamingo shoot out strings at the G-5, slicing at their weapons and bodies.
Smoker retaliates, but pissed off Dofla simply demands to know where Luffy and Law escpaed to.
Smoker tells him he doesn’t know, “Joker”. He also brings up Vergo, letting Dofla know that he has the knowledge of who he really is….
Doflamingo attacks, and following panel is nothing but smoke and blood….

Meanwhile, the Strawhats and the Sunny is going down a “Sea Slope”.
According to Law, that’s nothing unusual lol.

Franky is explaining to Brook (who insists on calling Mini Merry 2 “little Sheep”) how he used the waterways in the lab to get Sunny to Mini Merry 2 and recover it. Meanwhile, Nami tells Luffy they are heading to Dressrosa, in a roundabout way per Law. Kinemon is surprised at this, that’s exactly where he was heading as well.
Luffy asks Law who he was talking to, and he replies Doflamingo. Usopp screams “Isn’t that the most dangerous Shichibukai!?”
Law tells them the operation has already started. Zoro asks him “what operation?” Luffy ask Law to explain his plans.

Those who didn’t know yell “What!? Form an alliance to take down a Yonkou!?”
Zoro smiles, he likes the idea. Luffy expalins he’s allied with Law’s crew, so let’s get along well.
Usopp and Nami are still against the idea, but the others seem unconcerned, including Sanji and Brook.
Sanji advises Law that the “Alliance” he has in mind is probably not going to be the same as Luffy’s idea of one. LOL.

Sanji says “Oh so that’s why Luffy was going on about kidnapping. That’s so unlike his style, I was wondering.
Good, if I was supposed to cook this strange looking goat here (pointing at CC) I wouldn’t have known what to do.”

CC tells them you fools don’t know what you’re messing with, there will be bigshots coming for their heads now.
Know your foolishness and die!
Sanji immediatesly beats him up, to which Chopper complains CC is still being treated. “Do it after he’s recovered!” LOL

Law continues to explain. He asked for them to kidnap CC, while he destroyed the facility to create SAD.
Major pirates in the New World controls a turf, and countless subordinates. They rule the sea like massive crime syndicates.
This is unlike the first half of grandline, going against them as a single pirate group, you won’t even get to see the bosses’ faces!
(which is kinda funny Law says this… since that’s exactly what Straw Hats have been doing lol)
However, they are still underground society. To not be seen by the marines, most dealings happen in the dark.
Doflamingo has the most power and influence among them. His name in the crime world is “Joker”.
And Joker’s biggest client is the Yonkou, Kaido of Hundred Beasts.

Kinemon and Momo reacts to that name with surprise. But when asked, they feign nothing and ask them to continue…
Kinemon: Whoa!? What’s this dragon!? Where’s Momonosuke!?
Luffy: You’re talking to him
Kinemon: WHAT!? Oh yeah… I see. So that’s how it is.

Law continues, he is going after Kaidou’s head. The key to defeating him is lessening his power.
Right now Kaidou is buying massive amounts of SMILE devil fruits from Joker.
Usopp: Wait, artificial? Doesn’t that mean they can increase the number of devil fruit users limitlessly?
Law: That’s correct. Because it’s artificial, apparently there are some risks to it… but using this, Kaido currently has over 500 devil fruit users in his crew.
Usopp: Anyone wants out? Me!
Chopper: Me!
Nami: Me!
Zoro: Shut up.

Law: But there won’t be any more increase in devil fruit users.

Sanji and few others approach CC.
Sanji: This guy created them!?
Chopper: (sparkly eyes) Ww you made those devil fruits? SAD is awesome!
CC blushes

Law explains CC was adopting the “Linage Factor” found by Vegapunk
Sanji and Chopper leaves CC’s side “Oh, so the great one is Vegapunk afterall”
CC: Shut up! Can you make them? No? you idiots!

Somewhere in Dressrosa is the SMILE factory. They need to find it and destroy it.
Luffy asks Kinemon he is heading there as well, to which Kinemon confirms.
A comrade of them is captured there!!!

