BLEACH 「ブリーチ ネタバレ」 578 Spoiler

2014 April 20

Bleach 578 Spoilers: The Last Chapter end with Kanpachi release his shikai power. His sword becomes huge.!! So what happens next..? find out story on BLEACH 578 Spoilers ブリーチ ネタバレ 第578話 at if you would like to discuss the Spoilers or predictions, please leave a comment below.

Bleach 578 Spoilers Summaries

V: wha…what’s happening? Just a slash and it breaks?

V: you monster!!
Zaraki: Don’t get agitated, it’s pretty simple.

Kenpachi: There’s nothing that I can’t cut through.

V: I see, you’re quite naive

Kenpachi: Even if you increased the number of (yourself)
Kenpachi: it won’t change anything!
V: it will changed, If there’s nothing that cannot be cut, I will use something that has no form to kill you!!!

V: outer space

V: after being surrounded, die!!!

Kenpachi: aaaaaaaAAAaAAAaaaAAHHhHHHHH
V: In the outer space,body fluids will be evaporated from your eyeballs and mouth.When wounds exposed in the universe, your blood will be boiled. If you want to breathe, lungs will be destroyed, your body tissue will slowly collapse
(ps: I’m no scientist/ don’t ask me if I translated correctly)

V: wha!? What’s happening?
Kenpachi: Have you forgotten about..hardening the body?

Kenpachi: What is this? / what?

Gremmy puffing..still puffing..

V: what the, he’s really a monster. Alright, I understand!


Bleach 578 Spoiler Trivia: Kenpachi theme song, as chosen by Tite Kubo, is Massive Attack’s “Superpredators.”

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  1. GodQueenKillaBitchRetsuUnohana - April 25, 2014 at 6:52 am #

    Gremmy is a child in body and mind.

  2. YCSMDAFLI - April 25, 2014 at 7:35 am #

    Give Gremmy a few more years to mature and grow and he’d be dangerous. Better yet, teach the mother fucker how to fight. Imagination may be good, but why didn’t he just imagine Kenpachi’s arms were made of cookies like Yachiru’s?

    • Titus - April 25, 2014 at 8:13 am #

      There’s been a theory going around that he’d have to touch his opponent in order to turn their bones into cookies or just alter their body in general. Since he touched Yachiru and all, iirc.

      • YCSMDAFLI - April 25, 2014 at 5:00 pm #

        It would be pretty easy for his to touch Kenpachi. Hell, he tried to blow him up. Try harder next time…oh wait, he’s dead, nevermind, unless one stayed back in the shadows. Who’s next on the plate for Kenpachi?

      • Titus - April 26, 2014 at 12:39 pm #

        Wouldn’t really be that easy to approach him without being cut down

      • YCSMDAFLI - April 27, 2014 at 3:11 am #

        Those clones of his didn’t have any problems laying hands on him. Granted, it was his clothes, but they could just as easily touches his skin.

  3. Leptor - April 25, 2014 at 3:40 pm #

    @ Noremac.

    It was stated that Jugetsu was greatly holding back his Shinigami powers, so it should actually have been the other way around- the Quincy power overshadowing the Shinigami power.

    @ Lin Yang.

    I respectfully disagree. Kenpachi was basically in control of the fight the whole time, with Gerumi constantly just coming up with new ways to try to damage him. Nothing was really working, and Kenpachi still had his eye patch on and was only using one hand. That means that, even if Kenpachi doesn’t have a Bankai, he still wasn’t using close to his full power.

  4. FAME® - April 25, 2014 at 5:03 pm #

    So how does one differentiate Gremmy’s ability from Katen Kyokotsu – Forcing people to play children’s games and making them real?

    Does anyone really believe that children’s games is all there is to it? Isn’t the same as Gremmy’s ability to realify (yes that is actually a word) the imagination?

    • MDre - April 25, 2014 at 8:47 pm #

      I don’t see any parallel to Katen Kyokotsu and the visionary.

      Katen Kyokotsu makes a fixed number of games affect and area in reality.

      while “the Visionary” summons an imagination into reality.

      one’s a summoning/crafting ability, while the other is an area of effect.

      they are different.

      • Leptor - April 25, 2014 at 9:31 pm #

        Sort of what MDre said, but Kyoraku’s Bankai should be far greater than his Shikai, so who knows what it will be. It could very well be greater than Gerumi’s ability.

        My only concern is that Kubo hasn’t been all that creative with abilities in the last 180 chapters, so I’m worried Kyoraku’s Bankai won’t be given justice.

  5. jennatalia - April 26, 2014 at 2:02 am #

    I wonder if Gremmy actually died, or if the transformation just takes a bit longer for him to become Kenpachi? I hope he’s dead because the fight was one-sided. Granted, most fights with Kenpachi are one-sided. I’d still like to see bankai Kenpachi vs bankai Ichigo when everything is said and done.

  6. MDre - April 26, 2014 at 3:40 am #

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Greemy is dead… but I wonder if he created a unimaginable monster to defeat Kenpachi.

    I have this weird feeling that something is about to be awaken from Greemy’s corps. Something that will give Kenpachi a better challenge.

    maybe or not.. lets stay tune and see what happens.

    • FAME® - April 26, 2014 at 8:26 pm #

      Oddly reminded me of the Monster story from Monster by Naoki

      • Samuelle - April 26, 2014 at 8:36 pm #

        Good manga that

      • FAME® - April 26, 2014 at 8:38 pm #

        Sam, you’ve been hiding in the shadows?

      • Samuelle - April 26, 2014 at 8:39 pm #

        Yeah, sorry bout that

      • FAME® - April 26, 2014 at 8:41 pm #

        Not much going on in here these days..

      • Samuelle - April 26, 2014 at 8:42 pm #

        Pretty much,

      • FAME® - April 26, 2014 at 8:45 pm #

        you should stop by the op sect, I always put on a show

      • Samuelle - April 26, 2014 at 8:46 pm #

        I should, it’s always entertaining to see the chaos there

      • Samuelle - April 26, 2014 at 8:52 pm #

        It’s like pouring boiling water over ants it just gets them more angry

      • FAME® - April 26, 2014 at 8:52 pm #

        Psych-wards aren’t meant to be funny tho Sammy

      • FAME® - April 26, 2014 at 8:53 pm #

        Lol.. ants, that reminds me. We’re long over due for a Teraformers chapter

      • Samuelle - April 26, 2014 at 8:53 pm #

        They’re not?? I’ve been grossly misinformed

      • Samuelle - April 26, 2014 at 8:54 pm #

        Volume 1 gets it’s uk release in July, I’m excited by this

      • FAME® - April 26, 2014 at 8:56 pm #

        did you decide what you were gonna do with Berserk?

      • Samuelle - April 26, 2014 at 8:59 pm #

        Buy the books that’s what I’ve decided, I’m getting fed up zooming into pages to read stuff

      • FAME® - April 26, 2014 at 9:36 pm #

        lol. but I think mangabird has the best quality scans of it

      • FAME® - April 26, 2014 at 9:42 pm #

        or what is mangafox.. hmm

      • Samuelle - April 26, 2014 at 9:42 pm #

        True, but I’m thinking of the future, like when I have a mortgage and can’t afford to do anything, I’ll have a tonne of books and DVDs to keep me entertained

      • FAME® - April 26, 2014 at 9:57 pm #

        My aunt just sold her mansion cause she sees no value in owning it 5 years from now. I might sell mine.. really is no value in owning a house, that’s just how I feel.

      • Samuelle - April 26, 2014 at 10:12 pm #

        I’ll give you a tenner for your place, seriously I can’t live in this tiny room any more

      • FAME® - April 26, 2014 at 10:20 pm #

        Tenner won’t make the bedroom tax. Tory administration sux..

      • Samuelle - April 26, 2014 at 10:24 pm #

        Fuck the Tory party

      • kakuzu - April 26, 2014 at 10:28 pm #

        Vote Ukip lol…

      • FAME® - April 26, 2014 at 10:38 pm #

        Fuck Ukip with a whale dick

      • kakuzu - April 26, 2014 at 10:52 pm #

        Ukip keeping Britain White. Jobs for the indigenous people.

        You’re a fully paid up member of the EUSSR propaganda machine.

      • FAME® - April 26, 2014 at 11:11 pm #

        Ukip = BNP 2.0

      • kakuzu - April 26, 2014 at 11:23 pm #

        Jumped-up racists

      • FAME® - April 26, 2014 at 11:36 pm #

        I’ve never voted.. not really a ‘chose the lesser of evils’ kind of guy.

      • Samuelle - April 27, 2014 at 8:09 am #

        Each party is as bad as the other. I think I would b better off voting for Dracula

  7. Rayzure - April 26, 2014 at 11:10 pm #

    Have y’all notced noticed how the so-called “flaws” of main characters in the big 3 and other popular shounen are the same? what does that tell you?

    • Titus - April 26, 2014 at 11:15 pm #

      Hmm, name a few.

      • Rayzure - April 26, 2014 at 11:19 pm #

        -nakama power-up

        -asspull power-ups

        -need help to complete their goals



        -lack of cool and restraint

      • Rayzure - April 26, 2014 at 11:22 pm #

        -would lose if not for “plot armor”

        -they are destined to

        -look sub-par compared to other their contemporaries/fellow occupational friends

      • Titus - April 26, 2014 at 11:25 pm #

        Don’t think 1 and 2 can actually be considered character flaws.

        3, Needing help to complete goals is usually a trait humans in general tend to share.

        Can agree with the last three, I guess. Those traits honestly make for a more appealing protagonist, though. In my opinion, at least.

        Understandable why they’re commonly used.

        But yeah, you have a point.

      • Titus - April 26, 2014 at 11:27 pm #

        Berserk is probably one of the only, if not the only series I’ve read that doesn’t follow any of these cliches.

      • Rayzure - April 26, 2014 at 11:31 pm #

        yeah not flaws, but folks hate main lead characters getting power without any “reasonable” explanation and yes, i too believe without those last three there’d be no substance to the various characters but some folks find it unrealistic, cheap and lazy way of going about developing lead characters.

      • Rayzure - April 26, 2014 at 11:32 pm #

        have yet to read but getting good vibes from those who have, could become a favorite of mine lol

    • MDre - April 27, 2014 at 12:28 am #

      most characters in shounen follow these formulas when making a character. but not all main characters wield these traits.

      for instance:

      Edward Elric, Ichigo kurosaki, and Toriko aren’t characters with stupidity. They are all above average, holding a well grasp of knowledge of the human world they reside in. If you were sent to another world, thats foreign to human knowledge, then you’re not going to know how things work there.

      Ichigo isn’t driven by a goal, he’s driven by a purpose to protect and help those in need.

      Toriko and Ichigo don’t have plot armor. They lose battles, go through depression, and learns from there loss.

      and they’res probably more example from other series I haven’t seen.

      and… one more thing

      @titus, Berserk is a seinen.

      • wealth fame power - April 27, 2014 at 11:21 am #

        Also Madara summoning a meteor like Fujitora and Gremmy:P

      • trafalgar law - April 27, 2014 at 3:57 pm #

        other way round fuji and gremmy summoning meteors like boss madara
        gremmy and fuji meteors are on the same level, fuji’s own is tiny in comparison

  8. Ho Lee Fuk - April 27, 2014 at 4:14 pm #

    Kingdom 377……why is everyone dying in this series?????

  9. Uchiha Itachi - April 27, 2014 at 4:59 pm #

    We don’t know who will be the final villain in Bleach…but the final quincy villain will be Juha obviously…now this guy, made every Shinigami he fought with look like a kid…plus he’s the father of all Quincy with all the supernatural powers…when other Quincy die, their ability and power goes back to him as it was his power they borrowed in the first place…now this guy’s already INSANELY powerful with his own abilities, plus he has Yamamoto’s Bankai (which was shown to be invincible while activated, no one can touch the wielder)…and now Quincy’s like Gremmy are dying(Imagination power) and what about Bazz-B, his fire rivals Yamamoto’s…so afterall these Quincy die…just how freakin Powerful is Juha gona be and how in heaven’s name are they gona beat him…am guessing Hōgyoku is gona play a part in Juha’s demise…as that thing made Aizen Immortal, they couldn’t kill him, had to seal him…so against a freak like Juha, only a freaky thing (Hōgyoku) would work…

  10. Uchiha - May 7, 2014 at 8:58 pm #

    The Highly Anticipated Exciting Love Story Continues! The Haitus is Offically over!!In commemoration for the new Arc,which will be even more important than prevoius ones,the whole story will be covered!

    The amount of words this story has,is about the same as the amount of backgroundless panels Bleach has.With that in mind,you know this story’s going to be long as hell.
    If these words were Souls,then even the Soul Society couldn’t handle all of them.

    I’m so thirsty for this girl that even the Atlantic Ocean couldn’t Quench me,and not because it’s salt water either.Even if it was than it still wouldn’t be enough!

    I want her.

    Question:What’s an Author who has no readers?

    Answer:A pathetic loser who waste his time telling a story.
    But if it’s for her then it’s worth it.

    I wonder if this sites going to ever get a background – i feel like i’m reading Bleach.Minus all the dailogue and lack of character designs.

    Also Naruto has influenced me to put in some flashbacks.

