One Piece 860 Spoiler「ワンピース ネタバレ」 第860話

2017 March 22

One Piece 860 Spoiler: The last Chapter end with Luffy meeting and discussion with Bege……!!! So what happens next..? find out story on One Piece 859 Spoiler Discussion 「ワンピース ネタバレ」 第860話 at if you would like to discuss the Spoiler or prediction, please leave a comment below.

One Piece 860 Spoilers Summaries

Sources : Oro Jackson
Trans: Sandman & Redon

ONEPIECE Ch. 860 10:00 Opening of the Reception

Pekomz has been left by himself at the eastern bay entrance.
Aladine and the others have left the island according to Jinbe’s instructions.

Jinbe gives a detailed explanation of the roulette
The numbers written on the roulette collectively represent the number of victims fallen to the punishments.
Jinbe, who wasn’t going to suffer that ridiculous punishment, gave instructions for them to make a break for it from the island in the confusion of the incident at the tea party.
End Flashback

The Vinsmokes are walking through the castle, and the ceremony location appears to be a rooftop.
The guests to the tea party arrive one after another.

Loan Shark King “The God of Fortune” – Le Feld
Red Light District Queen – Stussy
Great Mortician – Drug Pietro
The World Economic Journal President “Big News” – Morganz
The Veteran Warehouse “The Concealer” Giberson
The King of Shipping “Deep Current” Umit

They all arrive to the rooftop by a candy escalator made by Perospero

In font of the place of the tea ceremony, Organ Trader Jigra is making a fuss about getting inside. He is stubbornly refusing to a bodycheck by Bege, but is shot someone and loses his life.

There is a lone figure on the top of the gate.
Big Mom Pirates – One of the 3 Sweet Commanders
The Second son of the Charlotte Family
Charlotte Katakuri – 1,057,000,000 bounty

According to Bege, he is an extremely troublesome man and monster whose bounty has exceeded 1 billion and has honed his Observation Haki to such a degree that he can see a little bit into the future

Katakuri explains that he saw into the future that Big Mom had ordered him to assassinate Jigra.

Big Mom arrives at the location, and the Tea Party begins.


More information, thanks sandman

Quote Originally Posted by sandman View Post
Spoiler provider says that Katakuri looks younger than expected and his hair is short and black.
He also says KatakurI’s body looks robust and his face is cool.

One Piece 860 Spoiler Trivia: Capone Bege is named after the real life 1920’s gangster, Alphonse “Al” Capone. His inspiration is both from Al Capone as well as the English privateer, William le Sauvage. He also shares his birthday with Al Capone, with them both being born on January 17

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  1. antarus - March 25, 2017 at 4:19 pm #

    prediction, altrough this should ve obvious for everyone.

    return of knifeman sanji, in this arc. since the enemies have food DFs, it makes perfect sense.

    • antarus - March 25, 2017 at 4:29 pm #

      Watch again fight of sanji with wanze to see the awesomeness

    • GomoGomoNo - March 25, 2017 at 4:44 pm #

      It’s possible I guess, but Sanji did already mention to his father than he doesn’t use swords. That could either be signal that he will or wont in this arc.

      • antarus - March 25, 2017 at 5:30 pm #

        I don’t expect him to use swords, just normal kitchen knifes

  2. antarus - March 25, 2017 at 4:29 pm #

    do you think katakuri is the cook of the crew?

    • GomoGomoNo - March 25, 2017 at 4:45 pm #

      …I’m pretty sure every Minister is a cook. And probably most of the other kids too.

      • antarus - March 25, 2017 at 4:54 pm #

        I expect a hunger based sad flashback from BM, same like sanji’s first one.

        She was starving then mother caramel found her, took care of her, teached her how to cook. that’s why she values her so much

  3. Big dick johnson - March 25, 2017 at 4:30 pm #

    What yall think of the justice league trailer?

    • Law of Ueki - March 25, 2017 at 4:42 pm #

      nicely done.

    • GomoGomoNo - March 25, 2017 at 4:47 pm #

      Batman vs Superman was such garbage I don’t even want to watch the trailer for this.

      • Big dick johnson - March 25, 2017 at 4:59 pm #

        While I do agree that they could have made ir shorter by cutting some stuff out. It wasn’t complete my bad. Fantastic 4 was bad.

    • antarus - March 25, 2017 at 5:00 pm #

      It’s ok.

