Berserk 348 Spoiler

2017 March 22

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berserk 348 spoiler

berserk 348 spoiler

berserk 348 spoiler

berserk 348 spoiler

Schierke wonders what kind of horrible thing happened to make Casca keep this scenery in her mind. Farnese asks why there is a mountain in the distance, but Schierke answers that for now they can’t know, and that their goal is to figure out the meaning of everything they encounter little by little. That journey of understanding in itself is their goal.

When they first see the dog, Schierke notices his front left paw and the emblem on the coffin. Farnese also comments after the fight that the dog doesn’t see them as his enemies. And of course they quickly put together that in this world, the dog is Guts.

Upon finding the little sprite, Schierke mentions that she’s agitated, just like the Casca they know. She also tells Farnese that it must be deeply related to the current Casca, and so she should be careful to not let it be blown away (we can see that wind is blowing in that panel). Farnese tells the little Casca to please be calm and stay still (as she’s placing her within the husk), and that she’s sorry but she’ll play with her again later (the same way she speaks to Casca in the real world).

EDIT: More specifically, Schierke says “This is in the heart of Casca’s mind. If the girl (Casca) is separated from the doll, I think, it might influence Casca in the current world.”

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    Holy hell, this looks great.

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    Looks like a great chapter!

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    Author sure like do shock values a whole lot..

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    Which would you guys prefer not to be on haitus, Berserk of Hunter x Hunter?

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      That’s like asking “would you rather lose your left testicle or right?”

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        Not for me.

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      HxH has nothing on Berserk.

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        You sure about that?

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          LMAO!!! This is like comparing apples to oranges anyway. One is aimed at children and the other one at adults. One is about friendship and the other has very dark mature themes.

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      I pick world trigger, at least that manga has a future

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      Since I don’t know HxH I would want Berserk not to have breakes.

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    Holy smokes this chapter looks great.

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