    Read below!!

    • Samuelle - May 7, 2014 at 9:06 pm #

      Hallelujah and not before time, can’t wait to see how this ends

    • Uchiha - May 7, 2014 at 9:12 pm #

      Damn didn’t think anyone would reply so soon.I want you guys to see something before reading.But it’s gonna be in moderation for ahwhile.

    • Uchiha - May 9, 2014 at 9:24 pm #

      This is from “The Story Of The Girl In Chemistry” January – May of last Year.After i reread the story i noticed that i didn’t mention somethings with as much detail as i should of and didn’t mention others.So i added some more details to the days that i covered and i added in a few more days that i never mentioned before.

      The Original posting of alot of this content was May 2013 about that semester. I combine all of what i said before and adding on aswell.Those comment were long and i wonder how long this will be once i post it.
      Anyways here’s the story.

      “The Story Of The Girl In Chemistry – The Super Deluxe Revised Complete Long Edition.”
      The Entire Chemestry days. “The Chemestry Class Saga”

      “The Girl In Chemestry that i like Arc”

      It all started in Chemstry class.

      Tuesday January 8th 2013,that day,was the first day of the 2nd Semester of 11th grade.I was nervous,so i didn’t start until the next day.In my School,we have 4 classes a day,the last class i had that Semester was Chemistry,where i would met her – the girl i like.I came in the class and sat in the first open place i saw – the first table/seat next to the door.After hanging out in their for a little while,more like a few minutes,my first impression was,”This is boring,there is no way i’m going to spend 1 hour and 30 minutes in here for 5 months.”Then i began to plan on switching classes.

      I first noticed her a couple weeks later,it was a rainy day, either Thursday January 31,or Friday Febuary 1.The Teacher had recently gave us assigned seats,which made things suck even more.Or so i thought,It turned out to be a blessing in disguise.Ms.Gilberts changed everyones seat,except Chemistry girl and her 3 friends who sat together at their own table.When she was about to,Chemistry girl asked if they could stay where they were at,she said that they are already a team.So Ms.Gilberts let them stay where they were.It was Chan,Josh – The Tall Guy who she’s close with and her best friend,Mercedes.The seat/table i was assigned to was the seat/table behind Chemistry girl.If the teacher didn’t assigned me to there then i wouldn’t have noticed her until later on.

      (Layout of the class – there was 6 octagon shaped tables that had a sink in the middle and stools (chairs) around them with 3-5 people on each table.)

      It was near the end of class,she walked over to the window which wasn’t far from me and looked outside,it was cloudy,the clouds were dark blue and they filled the sky,it was going to rain at any moment.She placed her hands in the air as she began to yawn and stretch.Her shirt lifted and i saw part of her petite waist and lower back,i thought,”Wow that’s nice!Or is it? I don’t know if she’s hot!”I’m near-sighted and i didn’t have glasses or contacts so i couldn’t see her face,well even if i could,at the time she had her back towards me anyway,and i never noticed her before, so that was really like the first time i ever saw her. That day,was when i first gained interest in her.

      Then Monday came – Feb 4th.

      Uchiha – February 4, 2013 at 7:54 pm #
      Today’s a pretty good day,just looked in the mirror,and i must say – i look pretty damn good. That plus i’ve seen my first official hot girl in class today. Finally something worth paying attention to around this damn place.

      Uchiha – February 4, 2013 at 8:00 pm #
      Infact if i was to stop typing and turn around right now then i would see her.So with that in mind,i’ll be turning around now.

      Shunshin No Shisui – February 4, 2013 at 8:04 pm #
      coool cool….maybe u should ask her out

      Uchiha – February 4, 2013 at 8:07 pm #
      I think she’s hot,i’m not really interested in going out with her,and i have more important things to focus on.

      Shunshin No Shisui – February 4, 2013 at 8:10 pm #
      duude,how the hell u gonna reach second base if u cant even reach first..quit making excuses

      Uchiha – February 4, 2013 at 8:21 pm #
      I’m okay with looking for now,and one of the important things that i’m focusing on is getting to a high-enough level to where i can go out with hot girls easily.

      Right now i’m not at that level yet.I have high standards, that’s one of the reasons i expect great things from myself. I have great Hidden Potential. Once, I Unlock that Hidden Power i will be able to make Epic Progress and be way closer to achieving my goals.

      I already have a plan,to how i will fulfill my dreams.

      That is what i felt then.I thought she was hot but i didn’t like her enough to want to go out with her.Then again,i barely saw her face for a couple seconds – lol.Once i got a better look at her my feelings changed.

      Friday February 8th.

      In between classes I went to the Media Center to check out a few Volumes of FMA, and then I rushed down the Hallway to class in order to get there on time.As I was almost at the top step, the bell rang, once I got to the top I turned down the Hall towards Chemistry Class. As I got closer I saw the Teacher standing outside the door with…Her. Apparently she was standing outside the class to stop everyone who came late, which, until I came, was just her. Once I arrived, they both noticed me, and she jokingly said too Ms Gilberts,” At least I got here when the bell rang”, with a lovely smile on her face. I didn’t notice how beautiful she was until then; she looked prettier than when I saw her on the fourth – I became nervous. Being that close to her for the first time ever I really felt that I liked her. I never felt this way before. The only time I’d seen Girls that I really liked were on TV or Online, This was the first time I saw one in person, right in front of me, a few inches away.This was the first time in which i have ever felt that i truly liked someone. It was Amazing – I treasure that Day.

      I could feel it,the attraction from us,between us,not just me feeling the powerful feeling of liking her,but from her – feeling like she likes me.I’m good at picking up things like this. I noticed,and i think Ms.Gilberts did too.She could see that we would make a good couple.

      I knew right then and there that this was the perfect time to talk to her. I could give her a compliment and ask her out.

      “Hey, (she turns to me, giving me her full attention) I didn’t notice how pretty you were until now,would you like to go out with me?”

      Then – both her and the Teacher look pleasantly surprised from this Epic Turn of Events.

      Or i would say

      “Hey, (she turns to me, giving me her full attention) I didn’t notice how pretty you were until now,my name is “Uchiha”,what’s yours? (wait for her to reply) Looks like i won’t be skipping this class.Nice to meet you.I hope we get to know each other.”

      Then – both her and the Teacher look pleasantly surprised from this Epic Turn of Events. What a Legendary First Impression that would of been, but I was too nervous to do would of been cool to do all of this,the first time we met,and talked,plus in front of Ms.Gilberts aswell.I passed a Great oppurtunity.I was too weak.

      That day was when I really started to like her. I began to work on myself so i could become stronger so i could go out with her.I wanted to overcome all my weaknesses- most notably my biggest weakness – my eyes.They’re weak.I’m near-sighted.I Have dry eyes,they itch,become red at times,and it feels like there’s something in them.When the wind touches them they become watery too.I’ve had this problem for years and it’s gotten in the way of absolutely everthing.Infact all my other weaknesses such as me underestimating myself occur because of them.Once i overcome my eye problems then nothing will be holding me back.I didn’twant to talk to her until i was stronger so i waited to make my move.

      Since that day,i planned on telling her that i liked her and asking her out.

      Febuary 20

      The day i got my computer.i bought a mini labtop from my friend for 16 dollars.he didn’t have the charger though,so i couldn’t use it until i got one.

      Friday Febuary 28

      Ms.Gilberts was standing outside the door again,this time she stopped and asked everyone,as they got to class ,if they had there homework,if so,she let them in.When i got there,there was about 5 people there waiting to get in,a few seconds later she appeared.She stopped and stood next to me,listened to what was going on and when she figured it out,she asked me if i could hold her water bottle.A few seconds later,she suddenly looked at me.This was the first time we ever made eye contact.She asked if i had it (the homework) ,and i said no,and she quickly turned away.Seconds later her friend,Mercedes, came and started talking to her.Then she noticed me and it was like she took value to my existence.Mercedes – from seeing that i was holding her friends bottle for her,she knew that we had talked,and she brightened up,and instantly became comftable with me.i could feel and see it.
      Interesting/nice. So alittle later,i handed the girl,her bottle back when she turned towards me.Everyone who didn’thave their work had to go to the empty classroom next door,which is super close to the Chemistry Class.So it was just me,a guy named “Dakota”(he’s the one who i got my computer from) and “Max”,The girl came in a few seconds later and looked through her bigass purse for her work,emptying out all the paper from it on the table behind us.A few seconds later once should found it she left.We hung out in there for a few minutes waiting for Ms.Gilberts.I decided to eat the banana and apple i had – that was a good time to do it.Max left class early the day before so he never got the homework assingment and was allowed back in class.To be honest i forgot what happened with Dakota,i think he just left on his own and went home or something.That’s something he would do.i was allowed back into class a few minutes after Max was,and i felt a warm feeling when i walked past her.

      It wasn’t until abit later while i was doing research on girls when i read this article from wikihow,the place i go to for information,called “How to ask a girl out” – “Observe how she looks at you. If she likes you, she will either hold your gaze for a long time or pull away immediately. Either of these signs could mean that she likes you.”

      That reassured me that she likes me.

      March 22nd

      It was a Friday,i think it was “Junior Senior Skip day.” Only a few people came to class including Me,who wasn’t gonna miss a precoius day in school where i could potentially see Chemistry girl,infact i think i only missed 1 day of chemistry that semester, which was the first day,Richard said had to come to school everyday,and Mercedes said she only came because she knew the Ms.Gilbert would give out work on a day where she thought everyone would be out.I felt that she was just making that up.
      Anyways Ms.Gilberts tried to call my Mom because my grade sucks,but couldn’t because the number was off – although she didn’t know that,She tried to get a number from me but i told her that i didn’t know any,so she had Mercedes take my to the “front desk”,or whatever it’s called,infront of the school next to the Main Office so she could get a number from the person there from the Schools computer system or whatever.I knew no numbers would work and even if they did,i wouldnt get in trouble – no worries.But i thought it was weird that she had someone escort me there.Why?To make sure i don’t run off,and not go their at all? that’s reasonable.

      I knew this was a great chance to connect with Mercedes.So i could get closer to chemistry girl.I was Genuinely interested in her too since she was chemestry’s girls friend so she had to be a good person.As we were walking down the hall she asked me why Ms G wanted to call my mom and i told her and she replied in a caring,sweet,way,i could see it in her eyes.that she cared for me. i knew that she must of known that her friend,Chemitsry Girl,likes me.And that she would tell her about what happened when they talked later.

      another good reason to make a good impression on her.i knew that after hearing my cool voice,and hanging with me alittle she could see why chemistry girl likes me.

      April 18

      Class was fun that day,there was a Geust Speaker,who talked the whole period,it was interesting,plus we didn’t have to do any work so that was a bonus.Not like i’d do it anyway,but it was nice not having to copy Richard later.The Guest Speaker sat right in front of her,at her table with her friends.He asked everyone,one on one what their name was and what they wanted to do after HighSchool.Everyone was quite while each person said what they wanted to be.Chmeistry Girl was one of the first to answer,she said she wanted to be a Actress,and Nurse. Cool,i wouldn’t mind watching her on Tv/having her tend to my wounds.

      Near the end he was about to move on but some kid mentioned that he forgot to ask two people (me and a girl next to me), Damn, Right when i thought i was in the clear this guy has to piont that out.I was hoping he would skip over me,shewas at the table right in front of me and the Guest Speaker was there aswell facing towards the front of her,whereas i was in the table behind her facing her back.She was blocking his view so i figured he wouldn’t notice me.And he didn’t,until that guy had to piont it out!!
      My friend at the other table called out my name to make me more nervous.Then i came up with a great idea.After i asked him what i should say,he told me i should tell him i want to be an Astonaut.A few seconds later the Guest Speaker began to ask me, then as all the attention went to me i said “She can go first” and he smiled and said, “Okay,Lady’s first”.While she was talking i was thinking whether or not i should say the good idea that i thought. He got to me last,it was pretty intense/fun/cool/nerve racking. I was pretty nervous and didn’t say my good idea – i was going to Say,”My name is ______ and i want to be a PornStar!” She,who was right in front me,turned her head and looked at me,as i was talking,which completely threw me off.I became even more nervous and instead i told him that i didn’t know what i wanted to be yet.

      I missed out on another great oppurtunity.

      Uchiha – April 19, 2013 at 8:44 pm #
      Chemistry was good today,right when i was feeling down,she came and brought me back up.When i first got in i was in a alright mood because most of the day was suckish,then i see her putting on her guy friends jacket like she did yesterday,because it’s pretty cold.I have to admit,even an All Powerful Handsome Elite Uchiha such as myself got alittle jealous,but i know they’re just friends,besides he’s way taller than she is,i’m the perfect height for her.As i put my head down,feeling once again,how much stronger i need to get for her,i noticed her turn around,then she came over to me,looking ever so pretty,smiling while looking at me fondly,saying in a sweet voice,one that i have not heard her use with anyone else before,”Do you have some paper?” I already had 2 sheets out,that i had just found next to me,1 was written on so i handed her the one that was blank.She asked if that was my only one(She was wondering whether i would have some paper for myself – so kind),and i said “No,i have some more” as i took off my backpack,opened my binder and gave her some more.She said “Thank You.”The way she talked and looked at me,so Beautiful,i could tell that she wanted more than just paper from me.~__~ “Right when i was felling down she came and brought me back up” (It’s a figure of speech) This completely streghthened my resolve for her,i’m going to ask her out – 35 days left til the last day – it’ll be better to ask her before then so we can hang out in School.So if the perfect time arises before then,then i’ll ask.I bet she’s going to make the first move and you know what – i’ll be ready.She probably got more interested in me yesterday,when i was talking with the Guest Speaker – she looked directly at me so their’s no doubt that she realized how Handsome i am.