      I just dislike aquaman. I remember him some kind of thor blonde, here he is some kind of Connan the barbarian lol

      and I dislike that cheap CGI cyborg. I would rather if they just give him a suit if they can’t make proper CGI.

      JUst look at IRONMAN CG1, IT LOOKS SO REAL compared to this sht cyborg has

      • antarus - March 25, 2017 at 5:02 pm #

        And what’s this bs justice League without superman.

        They killed superman in his second movie and he is out of the 3rd movie, justice League build without him.

        • Dr Sexy - March 25, 2017 at 5:14 pm #

          I think superman would be in the justice league movie wearing his black supes suit.

          Concerning CGI, I think the flash look real good in the trailer, I haven’t seen much of cyborg but unlike Ironman, Cyborg is part human and part robot and he isn’t wearing an iron armor so they are different and should look different.

    • Dr Sexy - March 25, 2017 at 5:18 pm #

      I think the movie would be a bit slow paced, which is not necessarily a bad thing. The reason I believe so is because of the recruitment process. The trailer does look interesting though.

    • Savage - March 25, 2017 at 5:56 pm #

      Epic Hype!!

    • Savage - March 25, 2017 at 5:58 pm #

      Some marvelously salty fanboys…

      • Persona - March 25, 2017 at 6:23 pm #

        Antarus is right about cyborg, the cgi is fuking bad. His arms looked like a skeleton arms.
        N superman probably on his way into resurrection, he’ll show up at the middle of the movie.

        • Savage - March 25, 2017 at 6:50 pm #

          I’m talking about fanboys all over the Internet. And the CGI is fine, he can easily transform, if not in this movie the next one. Dc is listing to it’s fans and that’s key.

    • raja - March 25, 2017 at 6:29 pm #

      Don’t worry JL have simple story as Compare Mess up BvS

      Most of CGI stuff always fixed until release

      Justice League gonna be EPIC

      • big dick johnson - March 25, 2017 at 8:23 pm #


    • antarus - March 26, 2017 at 8:54 am #

      did they say green lantern will show up in this movie or next one?

      • Law of Ueki - March 26, 2017 at 9:14 am #

        ppl said this one.. as a cameo..

  4. God of this Site - March 25, 2017 at 6:43 pm #

    What do you think about Mr Robot?

  5. MOH D. Cheraitia - March 25, 2017 at 8:17 pm #

    i dont get it why some ppl alwys put shanks above other yonko , just cuz he looks awesome and he’s luffys friend ? if we are honest compared to other yonko he looks the weakest one

    • me - March 26, 2017 at 12:29 am #

      simply becoz his crew consists of what?? 16 members??
      Whitebeard: 16 commanders each 1000 man plus 47 pirate crew allies
      Big Mum: 34 ministers plus numerous underworld allies
      Kaido: 14 commanders (according to cards) and their men plus Shogun and want country allies plus 500 Smile users army
      Blackbeard: 10 commanders each with a fleet

      • Nidai Kitetsu - March 26, 2017 at 12:51 am #

        WB had 100 men per division, not 1000.
        the Shogun is probably the Ace thus falls within the 13 cards.

        and there’s no reason to suspect that Shanks doesn’t have a fleet, we’ve seen that he has a main crew plus we’ve see that he does recruit new pirates like Rockstar.

        • Persona - March 26, 2017 at 2:28 am #

          Even without fleet, shanks should’ve lots of allies. N with no fleet, it makes shanks even better as a yonkou as he doesn’t need an army to conquer 1/4 of nw. That makes him stronger than the others.

        • Persona - March 26, 2017 at 2:29 am #

          **looks stronger

        • Nidai Kitetsu - March 26, 2017 at 2:56 am #

          well we’ve seen that his crew is fairly big. every time we see them they’re essentially in 2 groups, the main leaders are in a central area while the fodder are more scattered around, but there’s still quite a few of them.

          when Shanks left Luffy’s village his ship was full of people.

          when Mihawk showed up to talk about Luffy, he was spotted by some fodder on the beach who then came to tell Shanks.

          he’s clearly got a lot more crew members than we’ve seen, it’s just that the details are still limited and so we don’t know the make up of his crew, hell we don’t even know the names of his crew members outside of Shanks, Beckman, Yasopp, Roo and Rockstar.

