One Piece 743 Spoiler 「ワンピース ネタバレ」 第743話

2014 March 31

One Piece 743 Spoilers: The last Chapter end withSugar foams at the mouth and loses consciousness… !! So what happens next..? find out story on One Piece 743 Spoiler 「ワンピース ネタバレ」 第742話 at if you would like to discuss the Spoiler or prediction, please leave a comment below.

One Piece 743 Spoilers Summaries

Credits: Aohige_AP

Cover : vivi and Carue

743 Dressrosa in Turmoil

Sugar is knocked out. The scene fall silent.
First Robin is returned to her normal self, then all the toys.
Chinjao, Cabbage, and many of the colisseum fighters are present, as well as some marines and Dressrosa soldiers.
Trebol reports to Dofla immediately, and Dofla snaps!

All of the kingdom people are returning to humans.
Wife who had forgotten about her husband is united with him, parents united with children, etc.
The chimp toy in the coliseum turned back into a gorilla, causing panic.
Pirates in port, old Dressrosa soldiers in Cartha, Government officials, marines, royalties from other countries… all turned back from toys.
Even wild animals.

Admiral Fujitora and VA Vastille are together, hearing the reports.
The three Family officers at Franky are hearing the report. Senior Pink is worried about Sugar’s well being.
Meanwhile, Pica disappears, leaving Zoro alone.

Robin tends to Usopp, and the Tontattas swear to build a statue for him.
Usopp: Just as planned! (liar!)

Throughout the kingdom, people are finally realizing Doflamingo to be the demon he is.
Dofla is listening to mountain of reports, facepalming.

Viola realizes she had forgotten about her brother-in-law, Kyros.
As the one-legged soldier charges ahead, she explains everything that happened to Dressrossa to Luffy.
Luffy learns who Kyros is, the same man as the statue he saw, and father of Rebecca.
As Doflamingo stands there listening to the reports, Kyros leaps into the room. He goes straight for Dofla’s head.

He apologizes to the king for making him wait a decade. Dofla is surprised to see Kyros, and he recognizes him.. but too late.
Kyros loppes his head off!

As Dofla’s head falls to the ground, Baby 5 and Buffalo scream for the young master.
Luffy carries Viola and charges in the room to save Law. Kyros declares he came to bring back the true Dressrosa.

Back at the Corrida Coliseum, Diamante is annoyed that Trebol failed them.
Rebecca is crying, as her memory of her father suddenly returns to her.
Barto complains how long he has to babysit her lol.

Sabo tells Rebecca this was the “trick” behind Dressrosa, and that everything has a “core”.
Barto doesn’t know what senpai is talking about, but Sabo gets up and tells them he’s ending this.

He tells them the ring has a “core” as well. Dragon Claw Style, “Breath of Dragon”!
He explodes the ring, collapsing the entire thing.
Diamante screams demanding to know what he’s doing.
Sabo smiles and tells him now he’s got something to do, so he’ll just win this fight.

Koala calls Hack and tells him Sabo is on his way below.

End of chapter.

[Thanks Kai D vongola and everyone else who sent this in]

One Piece 743 Trivia: Sugar is the last major known member of the Donquixote Pirates to be named

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