      That day was great.Another thing that i noticed was that the girl who sat next to me noticed the way Chemistry Girl was talking to me,She could tell that it was different from the way she talks to others normally,So she looked up at her with this puzzled/surprise look and chemistry girl said,”what chu looking at?” In a joking way.She literally said “Chu” instead of “You” – that was cute.
      From my days in Chemistry,i found out that almost everyone in their knew each other before they had this class,.they either were at this Highschool since 9th grade or was at the prevoius Middle School together and maybe even elementary.

      Richard was right behind me on the classroom computer as always playing games online.that’s the same Computer that i used to talk on MangaSpoiler before,like i on Febuary 4th when i made those comments above.Anyways,i bet he noticed something.

      All this happened while she was wearing the tall guys hoodie again for the second day in a row,which was way big on her.My jacket would be a good fit for her.It would cover her more then his would It wasn’t too big like his was.Damn,if only i was closer to her.One day she will be wearing my jacket,when that day comes i will be a really happy guy.The next day i made sure my jacket was clean, for her.i figured she thought that my jacket would be a better fit than that guys,and may ask if she could wear mines but when she came to class she was wearing her own jacket.Damn.

      “Telling Her That I Like Her Arc”

      Monday April 29

      Uchiha – April 29, 2013 at 8:20 pm #
      It’s almost time to say my farewells.

      MmmSaviorPandaGodRemix – April 29, 2013 at 8:24 pm #
      For how long?

      Uchiha – April 29, 2013 at 8:46 pm #
      I don’t know.I have no doubt that i’m taking a break though.This site is too distracting.For someone who deosn’t have a computer of his own (wellatleast til 2 months ago – still don’t have internet connection),i’ve been on this site far too much.Well even if i had my own computer and stuff,i still spent way too much time here.
      it’s better that i leave, so i can stay 100 percent focus on my goals – the girl.She looked so hot today,yet i still didn’t have the resolve to go up and talk to her.I’m weak.I need to become way stronger,very quickly,in a short amount of time.That’s exactly what i’m going to do.There’s 25 days left (including today) i will do this.No more wasting time.I’m going to do things differently.Be Smarter than i was before.I will get the girl.

      Monday May 6

      When I first got in, I felt a mix of emotions, I felt that I had overestimated myself and underestimated the situation, thinking that I would be ready for her. I began to feel weak again, then a few seconds later I thought, “Damn, I’m doing it again! I’m underestimating myself! I can’t allow this to happen anymore! F**k it, I will be ready!”

      like last Monday, today, she looked damn good. Nice long hair (the longest it’s ever been) , short long sleeved, Dark blue Shirt that geos right above her waist, fitting perfectly to match her petite figure, showing it off, along with her blue jeans. The way she looked from behind (from my view, I sit behind her); the way she sat was great. Her petite body above and as you go look down you see the curves of her hips – nice. The well fitting clothes, and body, it all went together. I overheard her talking and apparently she’s got a Job at Wendy’s for the summer. I don’t eat from Fast Food places, but if I do, I know where I’ll be going.

      Since then (February 8th) I’ve been planning on becoming better so I could get to the level to where I could ask her out. Right now i should be ready but just like always I completely underestimated myself and didn’t make the progress that i wanted. Now there’s way less time and I have a lot of work to do. Can’t change the past, the best thing to do is learn from your mistakes and make sure they don’t happen again. This time I will do better! . I like this. This is a Incredible Challenge! I know I can do it, but will i!? Will I have the Courage to when the time comes!?

      If it wasn’t for her, then School would be way less interesting. I may fail Chemistry, but it’s worth going everyday to see her. I knew I needed to strengthen my resolve. As of now I’m too weak. The last day of School is the 23rd, by then I want to gain the Confidence to ask her out.

      I bet She’s Interested in me – I can feel it. We’re at the age where we really want to be with someone more than we even know! Once we see someone who we really like, are close to them, and talking, then we’ll see. I sure as hell do. I’m a Handsome, cool, smart, powerful, young lad, I know once I talk to her she’ll feel the things I just described even more than she already has. She’s probably never had a guy randomly walk up to her, with no prior conversation, tell her how he feels about her, and ask her out. That’s exactly what I’m going to do!

      My plan is too, at the right moment, walk up to her, tell her she’s pretty, and ask her out! Unexpected, surprising, and completely Epic! Wish me Luck!! 16 days left (including Today) Will I do this!? Find out later!

      There were times when i saw her look at me,some in chemistry and some in the cafeteria – in Chemestry i sat at the table behind her so she didn’t see me as much but there were times when she had a chance to look at me.Whether they were small or big.Like when she got up,and walked around the classroom.We also had the same lunch time and we always sat in the same places – i noticed her look at me at times.I’m always one of the first people to get their lunches,so i sit down first aswell.Where i sit,everyone walks past,so i’m sure she’s seen me there.
      Sometime in early May i was at my table and she walks by,close to where i was at,she had both hands in her back pockets as she walked,and looked really nice,i was sitting at the top of the table closest to where everyone walks by.She had to had seen me.And She wanted me to see her. I know it.
      Later on she was at her table with her group of friends,at that time most of the people had gotten their lunch but there was still a few in line.She headed towards the line and as she got infront of where i was sitting she turned around and went back to her friends.Shes wasn’t super close to me but she was noticably ahead of me – there was noone around her walking over to the line,but even if there was,ofcourse i would still have noticed her.
      “it was like she was saying,”look at me i’m Beautiful,notice me and make a move already!”
      Indeed you are,and indeed i will and will continue to do.
      She was hanging out with her friends,by then everyone who eats school lunch had their food.Instead of sitting down she was standing up and i felt that she was looking at me,i coudn’t tell because i’m near-sighted,but i could see that she was facing my direction.That plus based on what happened before i knew she was looking at me.

      May 9

      I could tell that Mercedes and the Tall Guy knew that Chemistry girl likes me,and Chan may know aswell.We had to work with the people at our table on a project and present it in front of the class.that made me nervous,but i knew that was a good chance to make a good impression on her.When my group’s turn came richard read first and then passed the paper to i began to read,i misread a word,and richard corrected me,and i said,”it’s your handwritting.” which got a few laughs,i think Chemestry girl laughed alittle.It’s well known that Richard’s handwritting is sucks.So me pionting that out was good.Anyways as i continued to read,i heard chemistry girl say,in a happy,pleased,surprised way,”He sounds like a nerd!”
      I didn’t see that coming.I continued to read,as if that didn’t happen.It was the way she said it that was nice.The class was quiet and i wouldn’t be surpised if like everyone had heard her.If she said it in a unpleasant way then i would of been devastated,But she sounded excited and sweet when she said it which brought warmth to my heart.Mercedes,Josh,and Chan was there so i knew they could tell that Chemistry girl likes me.they probably already knew beforehand.

      May 9

      I’ve concluded that there’s no way I’m going to be on the level I want to be on by the 23rd, the last day, but I’m making my move anyway. I have a new plan.

      I’ll wait for the right moment, and talk to her when we’re alone, no distractions, just us, like after class before she leaves, or in the hallway afterwards. I’m an idiot for not noticing this sooner – she’s usually one of the last people to leave and. She stays after school, (as do I) and walks a similar way through the school as me. So if I don’t talk to her in class then, I’ll walk the same way she does and when we’re alone, talk to her. Other people being around will be a distraction; I want her full attention so she can give me her true answer without any influence from others. This is easy to do, Chemistry is the last class of the day, so after class, I’ll walk up to her.

      “Hey, I was too nervous to say this before – I think you’re pretty. (Wait for her response) I have a question for you. If I asked you out, would you say yes?”

      I’m not ready to date her, so I’m not going to ask her out yet. I will ask her, “If I were to ask you out now, would you say yes?” to find out if she would, and if (when), she says yes, I’ll ask her out later on when I’m ready. I’ll do that if she says no as well. That way, she’ll know that I’m interested and I’ll know, (even more) that she is.

      Of course, this epic development may be too sudden for her, so I’ll give her some time to think it over. It should only take her a few seconds to say yes, while giving me one of those lovely smiles of hers, as she looks upon me fondly like she has before, in excitement. Then based on that, I’ll plan my next move.


      I’m working towards this now. Seeing her everyday strengthens my resolve – I have no doubt. This maybe the first girl I ever ask out.

      Thursday May 16

      1 week of School.Ms.Gilberts was leaving early in the class period.So she sent us out to different classes.She literally arranged us to go to certain classes,she calledus by namesand todus where to go. I was hoping on being sent to where she was sent and richard soi could copy his work.That didn’t happen.they were both sent off to different places,so i was thinking about leaving School and going to the Library.But i had a feeling that i should stay so i did.I asked Max,another smart guy besides Richard,if he knew where Richard went,and he said no,and i asked him where he was sent to and his said,Mr.Roberts class,so i went with him there.As we got to the class,and waited to go in,(the door was locked sowe ated forsoeone inside to open it)i saw Chemstry Girl across the hallway looking at us.I thought,”Cool,she was looking at me.And she knows that i’ll be in here so hopefully she comes to.”

      I sat in the class for a few minutes bored,planned on leaving,thinking i could leave !School,go to the Library and then go home.But i didn’t want to walk that far and that much.Plus there was only 1 week of School left – i didn’t want to miss any school time.I decided to ask Mr.Roberts if i could go into the Media Center.i figured that if i couldn’t go in forsoe reason then i would leave school and go to the library. He said that he was busy and would right me a pass in a few minutes.I waited about 15 minutes to ask him again,and he finally gave me a pass,so i went.When i got there,there was already a class of kids in there.Only 1 computer was open so i sat there,and the Librarian pretty much told me to get out….I didn’t feel like going all the way to the Library,or missing School time,and Chemistry Girl might be there aswell so i decided to go back to class.

      When i got back,she wasn’t there.Damn.a few minutes later though,her 2 friends,her tall guy friend and Mer,were there,so i thought that if they were then she would come.That brought up the chances of her coming.A few minutes later,and there she was!Glad i stayed,she talked to a few people,and i noticed her looking at me a few times.i copied Max’s work and she sat on top of a table,at a good spot where she could see me – nice.My resolved for her increased.Later she sat at the top of the class at a table with only two chairs and put her head down.I was surprised – everyone else was talking and so was she a few minutes ago.Now there she was,with her head down on the desk.then she sat up,”i thought to myself if she puts her head down again then i’ll fall in love.”

      A few seconds later – she did.So’s nice.I felt it.I felt that i could just go up to her and talk to her,tell her that i liked her.I was ready.But i didn’t.there was 1 week lefted until the last day of school,i knew i had plenty of time and felt a better oppurtunity would arise.This day lead right to it.

      Friday May 17

      We had a Substitute and Chemestry Girl wasn’t there that day so it was pretty boring.While i was on the computer i could here some of the others talking.Mostly Mercedes,they were looking at a yearbook from there old middle school.That’s when i had a thought,”This is a chance to see what she looked like back then.”So i waited for a time where noone was paying attention so i could look.

      Mercedes and the others were talking about people they remembered from back then and stuff and Mercedes mentioned how some kid said to Chemestry girl that she was ugly,and i’m not sure if it was before she said that or after but someone else said that thy should look at her picture,and when they got to it,Mercedes said,”We all had ours days when we didn’t look so good” or something like that.That made me even more curious.

      At the end of class when everyone left i saw the book, i decided to bring it home so i could see if she her picture,and i was also curoius about how many of the people who go to our highschool went to that middle school.Now was the perfect chance to find out.On the inside cover i saw a name on it.It was Max!!It was his yearbook,so chemestry girl is defintely in here!When i got home i carefully looked over the whole book,even at fodders who i have never seen,then near the end of the book when i got to the 8th grade spot.I saw her name on the side so i knew she was on that page – i carefully,nerously,went to look at her picture.


      She looks way better now.The Flower is blossoming.She’s Beautiful now and will become even more so.She looked okay then but i was surprised to see that was her.


      I never did bring that yearbook back like i planned.


      Monday May 20

      just three days before the last day of School.I got a haircut a couple days earlier,which threw me off cause it was cut to short.So my confidence wasn’t as high.A few people said that my haircut looks nice,i appreciated their comments but i wanted to feel it myself.At lunch,as always i finished eating and headed to the Media Center to get online.Once i got up and was putting my tray into the trash can i heard some girl say,”he finally cut his hair!” ,It was one of chemistry girls friends.I felt it even more,”Chemistry girl likes me! “And That was the moment where i knew – Chemistry Girls friends,the ones that i don’t know who are’nt in our Chemstry Class know that she likes me. ——– Cool.