        • me - March 26, 2017 at 3:01 am #

          I think (my opinion) that Shanks crew consists of a limited number of people but he has many friends as he is a partier and has a lot of influence in many kingdoms, Elbaf for instance being one of them

  6. big dick johnson - March 25, 2017 at 9:10 pm #

    as far as kaidous commanders go any one have an idea of what their nickname will be?

    We know that they are called calamities- which is defined as a event causing great and often sudden damage or distress.

    jack is known as “the drought”. this was shown perfectly in zou.

    What other ones could the commanders be? seeing as Kaidou has animals df users among him. I believe that his commanders will have DF abilities of animals that can predict natural disasters or they themselves will already be an animal. Elephants are among those that can predict natural disasters. the elephant DF eater and commander in kaidous crew is Jack.

    Other animals that can sense disasters are Dogs, snakes, bats, bees, cats, underground animals, snakes. horses, and cows, and sharks.

    I just cant see cow, horse, cat or bee df among kaidous commanders (notice I said DF). so Im thinking that kaidous commanders could have one of the following:

    1.Snake DF user: type Basalisk. They may be able to cause immense amount of pain, and their poison will easily spread around like a plague?

    2.Dog DF user: type Pitbull: dogs tend to dig a lot of holes so maybe oda will have them represent the sink whole calamity?

    3.Bat DF user: We may just see a vampire. Its highly possible as this was teased in thriller bark when brook was introduced. this is also when we found out that kaidou had defeated moriah. Vampires are form hell,lol, so maybe fire camality?

    4. Some sort of Underground animal: Weasel, Worm perhaps? They fight underground and can cause some of the earth plates to shift if plenty holes are dug. Can some what symbolize earth quake calamity.

    Also jack was a shark fishman, which is one of the animals that can sense natural disasters. I think oda may include a mink as a commander among kaidous crew. Maybe a outcast, outlaw, or some mink thought to be dead. This may explain how jack was able to get to zou. By using his fellow commanders vivre card. This means that not all commanders may have Zoan type abilities as they themselves will already be an animal.

    Just 1 more thing. I believe One of kaidous commanders might have a wind logia, or a air bender like DF that allows them to control air, wind, or clouds. I think dragon will just be a very powerful haki user that has developed his skills enough to actually control the weather. like what happened when shanks and WB clashed.

    Side note: Flamingos are said to also predict natural disasters. Doflamingo was dressed like one and was taken down by luffy in desrosa.

    • Doflamingo - March 26, 2017 at 4:09 am #

      I like that doflamingo part neat observation. Honestly I think kaido’s commanders are b in the horsemen of the Apocalypse. Jack is most likely famine which happens during a drought. The remaining are war, pestilence and death.

      • Big dick johnson - March 26, 2017 at 4:16 am #

        Oh yea I read that theory before. Well that’s more likely to be it. But I think it will partially tie in what I said about the zoans df abilities. Hopefully

      • asd - March 28, 2017 at 8:19 am #

        The horsemen in order are:
        So Jack should be Pestilence.
        Samurai shogun should be Famine, since he will be the next strong guy under Kaido to be introduced.
        Then War and Death.

        I want a 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse theme too, but I think it won’t happen with Kaido.
        Tho when we learnt about Kaido and Jack a bit, I thought that one of Kaido’s top 3 men should be a carnivorous animal DF for example saber tooth tiger, who could be “Famine”, coz everywhere he goes he eats p everything leaving the islands to hunger.

        Also Jack can be “the Drought” coz he is a fishman who can’t touch water due to his DF.

        • asd - March 28, 2017 at 11:51 am #

          I swapped Famine and War by accident. So in this case the shogun should be War.

  7. Law of Ueki - March 26, 2017 at 5:29 am #

    oh that Gowther back story..
    cheezee at first but nice at the end.
    An okay chapter, n it explains the doll gowther is.

  8. Yawn - March 26, 2017 at 3:29 pm #

    He is the second son…what about the first son ? plus Big MAM crew is made up of her blood family.Does that mean she started piracy after marriage or her original crew is dead or defected that still remains to speculate

    • Persona - March 26, 2017 at 3:36 pm #

      Perospespero is the 1st son.

    • Sakanade - March 26, 2017 at 3:58 pm #

      Ever seen crews consisting of grannies ? Most pirate crews got young members.

  9. Sane - March 26, 2017 at 4:04 pm #

    This is the perfect time for another break from One Piece. 10 chapter break seems perfect.

    Gonna stick to My Hero academia and Kingdom til then.

