Toriko 「トリコ 第 388 話」Spoilers Discussion

2016 September 21

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10 Responses to “Toriko 「トリコ 第 388 話」Spoilers Discussion”

  1. Pirate King - September 21, 2016 at 6:54 am #


  2. akagami - September 21, 2016 at 8:23 am #

    ■ strength was awakening of !!

    The awakening was Toriko soundtrack and acacia is watching.

    Three tiger (gourmet cells …)

    (Devil’s appetite is wanted Ya been eaten by themselves Toriko …)

    Acacia (guy also …)

    (The “appetite” to my thing …)

    Acacia laugh Innovation Niya

    Acacia “cry just Nakijaku’ by”

    “Do Ne Ja has been refreshing face Toriko”

    Toriko to look up to the sky in silence “……”

    “Mouth had enter tears even …”

    “Exquisite taste was …”

    Pounce acacia question asked to do so speak Trico

    Acacia “If even this punch”

    “Tasted try …”

    Acacia eyes grow wide.
    Imperceptibly Toriko fist was imminent in front of the eyes.

    Buttobasa The acacia is going to go around the Earth in its impact.

    Toriko to catch with one hand acacia came back to round.

    Toriko spoilers latest 388 episodes 389 episodes picture Barre


    Toriko “park that played I was a child.”

    “To look narrowly into adulthood.”

    “Earth feel small.”

    Acacia take a distance from Toriko.

    Toriko “What …”

    “Appetite such as this torrent is …”

    Acacia notice something behind.


    Light in the shape of a person begins around at tremendous speed surrounds the Toriko us.
    Before long, it becomes a vortex, wrap the two like a tornado.

    Paper is flowing that says “GOD” from its torrent.

    Toriko “This is …”

    “The efficacy of GOD (Power) -”

    Paper that says GOD is fit to full course Table of Trico.

    Toriko spoilers latest 388 episodes 389 episodes picture Barre (2)

    Toriko “finally full course.”

    “I received the main”

    Toriko full course menu
    ■ hors d’oeuvres (appetizers) — BB corn
    ■ soup ——– Century soup
    ■ fish cuisine ——– Ogai-distant sea of ​​memory –
    ■ meat dishes ——–
    ■ main dishes (main) ——- GOD
    ■ salad ——– air
    ■ dessert ——- rainbow real
    ■ drink ——- virion Bird Eggs

    Toriko “This is also everyone is of thanks.”

    “And …”

    Acacia Pointing Toriko.

    “After that in you.”

    “Hidden in the many ingredients” meat “…”

    “So full course of I is completed.”

    “Well …”

    “Neo such issues a 顏”

    Acacia (this guy …)

    (Do not have noticed …)

    At that time, Bambina that appears behind the acacia.

    Bambina “float”

    Acacia “Oh?”

    Toriko “Bambina … or recovered by eating GOD”

    “It’s expected … other Hachio (everyone) is …”

    Toriko to see the state of Hachio us.

    Toriko spoilers latest 388 episodes 389 episodes picture Bale (3)

    Satan is dying, whale king also dying, Karasuo has long ago died.

    Toriko (or Umao originally minute play is slow Do … Karasuo had been using a lot of physical strength at birth is difficult recovery of eaten directly to Neo part …)

    (Jao’s like it was still no good …)


    Toriko to turn around to hear have voice.
    Voice had sounded out of GOD.

    “This is cooking completion of GOD !!”

    “It’s ready OK I !!”

    Toriko (……… Komatsu …)

    (I … later say …)

    (I’m They’re you want Kuwase ahead …)

    (Hachio and other ours if you do not have everyone would have been long ago killed …)

    (Previously from bite only even say … that person, et al …)

    Four Heavenly Kings + Teppei that appear there.


    “I Do not Tsuken looking Trico”

    “We are good at last …”

    Toriko “here !! Sunny !!”

    “Zebra Teppei !!”

    Furthermore GOD opens the mouth, tongue.

    Nakaume Otake Komatsu standing in the back.
    Komatsu guts pose for the tears to the eyes.

    Toriko “Komatsu”

    “well done!!”

    Acacia “Aw”

    “Tide reverse …”

    “That it Tage say even Do not fly us …”

    Three tiger “good …”

    “Since I came …”

    “Originally tide’s this side …”

    Soundtrack to stand behind the acacia have been having a star Jun aside.
    Acacia to see the glimpse star.

    Acacia (death just before …)

    (What was knocking …?)

    Acacia “as usual imitation is good Do not … certainly Soundtrack …”

    “You are” said to regrettable where “the most …”

    “You of the emotion (anger) is likely to reach to my appetite.”

    “We put out a good” taste “… still …”

    Three tiger to see the acacia in silence.

    Acacia “I think one, but …”

    “I think we Why eat?”

    “To leave the live for? Descendants?”


    “Just because appetite frame”

    “Not even for share something also … let alone with someone because of the kind of prosperity we eat …”

    “Absolute desire to be top priority more than anything is a more selfish and appetite (things).”

    “I became want to die …”

    “Appetite does stop …”

    Three tiger “………”

    Remember the death of his Furoze.

    Three tiger “Even so sad … what belly Hell …”

    Acacia “belly eat Once heh … in it, nothing had not happened the universe …”

    “It’s only human to have been dominated by the emotion …”

    Trico “……”


    “I want to ask only one thing …”

    “I and the …”

    “I and the star Jun …”

    “I was born from …” affection “of Anta and Furoze?”