      May 21

      The perfect time that i was waiting for came. Here we are in class, listening to the the Teacher go over some review for our Final Exam,which is on the last day of School,Thursday,2 days from now. Afterwards w watched a Movie,the one with Denzel Washington with the plane. We started off at the part where we left off yesterday,where Denzel’s Character was about to give the Woman the D. She wanted the D.It turns out that the movie skipped past that part and we didn’t get to see anything,that’s funny considering the how yesterday when we got to that part the Teacher stopped the movie as if it was.

      I should of known that we wouldn’t see him give her the D. there they were,she down below by his knee’s while he was sitting back on the sofa in a dimly lit room, looking like she was about too….

      Anyways,me and my friend richard,switched seats,he sits to the right of me,so when he got up i sat there.What a surprisingly nice view.Got to see the Chemistry Girl from a different angle – nice. I should of did this way sooner. Anyways after we played with the sink ,turning the water on and off,flicking the water at each other,and the unattractive kinda fat/chubby nerdy girl who sits at our table,to the left of me,then Chemistry Girl got up, turned around in my direction and walked past me. When she first turned around i was able to get a good look at her.And she looked surprised – probably from seeing me in Richard’s seat.Think,she turns around to where Richard sits and insteads sees m,the guy she likes, sitting there.

      She went to plug her phone in the outlet,then sat back in her seat. Her whole body language change,she put her head on the cart next to her,instead of on the table like she did before,which lifted her shirt up in the back revealing her nice skin – awesome.She changed her seating positions a few times, the way her butt was on that chair,the way her legs were – damn. Then she went to the bathroom. probably to checked the mirrior to see how she looks,when she came back she sat in more hot positions, she moved hers legs up and down rapidly while sitting.In a tapping way.But the way she sat ….i wanted to chair.

      probably nervous,thinking about whether she should make a move.At this piont i’m not depending or expecting her to make a move like i was hoping she would.If she’s interested then she must be too nervous to talk to me thinking that i may not like her – little deos she know. I’m Bananas for her. So i’ll do everything myself.

      “To gain the Initiative in war,First take away your enemy’s Mobility,and whenever possible,use the element of surpise.”

      – Roy Mustang

      That’s what i’ll do. She probably won’t expect me to randomly walk up and talk to her,which is what she’s hoping i’ll do,and what i’m hoping she’ll do – but i will. Which leads me to when the perfect moment that i mentioned in the begining – i’ll get to that soon.

      At the end of class,alittle after the guy who sat next to me (the one i mentioned earlier – Richard) left,she went to get her phone,when she past me and got to the plug,she turned around and said, “Who got up and got my phone?” Another Classmate said, “Are you seroius?” And suggested that the Teacher took it. i actually got nervous, as nobody was saying they had it,and since i was close to where she put it people may think that i took it,then the guy who just sat in the chair my friend sat in before he left a few minutes earlier said that the Teacher had it in her pocket.


      Yeah the Teacher had it in her pocket,and didn’t say Schitt, the whole time. probably watching to see how everyone would react and stuff, nicely played.

      After the bell rang,i went to the bathroom,down the steps,turned the corner,and there she was,standing there smiling.She wasn’t looking in my direction but i know she could see me. She may have been waiting for me,expecting me to walk by,and i did…..i just walked by her without saying anyway…..

      I was thinking she was gonna go down a different hallway,instead of the way she normally geos and talk to her friends or something. I thought that was why she was standing there.So i just walked past her. As i walked down the hallway,turned the corner and begain to walk down the next hallway,i was hoping she would walk this way too.

      Then, as i was walking up the hallway, some guy staff person who was walking in my direction said, “Where are y’all going”. He sounded pretty mad. My eyesight sucks so when i looked towards him i couldn’t see whether he was looking at me or not,(i’m nearsighted) but i figured he wasn’t talking to me cause i was the only one coming up the hallway,so he must of been talking to the kids that were nearest towards him. Then he asked again,then again, sounding madder each time and said “Can you hear me talking to you?” this time he got an answer,not from me, but from her, the chemistry girl.

      I was surprised to hear that she was behind me, she said “To the Front”,as in the front of the school. So at that moment i figured, “Oh he was talking to me! Funny how i ignored him and she answered!” Once he got close to me i pionted up the hallway to let him know where i was going – which was friggin obvoius in the first place. I suddenly had a great idea! I could go talk to her! This is the moment i’ve been waiting for!

      “I’ll wait for the right moment, and talk to her when we’re alone, no distractions, just us, like after class before she leaves, or in the hallway afterwards. I’m an idiot for not noticing this sooner – she’s usually one of the last people to leave and. She stays after school, (as do I) and walks a similar way through the school as me. So if I don’t talk to her in class then, I’ll walk the same way she does and when we’re alone, talk to her. Other people being around will be a distraction; I want her full attention so she can give me her true answer without any influence from others. This is easy to do, Chemistry is the last class of the day, so after class, I’ll walk up to her.”

      I instantly came up with an idea,First i could turn around,walk to her and say,”You could of ignored him you know,he sounded pretty mad already,so i was curois to see how mad he would get if i ignored him”, Then i could mention her phone, ” You really thought someone stole your phone? if i took it, i would put my number in it then put it back where i found it so you could call me later.”

      Instead i just walked up the hallway,without making a move – weak.

      I wanted this to happen but i wasn’t completely expecting it to actually happen,and when it did it took me by total surpise. I did come up with a plan of action,not actually as detailed as i said above but it was similar – i was to nervous to do it. it’s that “heat of the moment” type stuff -Damn.

      I thought it would be easier.

      I went to the water fountain, and while i was drinking water, i thought up a new plan,while getting ready to do it.

      “in a few seconds i’ll go outside.If i see her their then i’ll talk to her.” I felt it, i knew i would do it.Then i got outside and there was quite the amount of people and more importantly,as always, there was my eyes. As soon as i got outside,the heat totally threw me off,and instantly i knew wasn’t going to do it. It usually takes a few minutes for my eyes to adjust to a new enviroment so the initial transition outside sucked.

      Now that i think about, i could of waited abit until they adapted to the enviroment,to the change of the Atmosphere,then did it.

      I didn’t see her anyways…

      2 days left,these experiences were Epic. In class when she first turn around and saw me,i could feel the attraction,then the way she sat in that chair – i wanted to be that chair. it renewed my spirit and i regained that all exciting kickass feeling that i love. With this, i’ll become stronger NOW,and talk to her tomorow! if the oppurtunity deosn’t asrise,then i’ll do ti thursday, if i deosn’t arise then then i make it my Fucking self.

      It’ll suck if after all this time i end up doing nothing. Either way, i plan on becoming alot better over the summer.The plan is to tell her she’s pretty,ask for her number,train like crazy,when i’m ready,call her,meet up somewhere,and ask her out in person. May get as far as giving her the D by the end of Summer. I’d prefer to get to know her first.

      When i talk to her, this will be a Courageous Victory of the Legend Known as ME

      I was originally thinking/hoping she would make a move first and before the last day,but i’ll do everything myself,and catch her by surpise.

      “He Who Moves First,Always Wins”

      – L

      That’s exactly what i’m going to do. I’ll tell you how it geos.

      May 23rd

      “He who moves first, always wins”


      “To gain the initiative in war, first take way your enemy’s mobility. And whenever possible, use the element of surprise.”

      -Roy Mustang

      “A Soldier who strikes fast strikes first, it means you have to gain the initiative to achieve a quick victory.”

      -Roy Mustang

      This is what I followed.

      Plan – Walk up to her, tell her that I like her, get her number/give her mines.

      First I will gain the initiative/courage to go up to her. As I said before, at this point I’m not depending/hoping she’ll talk to me, I’ll do things myself. By talking to her in the first place I will have the advantage of the Element of Surprise,she wouldn’t expect me to randomly walk up and talk to her. I’ll have control of things and I’d lead the conversation in the way I want thus having the mobility. All of this would happen quickly as I will achieve my victory. I’ll make the first Move,do what i just said and Thus attain an Epic Win.

      That’s what I thought…

      Yesterday Was the Final Day of School, My last chance to do this. I didn’t see her all day, but I figured she would be in School cause we had Final Exams In Chemistry which was the last Class of the day. I was hoping to see her then. I thought about it all day, well when I was thinking about other things. I thought “It would suck if after all this time I end up doing nothing. But it’s a relief if she’s not here, cause then I wouldn’t have to plan anymore about this like I have. I prefer for her to be here though would rather her to be here and me failing to do anything then her not being here and not even have a chance to fail lol, like on Tuesday.”

      Yesterday I found out that i got a 90 on my World History EOCT (End Of Course Test) – F**king Genius. That brought my spirits up, now there i was the very next day, in the same class, thinking about the next class – would I do this or not? Will i tell her how i feel and have a Courageous Victory? Or will i fail to do anything and have to live with the results throughout the whole summer? “If she’s here then I’ll do this! I’m ready”.

      Bell rings, go to water fountain, then down the hallway, up the stairs, down the hallway past Chemistry, to the bathroom, look in the mirror, then to class. Wait for everyone to get there. One by one people came in – except her …she wasn’t there…. I felt a big relief, with an empty feeling inside. I thought “Wow so that’s how it ends?”


      Then 5 minutes later she came. And as she sat down she looked over at me quickly.It was like she wanted to see me one before school ended and like she was letting me know to make my move. That reassured my spirit.I literally said “Thank God” Now I can do this! As expected, the Final Exams was gonna take the whole class period. I’d planned for this. Based on all my knowledge of Chemistry Class I had gathered over these past few months i knew exactly what to expect. When we take test, she’s always like the last person to finish, as she makes sure that she answers every question right. I don’t really care or know anything at all so i just guess on every answer, thank god for multiple choice test. The test would take the whole class time, and today they would release us 15 minutes early class by class. I knew this ahead of time, and planned things accordingly.

      We took the test on a thing called “Student Clickers”, it would bring up a number to a question in a completely random order and you just put in whatever answer you think it is. The questions were in a packet, so for example, If the clicker brought you to the answer chioces “A,B,C,Or D” for question 6,then you look at the question for number 6 in your packet and put your answer in the clicker. That made things hard for you to, 1)cheat and 2)know how many questions you have left, considering you weren’t answering them in order.

      My plan was to guess on every answer as usual but not turn in my test until she did, which would be at the end of the period. So i sat there, answered some questions every now and then, stopped to plan things out again and strengthen my resolve, chilled, watched the class, guess answers every now and then, told my friend next to me,

      “The Force is Strong within you.” And “Use the Force”

      – Star Wars

      I accidentally finished early but I sat there and acted like I was still working. I finished in 29 minutes and 10 seconds, according to the clicker, and answered 25 out of 73 questions correctly, I literally laughed at that. According to a classmate, “I shouldn’t be laughing at that” and according to another one, I got a 34. I knew I was going to fail the class, so as usual I didn’t care about the test. Hahaha

      Then the time came, IT WAS TIME TO GO. The time went by faster than I thought Since it was the Last day, the bell didn’t ring or anything they just started to release people. When they came to my class, some people were still working including her, and some people went to turn in the test – I was one of those people. I remained calm,I stayed in class instead of leaving as other people were. I knew I had to get this done. I still had a chance, her and a few other people were still there taking the test and there was still 10-15 minutes left of class. Which the Teacher let them use to finish. So I’ll just wait until she gets done and talk to her then.

      There were a few people left, including me.

      So I just went around and talked to a few other classmates. One who was done and was hanging around listening to music. After I talked to her I went to another table where 2 people still doing the test. The teacher had called my name to let me know to leave! Damn! Despite that I remained calm and stayed. I knew I had to do this. Then I talked to Max, told him he should guess like I did and stuff so he wouldn’t missed his bus. At that point, the girl I was just talking to left, now there was 4 people left, Me, Max, Jazilyn, and The Chemistry Girl. The Whole time I was talking to him I felt super nervous,not in a bad way but nervous excitement, I knew this was my last chance! I thought, “ I have to do this!”

      Then, Max Finished,and the chemistry girl did aswell she stood up and right then I knew this was it! The time has Finally come, The Gods are watching me, they have been guiding me to this very moment. As I’ve literally asked them to give me this very chance. But I couldn’t do it…I’m too weak. I just walked out and went home…..yeah fucking right!

      Damn, so much for my amazing accurate memory. For one of the very first times, I don’t remember exactly everything that happened. It was somewhat longer but This is very close though.

      Instantly without even thinking about it I turned and went up to her,

      Me:“Hey Can I talk to you for a minute?”
      Her:”About what”
      Me:”I have something to tell you.”
      I turn to look in her eyes.
      Me:”I like you.”
      She smiles and looks surprised.
      Her:”Thank God”

      She just finished the test and at the end it shows how much you got correctly so I couldn’t tell whether she was saying that about the test or about me. I think it was both, as she said something about having a 78 (in the class) so this should bring her grade up, then she said,

      Her:”How come you didn’t tell me this sooner”
      Me:”I was too nervous”
      Me:”Can I have your number?”
      Her:”Well, I don’t know”

      I was ready for this

      I reached in my pocket to pull out a slip of paper.