  10. antarus - March 26, 2017 at 4:54 pm #

    Chapter 861 prediction:

    Weeding starts, sanji enter the scene. He spots POtato starch and has a small flashback( capone told him that once pudding fails to kll him and vinsmokes, it’s potato starch’s job to handle them. sanji has to fight him)

    SAanji makes eye contact with katakuri and they talk. Katakuri guesses what sanji is about to say and sanji is amazed. the argur and sanji kicks him only for katakuri to say…I saw that coming from a mile and easily blocks it with his hand.

    Pudding enters the scene. she has flashback. BM told her that after the wedding she has t oerase everyone memories, or else news will fly around the world that bm kills her partners and they won’t marry into her family anymore.

    Sanji is in love looking at pudding. Nami is jelous looking from irror world and angry at pudding.

    The speach with the vows starts. Then… they are about to Kiss. pudding is reaching for her tities and pulls a gun.

    CHAPTER END. break next week

  11. whatever you say yama is the strongest - March 26, 2017 at 4:55 pm #

    spoilers ToG 246:
    Urek has to wear an ankle bracelet to conceal its power and so garam won’t notice, the bracelet will break if you use more than 5 % of his power so only this using 0,5 % of his power to fight Against Karaka. Remember that urek wangnan is a partner of rape and says it’s good to see you again, karaka wondered about that. Hell Joe took the actual eyes of hockney along with the fragment of the spine and left, mata saved him by taking him deza who gave hockney special eyes she has now and made a deal with him, hockney lost his head and forgot his Past including the deal with deza. Rachel, BAM, kills and hockney agree to work together, come up with a plan and go to the castle of hell Joe

  12. antarus - March 26, 2017 at 7:18 pm #

    why is ichigo..ji only one in the family wearing White shirt while all full black?

    • Komori Ningen - March 28, 2017 at 6:24 am #

      Ichigo..Ji is the ultimate Germa Soldier

      He’s on a league on his own compared to the other Vinsmoke

      This is how. I class them strength wise

      1) Ichiji

      2) Sanji

      3) Reiju

      4) Niji

      5) Yonji

      6) Judji

      Not so sure who’s stronger between Niji and Reiju though but the I’m sure about the rest

  13. antarus - March 26, 2017 at 7:27 pm #

    I think Du feld is related to crocodile. compare cover page with du feld, son and pops.

    • Cp3.14 - March 28, 2017 at 9:21 am #

      I definitely believe crocodile and mr1 have to ties to the underworld, mr1 most likely also has ties to the 5 families that Capone was involved with, since mr1 was previously an assasin from that same sea, and also Baroque works was set up like a crime organization, also he appeared to have a deep past with DD

    • GomoGomoNo - March 28, 2017 at 3:37 pm #

      That would actually be really cool if he was was Crocodile’s dad.

  14. antarus - March 26, 2017 at 8:00 pm #

    HOW WILL THE WEDDING GO DOWN, continue from my previous chapter 860 prediction post:

    Pudding pulls the gun and tries to shoot sanji. sanji dodges with his CoO. Katakur is amazed, he notes his Coo is great.

    everyone is in shock .

    bm pirates pull guns at vinsmokes… sanji jumps and beats them, protecting them.

    vinsmokes realise whats going on and start to help. they srat to fight bm pirates. judge calls his ship of underlings.

    Luffy shows up JUMPS OUT OF THE GIFTS(activating the fishman bomb). he goes after the picture and ripps it apart.

    bm has flashback… for 3 seconds

    everyone attacks luffy, but he holds his own with g3 and vinsmokes.

    sanji fights katakuri. reiju attacks pudding.

    Bm finishes her flashback and starts to scream…lasts 5 seconds andmost go asleep from her CoCs.

    Capone shows up, and starts to shoot with 3 weapons. he shoots all 3 and then smiles. we did it!

    CC shows up with mirrors:

    both smile thinking BM is dead. CC is very pleased of his weapon that can kil even yonkous.

    Luffy smells something is fishy.

    BM WAKES UP! Capone and CC are amazed. BM:* You think you can beat me with those craps?

    CC:” no way, he body is full of poison… it can’t be”

    perospero attacks CC and he loses the mirror

    All bm pirates suround germa and luffy and capone pirates. They are outnumbered.

    Luffy and capone know…all out battle now, no other way. luffy smiles.