Meanwhile… Dofla is near finishing off Smoker.
The G5 pleads him to spare Smoker, but Dofla says not to worry…
He doesn’t know who knows what, so he’s simply going to kill every last one of you
And he also vows to find where Law and Straw Hats are before this day is over.

Aokiji appears behind Doflamingo, telling him to get off of Smoker.
He’s a friend of his.

No chapter next week.

One Piece 698 Trivia: In One Piece: Gigant Battle! 2 New World, Doflamingo has been classified as a Paramecia-class Devil Fruit user this power seems to consist of manipulating wires. However, it has yet to be confirmed in a canonical source.

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  1. Yawn - February 10, 2013 at 7:08 am #

    My prediction is
    DD will be defeated by Luffy
    Before that
    DD will have minor with kuzan and just retreat because he has just a day
    We are are going to see Law crew soon i am not so sure about it but there are chances there are hidden still Because Law before time-skip Said to his crew we have stay low and wait for the perfect time
    Smoker will get tips from Kuzan kind of training he doesn’t need one you see he has Haki Some tips from Kuzan will help him Use his haki in the better way and Kuzan help to him to master his Df
    Some Speculation
    Luffy bounty 400 B berry before time skip So his bounty exceded all the SN 2 years back because he was in the war he 100 b Berry hike
    While as Law bounty was 200 B before time-skip and now its 440 B Berry thats 240 b berry more than double what he had my point is that did he do that he got such a hike he helped luffy to get away from war maybe gave a hike 20-40b berry but what about 200 B berry he must have done some thing much more crazy i assume because after 300 B berry its goes slow
    Others SN have Like Kid its was 315 B Berry now it’s 470 155 b raise he lost his hand also means some VA or some Commanders must have done that and who know he must have defeated him too But still the SN are all upto some thing big and they are doing some thing which directly disturbed So what you guys think about it

  2. Raul - February 10, 2013 at 7:32 am #

    Chopper now knows kung fu. Anyone think its likely a set up for Bepo vs Chopper senario??

  3. Legendisroger - February 10, 2013 at 11:39 am #

    i still on my opinion,Yonko,admiral and shichi are in different lvel,u know oda named them not for nothing.
    But its not meant theyr cant fight 1 on 1 each otherw bcoz they has strong based,if ppl unaware enough to say shichibukai at yonko and admiral’s lvel,use this logic:luffy now had already take down 2 shichi,what will him be if he take down 2 yonko or 2 admirals? =======most badass pirate king candidate-_-he beat 2 shichis yet world still know him as rookie b4 TS
    U need time to pass the phase like this: newbie-rookie-super rookie-shichibukai-yonko-pirates king.
    As for BB how do u explain he need legends crew and legends power df to made him yonko,he dumped shichibuka position for becoming yonkoi,shichi only a jokes position for him, he is a cabin boy,but even in cabin position he capable to made shanks wounded.even ppl like marco,jinbe working under yonko’s flag.
    I see ppl forcing fact that shichi is same lvel as yonko,law himself said theres only 2 ways to survive in new world, work under yonko or challenge them with alliance( he is shichibukai but he aware his individual chance to survive ) DD works under kaido so its make him not to worry,he is dirty prick who have both protection of marine and yonko at same time thats why he smiles all the time -_-
    Why do u guys call moria a rival to kaido?he just meet kaido once but then thriller back fullfilled with dead man zombie bcoz kaido was fucked them,its damaged only on 1 side,its like captain kraig and his army vs mihawk a for mihawk and shanks,thats 10 years ago duel,both shanks n mihawk never make statement that theyr fighting couple or ton times,only once so stop exagerrating thing about rival guys.mihawk really respected shanks,he mention shanks to all ppl, but i never see shanks mention mihawk name to other ppl.
    Yonko is keys to succes in new world not a shichibukai.this is new world not grand line anymore,u guys shud get rid your mindset n resetting again for new world.