      Me:”Well,Here’s my Friends Number,you can call him to talk to me cause I don’t’ actually have a phone.”
      Her:”okay,I’ll be here next year”
      Me:”I’ll be here next year too”

      Teacher comes back in the class,and ask her if she rides the bus,she tells her that she drives then the teacher says,” Do me a favor, put these clickers in order. I ask her (the teacher) if she wants me to put the chairs up (which we do everyday at the end of class,but no one did today). She looks surprised and says “well, sure that would be nice.”

      As I get done putting the chairs up,I walk up to her and say,

      Me:”You said you Drive?”
      Me:”Can you drive me Home? I don’t feel like walking.”
      Her:”Where do you live”
      Me: “ Leisure Valley,do you know where it is?”

      (As she finishes)
      Her:”Well ,I gotta go to work”
      (as she’s walking out the class)
      Her:”I’ll see you next year.”
      Me:”Okay, Make sure you call!”

      This is how I felt.
      Buttom panel and next page

      *Light Yagami Laugh* Hahahahahaha That’s right, I did it

      After that , I left,my teacher thanked me for putting the chairs up.I went to the bathroom,then out the front. There were way more people outside then usual,noticed some cute girls too,Surprisingly .I felt as if I could just go up to any of them and talk to them, but I like the Chemistry Girl. I’m dedicated to this chick.

      – Uchiha the Kickass Kid.


      I won,just as planned.

      It went how I thought it would. Hell you could look back and reread on Tuesday,I figured that she might not give number so after I came here and posted my plans I went to my friends house, to set them in motion, and asked him for his number. The funny thing is, I never planned on calling him. I knew I would give her his number and she would call him to talk to me. What’s even funnier is that I, on purpose, didn’t tell him that I would be giving her his number. So when she calls he’ll be hella surprised.

      I accomplished my goal, theirs Nice weather, and with all this, I was excited about the upcoming days. I have things planned out ofcourse . As I was walking up the street I saw a friend,jogged to catch up to him. He said he was going for a walk, I was planning on going home but decided to walk with him.As we headed up the street, I thought “Hey this is a good time to find another way to get to the library.” I always knew there was another way to get to the library around here,but I was to stupid to find out until then.

      I told him about my Epic Development with the Girl and asked him if he knew where the library was fom here.he gave me some directions but as I got up the street things looked very familiar and I knew I would find my way without it – and I did. It was easier than I thought,infact I got to the library from school faster than I ever did even though I walked most of the way. I truly am an idiot at times.

      I’ve decided that from yesterday on forward I was going to be way better than I was before. Talking to her was so easy. I’ve been an idiot, I’ve underestimated myself and overestimated everything else. All that’s changed.

      Now for the Summer And the Upcoming School Year – ^__^ Shall I tell you my plans? Yes. Now? No this post is long enough. I’m done typing . ~__~

      I’ve decided to type some more.

      Great way to end the School Year and Begin the Summer. This was the first time I EVER told a girl I like her. Perfect time to do it too. As I said before I’m not ready to date her but I want to tell her how I feel and I did. Now I have a lot of time to become stronger and get ready for everything. Now that she knows I like her, I’ve caught her complete interest. She’ll be thinking about me throughout the whole summer. And by the time she sees my again. I’ll be a lot better

      “The Story Of The Girl In Chemestry” “The Chemestry Class Saga”
      – End

      (amount of words 9,552 accoding to Microsoft word)

  11. Uchiha - May 7, 2014 at 9:13 pm #

    Story Promotions!!
    Before i post the new Story i encourage you readers to read the these 3 promotions i did awhile back.It was fun typing them and it’s a good lead-in to the new Arcs.

    Story Promotion #1

    • Uchiha - May 7, 2014 at 9:14 pm #

      Story promotion #2

      Story Promotion #3
      Uchiha – January 7, 2014 at 12:45 am #
      R’hllor – December 31, 2013 at 7:55 am #
      I thank you for your advice, but i think Bleach will be the last manga I’ll read in my life.. it wasn’t worth the bargain waiting years for this.
      Also, I think I’m more into much more developed and better written stories in books than manga and movies, despite I like some elements here and there..
      @Guy with weird username
      I recommend reading “The Story Of The Girl In Chemistry” It’s well written,and based on true events.It’s about a guy and the girl he likes.You can feel the passion and love that the author put into the story.The author is also the main character.He’s telling the story of himself and the girl he likes in his Chemistry class.
      it’s Fun – The creativity,details,storytelling,characters, are great – the Author is some sort of Genuis.When you’re reading you can’t help but enjoy yourself and hope that the main character accomplishes his goal.You’ll be thinking,”What will happen next”,whilst paying attention to each and every word you read.
      This is one of my favorites stories.

  12. Uchiha - May 7, 2014 at 9:17 pm #

    “The Story Of Me And The Girl I Like – Super Deluxe Revised Complete Long Edition/The Fully Updated version Part 2 of 2”

    March 14

    I found a picture online that was either her,or a girl who looks very similar to her.I thought i would confirm it when i went back to school and saw her in person.

    April 4

    Saw a friend for the first time in a year,already talked about this.

    April 14

    I thought i would go back to school this day,but i didn’t – i still felt so weak.

    I put the picture on one of my flashdrives and went to My friends house and asked him to look at the picture and tell me if she looks familar,i told him that i think i seen her in school before,and want him to let me know if he knows her.I pretty much had to convince him to do it and give him 10 dollars,because he kept making excuses for not wanting to do it (his conputer would take 5 minutes to come on and he’s tired,plus he was talking to his girlfriend on the phone but stopped because i rang the doorbell)and kept asking why i wanted to know etc.

    So we went into his house and when he saw the picture,i asked,”deos she look familiar?”Right away he said yes,and when i asked for her name he said,”Marlisa”(I guess thats how you spell it).So she wasnt the girl that i thought she was…..most likely.I asked him when was the last time he saw her and he said a month ago.He also told me she was in 11th grade.That made me think she wasn’t who i thought she was even more.I told him to look around school to see if he could find her.


    when i went to his house,he told me he talked to Marlisa’s best friend and she said she moved a month ago. As the conversation continued i thought of some more ways to find out who she is.I told him to take a picture of the picture and show it to her best friend to see if it’s Marlisa or not.I wasn’t sure if the girl in the picture was Marlisa like he said or not.It would be better to show Marlisa’s friend the picture and ask if it’s her.That would confirm it,rather than just take his word for it.

    I didn’t want to tell him the person who i think it is – so i told him to see if it was Marlisa .He said that’s too much work,and kept talking like it’s definetely her and that i showed just trust him.Then he said that he’s gonna call her friend…..when he did,she didn’t answer.he said she’s probably at practice until 7.That’s when i thought of another idea.Since he has her phone number he could send her the picture.That’s even better than showing her the picture in school the next day,he could just send it to her now.Even with that he still kept making excuses,so i ended up paying him 10 dollars again to do it .He said that instead of taking a picture of the picture,he would send the picture from his computer to his phone and then send it to her, so it would come out better.

    Sometime during the conversation he asked me why do i want to know so much,and said he would raise the price if i didn’t tell him…. so i told him that i like her (the girl in the pic),then i told him that i think she’s someone else but wasn’t sure so i asked him who she was so i’d be able to find out.Then he asked who i thought she was,and i didnt tell him.I didn’t tell him that i like chemestry girl and that i thought the girl in the picture was her.I didn’t want him to know at that time.

    So he saw the pic and says he knows her,that she’s definetely marlisa,when he talked to her friend he asked about marlissa.

    But what if that isn’t marlissa? instead of asking marlissa’s friend about marlissa,who may not be the girl i think she is, it’s way better to show her the picture and ask if that’s marlisa.if marlissa isn’t the girl in the picture then him asking about marlisa is piontless.showing her the pic way better.she’s her best friend so she should know.This will confirm it.
    if her friend sees the pic and says it’s her than i’ll know it’s her.

    “if marlissa isn’t the girl in the picture then him asking about marlisa is piontless.”

    That’s what i thought then,but the fact that he saw this picture and thinks that this “Marlissa” person is the girl in the pic shows that Marlissa is hot.I was too stupid too think of that then,i was so focused on thinking if this was Chemestry Girl or not.Then again,that shows i’m dedicated to her,which is a good thing,but still,i should of had an open mind,and thought of more possibilities.

    Anyways,later on that day at 9pm i called – he didn’t answer.As i left his house,I told him that i would call later and he said he may be sleeping.So i guess he was sleeping.

    April 15

    Called at 9 – he didn’t answer.I guess he’s sleeping.

    April 16

    Called at 9 – he did’t answer.I guess he’s sleeping.That’s fine,by that piont i had already decided that if he deson’t answer then i’d just talk to him and chemestry girl in school when i went back.

    April 24

    I finally gathered the courage to go back to school.It a Beautiful day.It was so nice to leave out and go to school.I missed this feeling.Heading to school was great,brought back so many memories,i hadn’t walk that direction since the last time i was there.It felt great.I felt so confident,and even jogged a few times so i could get there faster.The whole time i was thinking about how i’m getting closer to her and that i would see her for the first time since the last day of school which was when i told her that i liked her.We would be together for the first time since then.It was Amazing.

    Then i got nervous.I was about 85 percent of the way there when i started to feel nervous and felt it more and more.Then i was there.

    That’s when i was told that i can’t start,it was too late in the school year to start…

    I tried to convince and persuade them to let me back but it didn’t work.


    I had no interest in being in school after May 16 (The last day) – starting school again next school year,going the whole year and graduating.Chemestry Girl and everyone else wouldn’t be there.I wanted to go now and completely finish school in the summer or something.

    I felt really bad for a couple days then began to regain my confidence,I will get this girl!!

    “Going Back To School Saga/Getting Ready for School Saga End”

    “The Story Of Me And The Girl I Like”
    “The Last days of School Saga”
    “Seeing The Girl Arc”

    Turning Piont

    April 28,2014


    That’s when i once again felt i could really could achieve my goals.

    Monday April 29

    Uchiha – April 29, 2013 at 8:20 pm #
    It’s almost time to say my farewells.

    MmmSaviorPandaGodRemix – April 29, 2013 at 8:24 pm #
    For how long?

    Uchiha – April 29, 2013 at 8:46 pm #
    I don’t know.I have no doubt that i’m taking a break though.This site is too distracting.For someone who deosn’t have a computer of his own (wellatleast til 2 months ago – still don’t have internet connection),i’ve been on this site far too much.Well even if i had my own computer and stuff,i still spent way too much time here.
    it’s better that i leave, so i can stay 100 percent focus on my goals – the girl.She looked so hot today,yet i still didn’t have the resolve to go up and talk to her.I’m weak.I need to become way stronger,very quickly,in a short amount of time.That’s exactly what i’m going to do.There’s 25 days left (including today) i will do this.No more wasting time.I’m going to do things differently.Be Smarter than i was before.I will get the girl.

    Tuesday April 29 2014

    “She looked so hot today,yet i still didn’t have the resolve to go up and talk to her.I’m weak.”

    i thought of this again,gained inspiration and formed a new plan.The last day of school is May 16.I’ll get my eyes in good condition by then and then i’ll talk to her.I could have Jamar,send her a message from me, (I tell him to tell her something and he deos it)and maybe get her phone number or something.if i got her number then i could talk to her,and we could met up somewhere.Then i’d tell her how i feel about her,that i like her in full detail,like when i first started to like her and stuff.

    The Plan was that i’d become way stronger within the next few days,like within the next 3 days i’d gain absolute confidence then sometime the next week i’d have Jamar talk to her for me,then i’d talk to her etc.

    Teusday May 6

    As always i lost focus,my resolve weakened,and i didn’t make the progress that i thought i would.Still waiting on the Insurance to come so i can go to the Eye Doctor and get my eyes in good condition.My eyes being so weak effect everything,they cause me to feel weak in everyway – My eyes are the only thing that’s holding my back,in the past,in the present,and in the future until i get them better.I have to and will overcome this.

    Anyways i walked to the Library and as i get there i noticed theres like no cars in the parking lot so it must be closed.I got to the front doors and there was a sheet of paper from the inside on the see through glass door – it said that the Libary closed at 5 instead of 8 because there was no air conditioning.


    I had a feeling that something would hapen that would make up for this.That if the Library was opened and i was there then this “something” wouldn’t have hapened.Then a few minutes later,as i was walking back,i see my friend Jamar.


    This is it.

    Now i can find out who this girl is!So first i told him that they wouldn’t let me back in school and i asked him if he showed the pic to Marlissa’s best friend and if she said that was her or not.

    She said that it was her

    Amazing,so the picture of the girl who i thought was the girl i like or just a girl who looks very similar to her is actually another girl who geos to my school,and i found that out when i showed my friend the picture which he recognized as her immediately,knowing her name and her best friend,and when he showed her best friend the pic she said it’s her and he got alot of information on her and he can set us up.

    Simply amazing.

    This is something that you would see in a fictional story.

    Nows there’s 2 love interest in the storyline?

    Yeah,he told me that he found out ALOT about her and he could tell me where she lives,what school she geos to etc,and he could even set up a date.Then i told him how he told me that she moved to a different state and stuff,then he told me that that’s what he thought,but she moved back and geos to our school again.She actually moved in January but now she’s back and will be here (at school) til the 23rd which is the last day of school for everyone that’s not a senoir.Then he said that i needed to pay 30 dollars for all the information……

    When i asked him deos she know that some guy is asking about her he said that she deos but thinks its him.He said he made sure not to let them know who was asking so i’d have a better chance.

