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2016 August 24

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Berserk 346 Spoilers Summaries

Credits : Aazealh

berserk 346

The chapter title is Elfhelm.

It opens as the group ventures inside the forest, among huge trees. Isidro comments that he feels like he’s become a dwarf. Serpico adds that it’s bright, even though they are under the forest’s thick canopy. Farnese comments that it’s like the whole forest emits the light. Schierke explains thatiIt’s because the forest is filled by an enormous Od. It’s strong, yet very comfortable. This is the forest where the elf …queen… lives.

Isidro says he feels like his body has become lighter. He jumps and just goes super high. Isma says it’s great, it’s like he’s a grasshopper. Isidro is surprised and thinks he’s flying, while Puck states that Isidro “has evolved”. Ged brings the academic hammer down, explaining that it’s because there’s less elemental weight here. Schierke is curious, and Ged goes on. “Out of the elements that compose the world: fire, water, wind, earth… It’s an element other than these four. It’s the smallest type of being, the one that connects these four other elements. It’s the elemental of weight.” (He gives out a name, but I’ll wait for the Japanese version to tell it.)

Ged keeps going: “These elementals are so small that I can’t even see them with my spiritual sight. But when they gather, they make objects heavy and darken the sky, and they bring stuffiness and fixation on the mind. But most of them don’t go well with the inhabitants of this forest.” Basically, Miura just went deep Newtonian cosmological explanation on the Berserk world on us here.

Isma notes that her body is indeed light, while Isidro yells at her to not shake the branch they’re clinging to. Four elves then appear: Pick, Peck, Poock and Pock. Puck salutes them, and they respond in kind: “Ahhh long time no see / Oh Puck, you live / He must have gotten lost while playing / I was lonely without you, though I didn’t notice until now”. As more and more elves and other creatures gather into the clearing, they comment that humans are there, that the magicians brought humans into the forest.

Serpico says this is great, and Schierke muses “Ahhh this is Elfhelm indeed”. The piskies bid the humans welcome, and ask them where they come from, why they came here, whether they’re searching for treasure, and so on. Then they say that first, they should sing a song, and there should be dancing (as they grab hold of Farnese and Casca). Serpico tries to intervene, but some beings notice him, and more specifically the fact he’s “surrounded by wind”. They deem him their comrade, and grab hold of him, carrying him off… While this time it’s Farnese who looks helpless as she sees him go. Meanwhile, Isidro & Isma fall down on friendly unicorns.

Seeing all this, Cucca comments that it’s “how elves are supposed to be”, while Schierke says it’s chaos. While all that happens, Ivalera is sulking in her corner: “Ahhh damn, these forest dwellers aren’t very polite, it’s truly a rural place” (she’s speaking as if she was a sophisticated city girl). But then a bunch of piskies come to her, asking her if she comes from the outside world, and asking her to tell them her story. Her nature immediately takes over and she agrees to tell them her story: “The Great Adventures of Schierke and Ivalera”.

Puck’s brothers gather around Guts, commenting that “this human is a bit serious… I feel seriousness from him. I can’t handle such a heavy thing. He doesn’t go well with this forest.” But they can appreciate the rarity of his kind, so they decide to look very serious, just like him. Furrowing their brows, they tell him: “You managed to come here so we’ll appreciate you. But it’s too early to be relaxed, if you want to go forward, you should first deal with the Four Kings of P” and so on. Guts internalizes his feelings: “No doubt, they’re from the same family as Puck is”.

Ged sees that they’re overwhelmed, and says he can’t handle it, so he asks Danan to please take care of it. She blows in her horn, and ask everybody to please go over to the house, which they do. Arriving at the tree, Isidro says that seeing it closely, it’s more like a rock mountain than a tree. “We could even easily build a castle on top of it.” Serpico says it’s magnificent, literally a sight beyond the normal world. Farnese just marvels at how pretty it is, and says there are so many elves in there. Isma is interested by the fact it’s a cherry tree, and specifically wonders how many fruits it can bear. Puck tells her that they eat as many cherries as they want, all year long. That’s because they regrow immediately after being picked.

Meanwhile, Schierke wonders to herself how the King of the Flower Storm will be, he who rules over so many elves, who resides in such a huge spiritual tree… Danan leads the way, telling them they’re going to get inside through this hole. Casca verifies that the flower petals are edible. Once inside, Guts says it’s a labyrinth, and Serpico is grateful that their bodies are so light. Magnifico figures that the time is right to remind Puck of their agreement. Here is an approximation of their exchange below:

Magnifico: Lord Puck…
Puck: Hm, what?
Magnifico: Please take care of our previously agreed upon business?
Puck: What business?
Magnifico: You already forgot? I’ll help you get on the throne.
Puck: Uhhh? Wha-? Ah, oh yeah, uh-huh sure.
Magnifico: First of all, please ask the current king to abdicate.
Puck: Ok, I’ll grant it.