    “I was born from or” appetite “?”


    “Would just appetite”

    Acacia put a force on the palm.

    Trico “………”

    Acacia “affection … even anger …”

    “Fukurame play if …”

    “Dust and become …”

    “Disappeared eliminated by …”

    Arm of acacia that make a Mikimiki and sound.

    “I just shatter fragile in front of never disappear no appetite (things) …”

    Acacia to extend the googled and finger.

    “Three tiger … even you of the anger … after all were not able to break my appetite …”

    Three tiger “and disappear me of this anger is someday?”

    “It’s what I hope to reverse …”

    Acacia “” taste “Moso will”

    “Earth of taste is already swollen to the limit.”

    “What was pent-up will fall play with any explosion, but … but the taste is unexpected disappear ……”

    “Umami is also I unlike the Bullshit emotions of it … you guys born again become the next of taste …”

    “The only even ah …… No one only … feelings …”

    “My favorite” feelings (mackerel) “There was a ne …”

    Acacia exploitable a force on the palm.

    “It’s Tage referred to as the frame is aligned with all resurrected …”

    “Condition of I (frames) are aligned is my words …”

    Everyone aware of the earth tremor.

    “Now —”

    “Let me Shakushaku … of you guys the” despair “— !!”

    Large palm wrap the earth.

    Sunny “!! Uwaa”

    Toriko “Chi … !! Are you trying to stomp each Earth?”

    Pairs that appear in there.

    Pair “Now Begin”

    Toriko “!”


    Pair “say what is even going on.”

    “Never” despair “Do not be.”

    [Area 1]

    Earth inside … the entrance to the “area 0” —

    Toriko spoilers latest 388 episodes 389 episodes picture Barre (5)

    Appearance of gourmet cells in it? Aimaru swimming in.

    Aimaru (…)

    (Continued …)

    (Limit …)

    (The other body does not have)

    Finally the light in the line of sight of the first.


    (That light …)

    Aimaru exit Innovation Dopo from liquid.



    Fall Aimaru, raising the face …

    Aimaru “……”

    “This … is here …”

    Toriko spoilers latest 388 episodes 389 episodes picture Barre (6)

    It had spread the world full of one side food in there.

    ■ full of food !! here “area 0” !!

    It continued to Toriko (TORIKO) 389 episode spoilers !!

  3. akagami - September 21, 2016 at 9:12 am #

    Everyone is watching Toriko followin what happened previous chapter
    Acacia is laughing saying what Toriko did is the same as he did
    Suddenly Toriko’s fist is right in front of Acacia
    Acacia is blown away around the earth, Toriko catches him with one arm
    Toriko said Earth feels so small now
    Lights/Souls surrounding Acacia and Toriko
    This part is unclear, but it seems they fed Bambina GOD as well
    8 kings : Mother Snake is dying I think, Crow King is dead, Whale King is dying, seems like Heracles still alive not sure
    The cooking of GOD is complete,
    Teppei and 4HK are fine, GOD opens its mouth and Komatsu/Ume/Take appear there greeting Toriko
    Some talk between Acacia/Midora/Toriko about emotions and appetite
    Toriko asks Acacia whether him and Star were born out of Frohze/Acacia’s love or simply appetite ?
    Acacia decides to get serious, use the palm attack which covers the entire earth
    Meanwhile, Aimaru arrived inside Area 0 which is full of food and seems to contain unlimited food supply

    • akagami - September 21, 2016 at 9:13 am #

      Better translation.

  4. Kouhei - September 21, 2016 at 2:19 pm #

    The chapter is not that good. Too much talk.

    The “Earth feels so small now” part is epic! But nothing really happened. We just see people showing up, some ate God, Komatsu and the others prepared it, but no details.

    The center part is surprising. Let’s how it goes.


    • LogicoftheVI - September 21, 2016 at 3:21 pm #

      I am definitely interested in learning what the interior is all about. I have been curious since we learned about the gourmet mantel and that the original Earth was covered by the Gourmet Earth.

      I don’t mind all the talking but the dialogue could have been better.

  5. Great General Ri Shin - September 21, 2016 at 3:10 pm #

    Yeah I bang my wife because of *appetite*
    You are Fucking stupid Acacia..

    I not a fan of this appetite this and that. It really repetitive and how Toriko power level spiked once again. It gonna spike up 2 more times I bet..

  6. Blink Blink No Mi - September 21, 2016 at 4:21 pm #

    Area 0, GOD…none of this matters right now.
    Please, please just show the 3rd demon in full form.

    • LogicoftheVI - September 21, 2016 at 7:37 pm #

      Right, I do believe it’s going to take Center and God to get that third demon active though.

  7. Leptor - September 22, 2016 at 5:49 am #

    Good chapter.

    As I say a lot, I’m not a big fan of Toriko’s power development, so while some of the scenes in this chapter are pretty bad ass they mostly come off as forced. Still, the action is pretty awesome, and the illustrations are great. Especially the page of Area 0. It sort of balances out the insanity of the war going on. The level of power is insane, though. Acacia’s Planet Crushing Technique looks pretty awesome.

    I give this chapter a 4/10.