    Good work

    We walked back to his house and talked outside for about 1 hour or 1 hour 30 minutes.Mostly me trying to get him to lower the price.I finally decided to tell him who i thought the girl in the picture was,the girl that i like. Once again,as before he thought about who she was again so i told him her name again,first and last name and he said some devastating words that i never really considered it before.It changed absolutely everything.

    He told me that she has a boyfriend,he knows him,they’ve been together since she started driving,the begining of 11th grade,and they don’t look like they’re gonna break up anytime soon,they kiss each other everyday.














    This girl – i truly like her,she’s the only person i’ve ever felt this way about.I decided not to go out with a girl unless i truly like her,and can see myself being with them,marrying them,having kids with them,etc.Then i met her,Febuary 8 2013 ,that is when i first really noticed her and felt that feeling for the first time ever – that i truly like someone.Since that day i planned on being with her,i finally told her that i liked her on the last day of school,and thought that i would make the progress i wanted to make over the summer and be with her when school started again.I thought i’d get her then,and we would be together now.But i was fucking stupid and failed to get my eyes better,the one and only thing that’s holding me back,my biggest weakness – all my weaknesses occur because of this and i still haven’t overcome it.I missed out on everything – The last year of highschool – graduating – hanging out with everyone – getting the girl i like and being with her – ETC.

    Now on the last few days of school i’m finding out that she’s has a boyfriend,not only that but she’s been with him for awhile even when i was thereThey’ve been together since the begining of 11th grade,which was 1 year and 9 months ago.I met her in Chemestry class which began January of last year….

    I told him that during our Chemestry days i could tell that she liked me and what happened on the last day of school,that when we were the last two people in class i went up to her and talked to her,and right away she smiled and her eyes brightened and she smiled even more when i told her that i like her.And he said “That’s It?”

    This guy…..

    he deosn’t know how things were,he’s not me or her,he couldnt feel what we felt during chemetry on Feb 8 or May23rd or anything other days in between.I KNOW I LIKE HER AND SHE LIKES ME.

    She has a boyfriend?
















    Anyways,yeah,i do think he indeeds knows who she is,like literally knows who she is as in what she looks like,he did describe her correctly,Skin tone and Height.And he may not have seen her alot recently but when he did he see her,she was with her boyfriend alot,kissing everyday….. Hmmmm – for example he could of seen them kissing everyday like August-November,and not seen her much since then and forgot about her existence or something,which would exlain why he didn’t know who i was talking about right away when i asked,especially since they’ve never had any classes together.

    i need to talk to her myself…

    when i ask who deos she hang around,he correctly said that she’s pretty popular and knows alot of people.He did say that she hangs around cheerleaders,she’s on the dance team…..or atleast she was back in chemestry – i would like to watch her dance…..i would like her to dance for me…..

    but that’s not enough!! I’m not sure if he knows her.So i told him to find out some more stuff about her tomorow.But this guy….he wouldn’t tell me shit about Marlissa and is saying he won’t tell me anything about Chemestry girl when he finds out until i give him 30 dollars.Also i found out that the last day of school for senoirs isn’t on May 16,it’s actually May 9th now – 4 days.So now i have less time……………………………..

    Even with this he’s saying he won’t tell me until i pay.

    Anyway we made a deal,i’d give him 25 dollars for info about Marlissa and Chemestry Girl .He said that he’d go charge his phone and afterwards make some calls to gain information on Chemestry girl.So i said i’d call him later.

    I called at 9 – he didn’t answer.I guess he was sleeping.

    I’m typing this part of the story at 1:07a.m on Wensday May,7 2014.I may call him before he geos to school to see if he learned anything new,and to go over what’s he’s gonna do today while he’s there.

    Recieving this news was strange.even though i got bad news,i felt more calm about things.Before April 24, i was always planned on going back to school,i always thought of how things would be when i go back,how things would of been if i gone back sooner etc.Since April 24,at first i felt really bad,but accepted it,thti’m going to miss the whole school year, and knew i was going to do better,and make up for everything,and planned on seeing her soon when i get my eyes better by the last day of school.
    Then i talked to him find out that the girl in the picture “is” marlissa and hear that Chemestry girl “has” a boyfriend,and school ends 1 week earlier than i thought.

    I always thought about how things could of been,now i’m hearing that she has a boyfriend and has been with him since the begining of 11th grade.If that’s the case then even if i did go back this school year and was there on the first day,or came 1 month late,2 months 3,4 etc.I still wouldn’t have been with her.I never really thought about that.It was always just,”I could be with her now,i could of been with her there 1 month ago 2,3 etc” It was never,”Even if i was there i wouldn’t have been with her” i never thought that way until now.So when i think about the past now it’s not like “i could of been with her 5 months ago etc if i went”,”It’s even if i was there 5 months ago i still wouldn’t have been with her.”

    It’s so strange that now with me thinking like that, (partially) i actually feel less bad then when i would think that i could of been with her all that time.


    I thought about it some more….

    It’s because now i have more information so i’m not wondering like i have before.It’s easier to accept something when you know how it is rather then when you don’t and you’re just thinking of the possibilities.

    I feel more fulfilled now because i have more information.

    and there’s this.

    She said that it was her

    Amazing,so the picture of the girl who i thought was the girl i like or just a girl who looks very similar to her is actually another girl who geos to my school,and i found that out when i showed my friend the picture which he recognized as her immediately,knowing her name and her best friend,and when he showed her best friend the pic she said it’s her and he got alot of information on her and he can set us up.
    Simply amazing. ”

    But,Chemestry Girl is the one i want,i truly like her,and haven’t talked to her since the day i told her that i liked her a year ago.Then i saw a pic of a girl online who i thought was either her or a girl who looks very similar to her and i not only find out that this girl isn’t chemestry girl but shes another girl who geos to my school.I never even thought about that.Plus i could easily met her,once again,i never even thought about that.

    I like the girl in the picture alot,and i like chemestry girl alot.They both look so similar that i thought they were the same person.I know Chemestry girl,i truly like her,i know she likes me,we’ve connected with each other,she’s the girl i want to be with.

    But i’m not sure about some things.

    Things i’m not sure on
    1)If Chemestry Girl has a boyfriend
    2)If the girl in the pic is chemestry girl
    3)if the girl in the pic is really Marlissa

    If she’s not her then okay – Simply Jamar,thinking that Marlissa is the girl in the pic shows that Marlissa is hot,not only that but the girl in the pic looks so similar to Chemestry girl that i think that it’s her so him thinking that she’s marlissa also shows that Marlissa looks alot like Chemestry girl.

    I will find everything out.

    “if you don’t have the knowledge you must seek it out, journey to the far ends of the world if you must.”

    If Chemestry girl deos have a Boyfriend then damn————–but ————– i’m still gonna try to get her.Jamar told me the guys name,ofcourse i didn’t know who he was but that made think about our Chemestry days>i remember her talking to a guy in the hallway,she said,”when do i need to pick you up”.I just thought that guy was just a friend…..a friend who’s lucky enough for her to not only be friends with her but for her to also meet him after school somewhere to pick him up and bring him someone.A friend who’s lucky enough to drive in HER car with this lovely girl.Yeah i didn’t think about all this then,most of it’s from now but yeah,i just thought he was a friend.Besides he was waaaaaaaaay taller than her,they were not a good match up.On another day after school ending as i got outside the front entrance i saw her talking to a guy who was closer to her height but figured he was just a guy friend.but what if they were the guy that jamar said was her boyfriend?

    As i’m typing this story i’m trying to remember what Jamar said his name was,he told me his first and last name but i can’t remember….ME THE GUY WHO’S MEMORY IS SO GOOD THAT I CAN TELL A WHOLE STORY ABOUT MY MEMORIES….lol.that’s a good sign,i feel that it shows that he’s not important enough to have in mind which most likely means she’s not with him.

    Anyway,If that deosn’t work out with her then i’ll check out this Marlissa person.I’m sure that she’s hot and that i’ll like her.If she’s not the girl in the pic then okay.But if she is than i’ll like her alot more.

    I want to talk to Chemestry girl first.I’ll tell her how i feel about her,why i wasn’t at school,and i’ll find out everything.I never really thought about this,but if it deosn’t work out then…………






    that’s how i felt the very little times i thought about it i never really considered that,now it likes,”If it deosn’t work out then,there’s MARLISSA!”

    But still failing so hard and so much for so long with Chemestry Girl,the only girl who i’ve truly liked then going for Marlissa would be WEAK.Thinking about it now feels kinda halfhearted.But ———————- i haven’t even met her yet.When i due it could feel like it did when i first started liking chemestry girl.I could feel that i truly like her.Thinking about it now,before i talk to Chemestry girl is pretty hard.I understand how i feel but still.

    I need to talk to Chemestry Girl,I don’t want to think about things not working out with us or think about Marlissa.i want to be positive like i always have,whenever i’m in a badmood i don’t stay in it long.But there’s 3 days left – schools out this friday and not the next like i thought before……in a way it’s better this way,because now i know that i HAVE to do things now so i won’t be thinking that i have so much time left and slack off like always and fail.

    Now i’m thinking about 2 girls at the same time – i never thought this would happen – it’s always just been Chemestry Girl.I want to be with her – but it may not work out – i never thought this would happen.When i think about Marlissa i see that pic in my mind.If that’s her then yeah i really like her,but it’s not the same as a feel for Chemestry Girl.Maybe i’ll feel that way about Marlissa if things don’t work out with me and Chemestry and i meet Marlissa.

    That could happen.I may feel that i truly like Marlissa once i met her in person like i did with Chemestry girl and all my feelings about wanting to be with Chemestry Girl that i’ve always felt will go towards Marlissa.But


    Now that i think about it.I have more time for Marlissa than i do with Chemestry Girl.Chemestry Girl is in 12th grade and 12th graders get out on May 9th,3 days from now,instead of 10 days,May 16th like i thought.I don’t know when the hell they changed the dates but it wasn’t like this last year.Senoirs got out 1 week before everyone else not 2.And when i talked to Jamar a month ago he said the last day is May 16 so that means they changed it recently……………..

    What a horrible cioncidence,i thank the gods for the Library closing early,otherwise i wouldn’t have known about this into next week or something and then felt like shit for missing out on everything.

    Anyway,i have less time to contact Chemestry Girl then i do Marlissa.CG is gonna graduate whereas Marlissa’s gonna be in Highschool next year and plus Jamar has her number and stuff so i could meet up with her anytime.But with CG it may be like,if i don’t get in contact with her by the last day of school i will never see her again.

    Can’t let that happen.I need to see her again so i can feel if we like each other again (like on feb 8 and may 23rd) and find out everything else.i know once i see her i will feel like i did on those days and she will too.I need to see her so we will absolutely know.

    I had no interest in being in Highschool after the last day and thought that if i am there it will be in the summer where i would make up for everything and graduate.But if things don’t work out with Chemestry Girl then I’ll probably get Marlissa.And since she’ll mist likely be there there next year then that would be a good reason to go.But even so at the most i’ll be there for just 1 semester and finish everything instead of the whole year.

    Now’s The present time early morning of May 7.

    So he’s gonna go to school today and gather info about her,and maybe talk to her.There’s 3 days left (including today) so we need to do things now!I want to talk to her whether she has a boyfriend or not.i’ve been thinking that i could have him give her a message for me,like i tell him to tell her something and he tells her.But what should i say? I first thought of this last week now i’m hearing from him that she has a boyfriend so now i’d rather wait to give him a message to tell her once i have the more info on her and know if she has a boyfriend or not.Once i do then i’d be able to better know what i should say to her and tell him the message.I definetely want to talk to her in person about everything – i will,no matter what.We can easily meet up somewhere and talk.I know how things will go ^__^.

    I’ve got this.

    Not being in School all this time has it positives.I had alot more time for other things.I was able to read more manga,watch more anime,sleep,etc.I read all of FT,HSDK,most of Shaman King (stopped so i could read it later),To Love Ru,The First 100 Chapters of Bakuman (stopped so i could read later),watch most of One Piece,All of DBZ,HXH,Attack On Titan,and have been reading and watching someother stuff too.
    But i wanted to fully get into everything once i got my eyes better/i went back to school.That failed,missed out on the whole school year,and didn’t enjoy everything as much cause my eyes suck.

    This is Truly Important and needs to be said,My stupidity since may 24 of last year til now,may 7 is unprecendented.Things should of never turned out this way.I shouldn’t have missed out on the whole school year.But i did because i had the mindset of not going back into my eyes were good,that is understandable and i don’t regret thinking that way in the begining – what i do regret is not getting them better alot earlier and not even considering going back with them being bad until april – once i saw that i was missing out on alot of time i should have switched my thinking but i didn’t.if i’d thought of that sooner then i would of want back far earlier.

    No matter how many times i fail i always feel better and know that i’ll accomplish my goals.Even if i stupidly make the same mistakes over and over.When i’m in a bad mood,it’s easy to feel like crap about everything,but when i’m in a good mood i ALWAYS see how easy things are.I’ve learned from my mistakes and they’re not going to happen again.