They arrive to the throne room, and Serpico says that “the tree itself is a palace”. Danan gently complains to some guys dozing there that they’ve you already messed the place up even though it’s only mid-day. She then asks brownies (a kind of folkloric creatures) to help clean, since they have guests! Trumpets are sounded, and Magnifico sighs with relief: they’ll finally have their audience. Danan tells her minions to hurry to clean up.Isidro wonders who the hell Puck’s boss could be? (and clearly assumes it’s a male)

Puck then arrives on the throne, disguised as the king, with his brothers in toe. They proclaim: “Here comes the king of elves!” and order the assistance to “Bow down!” before him. Everyone is flabbergasted. “Is it a coup?! Puck is the king?!” The elves themselves seem unperturbed: “Oh, is that so? So what? Won’t every day be a day off if we put him on the throne?” Magnifico is a wreck: “I messed up, how could I have expected that he was the king! I should pretend not to know anything, no matter what. At any rate, my great plan to pioneer the elf market is all over.” Puck tells his subjects that if they flatter him now, Magnifico, the minister of economy of his new government, will reward them all with money!

The elves ask him whether he sold the country to humans, to which Puck says that yes, he did. Magnifico desperately tries to deny any implication. Elf guards yell “treason” as they subdue Puck and Magnifico. Poor Magnifico keeps trying to distance himself from the coup: “I don’t know what he’s talking about! Damn elves, whenever they open their mouths, only jokes come out!” But Puck foils his attempts: “My royal servant Magnifico, my plot to take over the state has been put in disarray.” Magnifico thinks to himself that he must absolutely get out of there, but they’re put in shackles, and the order is given to drag them away. Puck parting words to Magnifico are “we’ll meet again in Valhalla”.

Danan then intervenes, telling Puck that he shouldn’t try to overthrow the state. She asks him if he became a bad boy when he went out into the outside world, gently chastizing him. Fully transformed into the Queen of the Flower Storm, she then turns to the group and tells them: “Dear travelers, welcome to our Elfhelm.”

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  1. Great General Ri Shin - August 24, 2016 at 7:21 pm #

    The calm before the storm
    The beautiful drawings and feature do not fit Berserk.

  2. Kouhei - August 24, 2016 at 7:21 pm #

    I’ve never being the first!

  3. eric v - August 24, 2016 at 8:00 pm #

    It’s going to be sad when griffith’s rape demons sodomize the tree and everyone in it both figuratively and literally.

    I’m torn between how it will go, guts going bat shit insane with the berserker armor would be cool, but him also being like he was vs the sea god for the final war would also be nice.

    Also admin… heads up… this manga is BEYOND monthly with updates, so… thanks for at least this section :D

    • Samuelle - August 25, 2016 at 9:28 pm #

      I vaguely remember waiting a year for the next chapter, and had to re read the whole series as I couldn’t remember what happened

      • eric v - August 26, 2016 at 12:10 am #

        Only a year? I remember the nearly 20 something month break he went on…. I have reread the story many times over. Love it deeply, but the story’s driven itself to a corner… he has irreplaceable comrades, diminishing his whole “lone vengeance thing” which makes me worry everyone will die driving him to the deep end or something similar.

        If caska comes back to normality, lord knows how she will react, she was barely stable as it was when griffith got captured… Skull knight (cough king gesherick cough) hinted that she probably won’t appreciate being back to normal….

        But Guts has no other ties to sanity, unless him and the little witch girl get it on, which wouldn’t be to my tastes…. and she’s the only thing that’s kept him from jasoning the gang multiple times already….

        The story is either VERY far from over as gutts finds other survivors/”strugglers” (unlikely) to form his own army of anti demons… or something is about to thrust him into going apeshit all over griffith and his gang with elfen-enchanted bullshit.

        I just hope it’s as captivating as it has been so far :) What do you think will happen?

  4. LogicoftheVI - August 24, 2016 at 10:23 pm #

    One Piece hype!!!

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    Chapter is out in english.

    • eric v - August 31, 2016 at 9:20 am #


  6. antarus - August 29, 2016 at 4:31 pm #

    section is as full as bleach was before the final chapters lol

    • sctr - August 29, 2016 at 5:01 pm #

      Coz Bleach was a bullshit, and Berserk is unpredictable.

  7. Lol - September 9, 2016 at 11:32 am #