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2013 May 27

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Eren: I told you how my mom couldn’t escape because she was trapped under a piece of the wall you kicked in
Eren: How did you feel when I told you that?

Bert: That time.. I thought it was unfortunate…

You have to choose
… either the short life you have left
… or Crista’s future

This world has no future?
What does he mean by “monkey”?
What is he talking about?

Thing is Eren, if you think it’s over because we beat those two, you’re completely wrong.

Who is the Enemy?!

Enemy? Well I’d say…

*Note this doesn’t mean Ymir is the Enemy, Reiner or Berthold merely interrupted her.

Reiner is under the delusion Christa likes him cause she’s so nice to him which pisses off Ymir.

Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack On Titan) 46 Spoilers Summaries


Eren wakes up. He’s surprised that his arms aren’t regenerating at all. Same for Ymir. Looks like Reiner did it.

Eren chews on his arms to try to turn back into a titan, but Ymir stops him by telling him that they’re surrounded by titans.

Ymir asks what Reiner and Berthold intend to do with them, and they reply that they want to go back to their hometown to repeat their conversation (?).

Eren wonders how they can escape and what happened to the Scouting Legion.

Ymir asks Reiner how the titans at the castle could move at night, since the titans here can’t. Reiner replies that “you should know, right Ymir?”

Eren wonders why Ymir can become a titan. For now, he decides to get some information from the other three.

But as Eren wonders what and how to do this, Ymir asks Reiner for water. Reiner rejects her, citing the circumstances. [Eren?] realises that he hasn’t eaten or drank anything since yesterday morning. “Well, in the end the wall wasn’t broken, so let me take a break. The talk of [raising of status?] can come later,” he says jokingly.

[This is a big run on sentence so I’m just going to paraphrase] Without a care in the world, Reiner starts talking about Christa and how she almost made him forget that he’s a titan. Naturally, Eren gets mad – “don’t screw with me you bastard, if you want to die just say so!”

Ymir tells Eren that there’s nothing normal about [him?], and that if he knows something he shouldn’t stay quiet, he should do something.

Ymir admonishes Reiner with “you’re not a soldier, are you? We are.” Reiner replies with “yeah, you’re right” and covers his face with one hand.

Ymir comments on Reiner’s confusion. “I thought it was strange. To risk your life breaking the wall, then saving Connie. You were unaware of this contradiction. You probably wanted to be the soldier whose goal was to break the wall, but while playing the role of a soldier, you forgot what your goal really was. As a result, your heart broke, you altered your memories, and your speech no longer meshed [?].” Reiner looks at Ymir in amazement.

Ymir goes to continue talking, but Reiner tells her to shut up. Ymir withdraws, saying “sorry, I pushed too hard,”

Naturally, there’s no way Eren understood that explanation.

“Why are you playing the victim? That day we first enlisted, with you, me, Berthold and Armin sitting in a circle, why did you listen to our story?”

“Hey, Berthold, you sycophantic lackey. What did you think when I told you my mother was eaten by a titan?”
“I thought it was unfortunate,” says Berthold, as though he was someone else.

Eren is flabbergasted and condemns them with “ah…I finally get it. You guys aren’t soldiers or warriors or anything. You’re just murderers. Genocidal demons.” Reiner replies “I know that already, I don’t need you to tell me,” and Eren replies “then you shouldn’t be worrying about it like a human.”

Ymir explains how Monkey Titan is the reason the Titans are spawning within the walls. She says he is doing this for reconnaissance to judge how strong the humans are.
Ymir tells Eren that Bert and Reiner want to head to where the Monkey Titan is because that will lead them back to their homeland.
Ymir refuses to explain further. But says defeating those two titans doesn’t mean anything.
Eren asks who the real enemy is.
Ymir about to tell but Reiner stops her.
Reiner – Do you think this world has a future?

Reiner – If you know that much then think about your position. You could help us, come to our side.

Ymir – Trust you? Impossible. You can’t and don’t trust me.

Reiner – No, we can trust you. Your purpose is to protect Christa.

There is a panel of an angel looking back. Ymir changes her expression.

Reiner – I know we can agree on that. You may think I’m joking, but I want to protect Christa as much as you do. Or do you put more trust in Eren?

Ymir – what?
Eren and Ymir look at each other. A streak of sweat over Ymir’s forehead.

Reiner – You wanted to use Eren to escape out of here. You thought if you were taken by us, there was no chance of you surviving.
Truthfully, you are right.
Even if you are with us, I can’t guarantee your safety.
But if it’s only Christa, we might be able to save her.
Either Christa’s safety or the short life you have left. You have to choose.

A confused Eren asks once again, who is the enemy?!

Ymir, “who knows…”

Shingeki no Kyojin Trivia: Hajime Isayama stated in a interview that he based Eren’s titan form off of the Japanese martial artist Yūshin Okami, paraphrasing it to be the “ideal physique of a middleweight mixed martial artist.

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