    Once i get my eyes better and i will easily and quickly accomplish all my goals.The sooner i get my eyes in good condition the better.But unlike before i’m not going to wait to do everthing once they’re good,i’ll start now.I won’t let them hold me back comletely,and cause me to miss on on everything anymore.

    Keep it in mind,it explains why i haven’t been there,and why i haven’t posted the story sooner.Cause i was waiting to do better,once i overcame my weakness.

    The Story has changed,The Plot has Evolved.Shall the name of the story begining with next chapter be called, “The Story Of Me And The Girls I Like” ,or shall it stay the same,”The Story Of Me And The Girl I Like”? Only time will tell,even i’m not sure right now.

    I’m way more interested in Chemestry Girl than Marlissa.I want to be with her.I’ll gain information on both of them,and if i do get with CG then i’ll still like to meet Marlissa,to see who she is and stuff.

    What if the girl in the pic is Marlissa but i get with CG? What if it’s CG but i get with Marlissa? What if it’s not either of them?

    I’m Done with thinking.I’m done with thinking of things and not doing what i plan.No more of that.One thing is for sure – that i do know – – I will get this girl (one of my goals).

    Raise above challenges,believe in your own strength,and fullfill your dreams.

    I’ll call him later on about 6-8:30pm to see how things went.I’m excited.

    Now here i am 4:17 Pm,at the library about to post this story

    “The Story Of Me And The Girl I Like – Super Deluxe Revised Complete Long Edition/The Fully Updated version Part 2 of 2”


    May 7

    I typed this chapter in less than a day.I wanted to quickly finish and post the story so i can devote my all into the present.Now’s Complete!!

    (amount of words – 5,555 – according to Microsoft word)

  13. Uchiha - May 7, 2014 at 9:37 pm #

    Funny coincidence.Today is exactly 1 year after i first posted the story and now i’m posting again at the same day.

  14. Uchiha - May 9, 2014 at 9:34 pm #

    May 8th

    I called him a few times from 7:30-8a.m and he didn’t answer.Damn.Tomorows the last day.The sooner he talks to her the better,i’ll have more of a chace to talk to her and setup our meeting,plus we can gain more info on her from talking to her.

    I figured that i ‘d go to his house after the Library,if he wasn’t there,then he was probably walking from his Girlfriends house to his house and i’d see him on the way back.if i didn’t then i’d call him when i got back home.If he didn’t answer then i’d walk back to his house at 7-7:30 andget there at 8-8:30 .

    When we talked on Tuesday i knew i had alot of time to call him and that i’d get more information from him,give him directions on what to tell her etc.I haven’t seen him since then and everytime i’d call he didn’t answer.I didn’t think this would happen.Nows the day before the last day of school and we still haven’t talked.i still didn’t gain more information on CG and Marlissa which i would improve my plans with.

    I went to the Library,as i was there i wrote down part of my plan on a few small slips of paper in the form of directions he could use for when he’s talking to her.It said
    “Tell her that the guy from Chemestry Says Hi,and would like to talk to her.The one that ate apples.”
    “Get her number if you can,if she deosn’t want to give it to you then,tell her that she can talk to me anytime.”
    “Tell her i go to the library alot,i’m usually there on Mondays and Tuesday from 6-8 and Wensdays-Saturdays from 3-5.”
    “if you can’t remember all this then just give her these papers…”

    After the Library closed i went to his house but he wasn’t there,so just incase i didn’t see him on the way back i put the slips of paper next to the fence near his house that he walks past when he geos him – he’ll notice it. I didn’t see him as i was walking back either…..My mom wasn’t home so i didn’t have a phone to use to call him with.So i’ll waited for her to come back…I may have him use the slips of paper,follow those directions and most likely give them to her but i haven’t fully decided yet.I’ll see once i talk to him,gain more info.

    On my way back from the library i did think of a backup plan.I may have to use it.

    At 7,My mom came back.I called,he didn’t answer and i went to his house 1 hour later…no one answered…picked up the slips of papers and went home.


  15. Uchiha - May 9, 2014 at 9:39 pm #

    “The Story Of Me And The Girl I Like”

    “The Last days of School Saga”

    “Seeing The Girl Arc”

    “Suppose the worst,and perform the best,that’s the way of a true tactician.”
    -Nijima Haruo

    May 8/9

    I called him and he finally answered and what he told me shattered all my hopes and dreams i had with her. This was super bad. He told me that he talked to her and he told her about me,(said my first and last time,my skin tone,what i usually wear,that we (me and her) used to have a class together (chemestry) and that on the last day of school when we were the last two people in class i told her that i like her and she smiled) and she didn’t know who i was.I already figured that she didn’t know my name,but what surpised me was the other ways he described me.He said that and yet She didn’t know i was .

    Surely she wouldn’t know my name but too not think of me at all when he said that i had a class with her and told her that i like her on the last day of school? That’s too farfetched.And i’m not talking about the Pokemon either.When i asked, “Did she look like she really didnt know who you were talking about?”he said,”no she had a seroius look on her face”.


    More on that later.

    As always During the whole conversation he talked in a way like “I told you this,you should of believed me,i didn’t have to ask these people anything cause i already knew.”But this time was more devastating cause of all the bad news.He did say that my call had woken him up so part of why he was talking in that tone was because he was tired.But even so that tone,the way he spoke and what he said was negative,especially toward the latter part of the conversation

    He also confirmed that she has a boyfriend when he told me this part he said “like i already knew” as in he already knew this but asked anyway for me.When he asked she said Yeah,and told Him his name and said that she thought he knew already.while telling me this he stoped and said,”which i did” .Then he continued,

    He told me that He got her phone number.That they used to be friends and haven’t talked to each other in like a year so she gave him her number.That surprised me.So now i have a sure way of talking to her

    More on that later.

    Throughtout the conversation he kept going to back to the money i “owe” him.When he first mentioned it i said yeah i’ll give you 25$,then he said no,the price was 35$,i reminded him that we agreed upon 25$ but he said that it was 35$,and the more i disagreed with the payment amount,like saying 35$ is too high,the more he would threaten to raise it,then it got to 40$ along with some blackmailing on his part.He said he’d tell her boyfriend that i was asking about her.Still i disagreed with the price then he said that he’s texting a message,and read it while he was suppousedly texting it – “This Guy named Uchiha*Is asking me about your girl.” etc.

    Still i disagreed with the price and told him not to send it multiples times.Most of our talk was about the pricing.The more i disagreed apparently the worse things got once we reached 40$ is when things took an even worse turn.this was one of the baddest times i’ve felt about anything.The more i talked about the price being too high the more he would, 1)repeat the price, 2)says he’s gonna raise it,3)read more of the text message outloud,and or 4)say he’s gonna send it. Usually a combination of atleast 2 of those 4.

    Then he said something horrifying.He suppousedly sent the message.I asked if he really did it multiple times and he said yeah.So i told him to tell the guy he was joking.When i asked what he would do,he said that he would find me and he said that he would tell him my name,that i go to the library alot and the neighborhood i live in and that he would come and search for me.When i asked what the text said he bean to read it ,”This Guy name Uchiha is asking about your girl even though i told him she has a boyfriend and he’s paying me to talk to her for him”.It was something like that.
    Hearing this was weird,crazy,stupid,devastating,strange,abit scary and i did worry about it on and off at times,Like i would think about it – feel bad,then get over it and be like “You seroius?” ~__~.

    Multiple times.I asked him if he would really do this and he said yeah,that he might bring him to me and watch.I mentioned that the police would easily be able to find that guy if he was to do something to me and that he would go to jail to for setting this up.Each time i said something like this his response was,something like,how are the police gonna find the guy?i don’t know the guys name (he had already told me his first and last name,but i only remember the first),and when i said that he knew who he is so the police can find out from him,he said that he wouldn’t tell them anything so they wouldn’t be able to say that he set it up.

    Me:You’re talking about it now.They can listen to this call.
    Him:How could they have proof that this call exist.
    Me:Calls go to the phone company’s and is stored there.

    Then he says something about if him and the guy can break their phone they won’t have evidence.
    Me:Deosn’t matter the calls still stored with the phone company.The police can get permission from the phone company to look at your records and they can find this conversation.What are you going to do?Blow up the Phone Company?

    And at some piont he said something like “how do you know that you will be around afterwards to even tell the police.”

    hmm so now it’s Life threatening?

    This was a prett much of how the conversation was.

    I told him that I first asked about CG before i knew she had a boyfriend and he mentioned how i still asked about her even after i knew – good piont lol,But it’s not like that’s enough to make me give up.i still plan on talking to her.

    More on that later.

    Once he said that and mentioned the money again,i said,”I don’t care about that anymore” (referring to his overpricing and asking CG anymore) “i want to talk about something more important.His reply,”like what”,my reply – “Marlissa”.I asked if she saw the picture and said that that was her or not,his reply,”that’s too much work.”So i don’t think she’s seen the pic…

    More on that later.

    I had my strong leads in the conversation,i let him know that i’m way smarter than he is,that he cannot outwit me,and or take advantage of and blackmail me,and it’s not gonna work.I think that line is what pushed him into suppousedly sending the message.or maybe it was something else – deosnt matter.I think that’s what made him bring it up to 50$.

    In Total the call was about 1 hour long about this stuff.At one piont in time there was a pause for 3-5 minutes.Since the call didn’t end i just thought he was quietly listening to me telling him to tell the guy he was just joking and stuff.then suddenly i hear him talk again and he says “You still here” and tells me he was on another line,with another call – i think he said it was the guy.At that piont I didn’t really care enough to what he said or ask what he was saying to him or anything.But i do remember him saying that the guy text back and said,”i got you”,as in he gets what Jamar is saying.After that we talked for a few more minutes going back in fourth on things and then he hung up.
    I wanted to be the one to hang up first…

    everytime i had gained more power in the conversation,felt more confident,and was taking the lead and was letting him know that i was hanging up he always said something to regain the threshold – damn.I could tell i was beating him at times but he was the one to leave out strong – fuck.But later on even that became whatever – it became an afterthought,like “Oh that happened,so what.”

    So yeah,apparentely because i didn’t agree with the price he sent the message to that guy and if i don’t pay him 50$ by monday then that guy will suppousedly come after me.If i do pay then he will tell him that he was just joking.

    This guy did good work.He already knew about Chemestry Girl and Marlissa and could tell me about them right when i asked,and even when i didn’t just take his word for it and believe him right away he went out to talk to people who knew Marlissa and asked about her so he could gain more info on them so i could confirm things,and with CG he went and talked to her himself.At first i thought that i shouldn’t have had to pay him for information but after he explained things like how when he went to talk to Marlissa’s friends and asked about her, he ended up looking like a creep. i thought that he defintely desere’s it.but he was asking for too much.I’ll give him about 20$ when i have it but 50$ no way…

    Jamar has been very useful,it’s just that he’s methods are annoying and he’s so negative.Making me pay,this blackmailing thing and i remember near the end of the conversation he said it’s my fault for having to pay him,that i could of done this myself but was to scared – so i told him that i asked him to talk to CG because i couldn’t be there wheresas he could since he’s there,the same with Marlissa.
    1)He already knows them
    2)He’s there and can easily talk to them at anytime

    Whereas me
    1)Eyes suck
    2)Can’t be there
    3)Don’t know them (except CG) .I remember before he made it seem like i could easily just talk to Marlissa’s friends and ask about her despite this.
    4)Can’t contact them as easily as he can.

    Anyways now that i have my answers i feel better about things.

    Flashback – This Paragraph is spot on perfection.

    I always thought about how things could of been,now i’m hearing that she has a boyfriend and has been with him since the begining of 11th grade.If that’s the case then even if i did go back this school year and was there on the first day,or came 1 month late,2 months 3,4 etc.I still wouldn’t have been with her.I never really thought about that.It was always just,”I could be with her now,i could of been with her there 1 month ago 2,3 etc” It was never,”Even if i was there i wouldn’t have been with her” i never thought that way until now.So when i think about the past now it’s not like “i could of been with her 5 months ago etc if i went”,”It’s even if i was there 5 months ago i still wouldn’t have been with her.”

    Now that i have my answers i actually feel better about things even with everything going NOT AS PLANNED.For example 8 months ago when i didn’t have any new info on CG or know of the pic and Marlissa’s existence – back then when i still had time ,i thought i’d go back and get the girl etc.I didn’t know she had a boyfriend so i thought that if i was there then i’d have been with her.which led me to have more regret about not being there then i do now.Because now i do know and am not thinking i would of been with back then if i was there.

    And if she indeed never had a boyfriend and i missed on on the whole school year than i would feel worst than now as i just exlained.

    Before the bad news made me feel worst when i was already in a bad mood cause of my eyes,but now it deosn’t make me feel bad at all cause i have my answers about how things would of been if i was there and stuff.Ofcourse i have always wanted to be there from the first day to the last or atleast gotten there sometime during the first semester and did everything myself,and i’d prefer to have found out that she had a boyfriend once i did finally go back but having all my answers now makes me think about the past alot less.There’s less wondering.


    Now that i have my answers to everything,whether it’s confirm or not i feel alot better about the past cause i’m not longer wondering about how things could of been.Talking to Jamar has made me feel that way alot more.

    1)The Girl in the pic is most likely Marlissa.Jamar and Marlissa’s best friend said it was but when i asked Jamar if Marlissa herself said saw the pic and said if it’s herself he said,”That’s too much work – so obvoiusly she hasn’t seen that pic,atleast not that he knows of,her Best friend could of shown it to her and she herself has said that’s her,if Jamar knew that and told me then i’d say it’s 100 percent confirm that that picture is Marlissa. But i still believe that’s her.

    2)I wouldn’t have been with CG cause she has a boyfriend already,which means that if i was there with my reborn good eyes then i most likely wouldn’t have gotten her.I definetely would of if she was single.But even so if i was there then i could’ve gotten close with her in a way.

    After i talked Jamar i was thinking damn,he ended the call after he left off strong,whereas i didn’t.And i thought that he can still get more info about the girls that would help me and he has there numbers so he can talk to them anytime for me and setup a day we could met each other.Once that happens his role will be fulfilled – i would no longer need his help.All i wanted him to do was find out if Marlissa is the girl in the pic and contact her and CG for me.

    He now has Marlissa’s number and CG’s and this all came about from me asking about them.My efforts have paid off. Now i’m pretty damn sure about things.

    But now we’re on bad terms,he has CG and Marlissa’s number whereas i don’t so i thought i would need him to them call them for me.but he’s probably not gonna tell him until i pay him and there’s no way that i’ll pay him $50 by monday or at all,atleast for awhile.So he’s probably not going to do it,and he might tell that guy about me lol.If that’s the case then i shouldn’t call him with my moms phone otherwise he could give that number away,he may already have it saved,but i don’t think he would go so low as to do that knowing this is my moms phone.

    When i thought of things alittle more,i thought,i don’t need him for anything anymore.
    He may have really sent that text message to that guy and that guy may really come after me,just in case i’ll stop going to the Library for awhile.I’ll catch up with downloading anime/manga today so after that,i’ll have nothing else to do online,so there’s no need to go to the library.I was already planning on doing this since walking to and from takes up too much time and energy.Plus I was already planning on becoming stronger in everyway but with things like this, i have more reason too. i like how him threatening me actually triggered me into feeling better.

    Wow so if he really did send it then i hope CG deosn’t hear about it.She’ll easily connect that to me,but this may become an advantage to me.She will be more interested in talking to me and bring this up when we do.More on that later.

    I’ll become so much stronger that Jamar and his crap will be absolute fodder/entertainment and laughs for me.I have no interested in seeing that guy now – I like Chemestry Girl and since she has chosen him he must not be as stupid as Jamar makes him seem.Like ready to hunt down and fight a stranger because he asked about his girlfriend.If that happened to a girl i was with then i would take that as a compliment because that shows that the girl you’re with is hot,but whatever.This is probably just Jamar’s scare tactics.Schitts not gonna work.If later on in the future like much later he’s still with CG than i would like to meet him.I’ll shake his hand,tell him congradulations,that he’s a lucky guy and that he should take good care of her.

    Since CG chose him he must be awesome.I wonder what he looks like,who he is and stuff.I would like to get to know him.This reminds me of what i said in the first chapter about her friends.

    Infact the guy come come after me with CG.Like I randomly just see them at the Library one day.That would be interesting. I want to see how those two interact with each – so I can know if they’re compatible.



    Everything is/has changed,my new life is coming soon.I’m excited for it.Time for me to move on from this and enter a new era!!!

    I know Chemestry Girl Likes me, from our days in Chemestry class i could tell.When he talked to her about me,there’s no way that she didn’t think of me.Yes we haven’t been together in a year but still.Everything leading up to that day and that day itself was important. I don’t anyone would forget that on the last day of school in the last few minutes of the year left when there was noone else around that someone came up to them and said “I like you.”

    She knew he was talking about me,she looked serious because it was him who was talking about this to her.I’m sure that she didn’t tell anyone that i told her that i like her.i thought about this before but nows more likely of a chance that that’s true.

    1)Jamar didn’t know that i like her until i told him.So if he didn’t know then alot of people don’t know.I think if she did tell anyone then it would just be her best friend(s),and she told them not to tell anyone.I said this in the first chapter.

    When i first talked to Jamar in april i thought this even more and then in may he tells me
    2)She has a boyfriend.
    So she didn’t tell anyone about that day,except her bestfriend(s) yet Jamar knows about it.That’s why she looked seroius,she may have thinking,what if her boyfriend hears about this?and others? So she just denied the whole thing like it never happened,that i don’t exist.

    Jamar is an idiot.He’s not smart enough to notice things.To him it was just proof that she wasn’t interested in me.

    If i came up to her and talked to her alone,with no distractions then she would be completely different.Infact i noticed and piont out in “The Story Of The Girl In Chemestry” that back in our Chemestry days that she talked to me differently than another.It was soft,kind, and sweet.And she looked at me different than others too.She wasn’t the same with me as everyone else.

    I’m going to talk to her sometime and tell her how i feel about her and ask her how she feels about me.
    If she brings it up,that Jamar talked to her than i’ll explain things to her then.She had to have figured out that i told him.If she hasn’t told anyone then that would be the only way.If she told her bestfriend(s) then she’ll know that it must not have been them,but at the same time it’s possible that she did think that considering my year of absence.Plus why would her friends tell him?and when i told her i liked her i gave her a number saying that it’s my friends,and that she can call him to talk to me.So maybe she gave him her number not only cause they use to talk to each other but also because
    she wants him to contact me for her.That may be her ulterior motive.

    From my experiences with her i know she’s pretty cautios,when i asked for her number i figured she wouldn’t give it to me cause she didn’t know me too well,which is why i had my friends number,incase that happened.With Jamar she probably only denied cause she deosn’t know him well enough too know that he won’t tell her boyfriend or someone that i did really tell her that i liked her on the last day of school if she admits it too him.

    I’ve always thought this,She didn’t have to say it to anyone even me.I know she likes me.From our days in Chemestry i could feel like we had Chemistry.See what i just did there? I will talk to her again someday.

    As for Marlissa when i asked about her i said things that he had already told me on teusday to confirm.
    “so she moved away but moved back and will be there (school) until the 23rd(only 12 grade gets out before then)?”and i asked if she will be there next year and he said,”yeah i don’t know if she moved back to the same house that she was in but she’s back,and will be there until the last day and will be there next year.”

    Good stuff.

    Right now Jamar is a dangerous person. With the info he has on me,asking about them.he could use that against me with both girls.Like not only does he tell her boyfriend that i’ve been asking about her but he also tells her that I’ve been paying…

    Or maybe her boyfriend will tell her that I’ve been paying…

    He could at any point in time reveal what he knows to all of them…

    If i choose to get CG then explaining to her about how i asked about Marlissa is easy,cause i first thought the pic was CG and was told that it was Marlissa,so i was asking about Marlissa to see if it was her.Then i’d know rather if was CG or not.

    If i choose to get Marlissa than explaining her about the pic won’t be as easy,since i was interested in the pic because i thought she was CG the girl liked and wanted to be with at the time.——i will just tell her i liked the pic and thought it was CG and when i heard it wasn’t and that it was you,i was surprised and thought you were beautiful.”

    Both are honest and praises the whichever girl i decided to be with more than the other.

    But i’m not worried about that happening.I can easily counter it anyway.He may have been able to “overpower” me with persuading me to pay him for information and stuff before.But that was with me not being able to do everything on my own – me in my weakened state.Me with good eyes is a whole nother story.


    Someday.I could post about it.Probably won’t though lol.

    I don’t need to rely on him anymore i’ve gotten him to do what i wanted and have my answers
    He’s a good guy,it’s just our talk was bad.Other than the stuff he said above,he also said that after these last 3 days of school, (tomorows the official last day for senoirs but some will come for graduation practice on monday and teusday and CG is) i’ll never see her again.he didn’t even say PROBABLY never see her again.And when i said that he has her number he said yeah,”HE deos,not me”…..

    This guy….

    I may talk to him again about these two,most likely to set up for me and Marlissa to meet.As of now i’d pefer to meet her sooner than CG.And it’d rather think about her,and he would talk about her easier than CG.

    if i do call it’ll most likely be weeks from now. 1)once my eyes are good i’ll be way stronger than now.2)Once i have my own phone.Just in case he gives the number away or something.if he’s still saying nonsense about the money and trying to black mail me well – that’s obvoiusly not gonna work,i already explained this enough.Hahaha If that guy that really is mad that i asked about his girlfriend then i wonder how mad he’ll get if he was to ever read this story about her. Anyway i’ll go to the Library today and tomorow then stop going for awhile.

    Oh i forgot to add that when we talked he said the guys not gonna do anything until after monday.That’s the deadline so if – well when i don’t pay him the full 50$ He’ll “come after me.” i’ll pay him nore than 25$ He earned that money for getting this info for me and one day when i’m rich i’ll give him alot more if he stops whining about this,especially if i’m with one of those 2 girls.


    I’m good at adapting to new situations, that’s why i was able to not been in school for so long. I just got used to it and the days went by way faster than i thought. Good qualities can be bad at times. I’ve accepted the way everything has happened and don’t feel regret about it anymore. Yeah i could od did things – but i can’t go back and time and change things, the best thing to do when thinking about it is appreciate the good times and learn from my mistakes and not let them happen again.That’s what I’m doing! I know everything i need to work on and how to get it better,it’s simple – my eyes.

    I’ve failed to get the girl that i like.And it’s all because i was too stupid to overcome my eye problems and go back.I’ve learned from my mistakes and i’m going to make sure they don’t happen again.I will quickly and easily accomplish my goals once i get my eyes in good condition.Nothing will be holding me back.

    As of now I’m 75% percent for Marlissa & 25% for Chemistry Girl.The Password to log onto my computer used to be CG’s name,today i’ll change it to Kenichi – love that guy.

    I will talk to Chemistry Girl again sometime, and i will met Marlissa.Recently i wanted to come in contact with them by today but that’s changed since a few hours ago. I feel better about everything – i’ll talk to them sometime once my eyes are good.

    I’ll be a on a whole new level of awesomeness.


    I know exactly how to overcome everything.And exactly why i feel the way i do and how to get better .

    Before i felt bad at times about not knowing how things were,then when i got all this bad news yesterday i felt way worse,especially while talking to him.But thats changed.I feel alot better now.So relieved.It wasn’t just that i failed to get my eyes in good condition and kept missing out on more and more time whilst still not getting them better and always thinking about her,being with her,wondering how things were and stuff and eventually missing out on the whole school year.What got to me alot back then and ALOT recently is that i was always wondering how things were.I didn’t have the answers,cause i wasn’t there with her and everything,cause my eyes suck.

    No matter how much time had passed i knew that i could/would make up for everything easy.The only times i felt bad,worried,or had any other negative emotion was when i was in a bad mood.When i was in a bad mood,i thought negatively,which made me feel worse,and the cause of why i was in a bad mood in the first place,was because of my eyes.They seroiusly suck.

    When i felt good i never worried about things no matter how it was. 1 month late to school 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,and even when i knew i wasn’t going to go there at all and miss out on everything.I still only felt bad due to my eyes,and thought negatively in result.

    This has happened countless times.Feel good/think good/happy – eyes start to bother me,feel bad/think bad/negative emotions (annoyed,dissapionted,mad,worried about not achieving my goals etc.

    It’s my eyes my friends,i have known this for a long time.Once i get them better – nothing will be holding me back.But it’s still hard even while knowing this,when they start to feel really bad,it’s hard not to start feeling bad too.Especially when i’m friggin hungry,when i’m eating some good stuff i always instantly feel better.After i get done typing this out i’m gonna reward myself with some pizza.

    THIS VERSION of “The Story Of Me And The Girl I Like” has reached it’s end. The main Character was CG.This Story is over.

    This is a Ending to a Era – The Chemestry Girl Saga.

    Now there’s a new Lead Love Interest,although i still have my eyes on her.

    “The Story Of Me And The Girl I Like”

    “The Last days of School Saga”

    “Seeing The Girl Arc”

    Oh and yeah i failed to see the girls lol.

    – END

    Now that i’m done with this i can move on! The only thing that has me thinking about any of this today is me having been typing it!


    Everything is/has changed,my new life is coming soon.I’m excited for it.Time for me to move on from this and enter a new era!!!

    That Marlissa girl is nice! I look forward to meeting her and talking to CG again.It’ll help determine who i go for.I’m 100 percent set on not being with her,well as i feel now.I haven’t seen her for so long and i’m tired of thinking about her plus there’s the bad news about having having a guy already. But this is fine with me,i feel relieved that “i’m not missing out on being with her.I could of had her if i was there.” like i’ve always thought.

    If you have any qeustions then let me know.

    For now i’m thinking of nothing more than becoming the way i want to be – getting my eyes in good conidtion/becoming stronger and everyother not and i’m not going into specifics! And i’ll do the things i want to do,read manga,watch anime,get more sleep,eat,train,etc.

    I feel like i’m being reborn.

    “Suppose the worst,and perform the best,that’s the way of a true tactician.”
    -Nijima Haruo

    NO,i’d say “Suppose the best and perform even better.” – well depdending on the situation.


    Story Complete!!