    BM:” you are going down”

    BOMB EXPLODES(fishman bomb dummy -_-)

    everyone is defeated, excluding the strongest in the BM crew, the cake is ruined. inly ones left are notmal executives and sweet commander from BM’s screw. Luffy protected vinsmokes, sanji, capone, and his allies with his body.

    mirrow world team with nami, jimbei, Pedro, shows up for help.

    the creatures from books all escape and get in the wedding room, mont’dor is defeated

    Big bird sides with vinsmokes, and other guests we saw introduced side with capone because they are his secret allies.

    BM goes one her rampage, fighting luffy and capone.

    (i’ve said the rest of the match ups in earlier post)

    Luffy manages to fool BM into giojng next to capone, capturing her in his body, whre fight moves)

    Katakuri vs sanji: sanji gets his as handed to him, but judge and ichiji help him.

    smoothie vs jimbei

    luffy uses g4 bound man teamping up with capone that has full castle control. they note poison weakened bm since she still gets damage.

    they get beat up. Luffy uses tankman. and has sumo battle with BM. he almost defeats BM with tankman….but she still stands. capone stabs BM wit hseastone spear from behind….she falls…dead.

    sanji and all brothers, judge fight katakuri. he can transform everything into jellybeans. and shots judge dead.

    sanji and bros have emotional moment. they seem al ldefeated too.

    Sanji angry has flashback with ivankov. dragon visited her home in the 2 years. dragon trained sanji in CoO and haki.

    Sanji goes ”ghost mode”. katakuri fails to land any attack on sanji.

    then he uses Armaments on his legs and fire. Black dragon king attack from thr skies and defeats katakuri. ichiji finishes off katakuri with his sword at neck.

    jimbei is in danger. smoothie extracted all his body liquid. but he uses some fishman technique that recovers all liquid and beats smoothie

    • lucci - March 26, 2017 at 11:07 pm #

      not bad not bad.

      but will not happen, maybe you luckily guessed a detail right, but the big picture will look different

    • Billy - March 27, 2017 at 9:52 am #

      Not in you people’s dreams Fonji can dream about winning against Katakuri.

      Baseless claims from everyone of you.

      • antarus - March 27, 2017 at 3:12 pm #

        did you read my prediction? sanji and his entire family will fight katakuri.

        • me - March 27, 2017 at 3:47 pm #

          Even if Sanji was Katakuri’s biggest weakness seeing as Katakuri’s fighting abilities are food based and ontop of that Sanji receives help during the fight. I believe Sanji does have a final attack powerful enough to cook Katakuri

        • antarus - March 27, 2017 at 4:57 pm #

          it’s more about the combined damage he gets from all bros, sanji and judge that makes him weak enough for sanji’s fina lattack to beats him.

          like wb in the war,

        • me - March 27, 2017 at 5:14 pm #

          Old and Sick Whitebeard is an entire level above Katakuri. Help that saves Sanji when he’s in deep shit and then more help to weaken Katakuri should be (theoretically) enough for Sanji to defeat him. NOT 10 Vice Admiral level characters fighting with all their might and abilities and losing completely, that’s Kaido and Old Whitebeard level

  15. Amashi - March 27, 2017 at 12:02 am #

    So with the surprise entry for luffy it is kinda obvious the trigger will be the gun shot, but if no one else has brought this up, my friend told me what if before the gunshot BM opens the tamateko box and the explosion ends up confusing luffy, making him think its the trigger so he ends up jumping out earlier than planned.

    • Nidai Kitetsu - March 27, 2017 at 3:18 am #

      the box feels more like a final straw type thing, that pushes Big Mom over the limit after everyone else has already been defeated

      • antarus - March 27, 2017 at 7:26 am #

        I think the box will be used because BM has so many fodders crew, this way only her strongest men are left

        • Nidai Kitetsu - March 27, 2017 at 7:32 am #

          BMs CoC from the photo being broken.

          rampaging beasts from the library

          help from others after the plan fails.

        • antarus - March 27, 2017 at 10:34 am #

          how long does coc even last. like they will be ko for a few minutes?

        • Nidai Kitetsu - March 27, 2017 at 11:08 am #

          the fishmen that Luffy KO’d were down for the whole fight, as were all the people that Luffy KO’d in the war, excluding Mr 3.

    • Big dick johnson - March 27, 2017 at 5:38 am #

      Maybe one of the underworld noses will come across the box and get greedy and decide to open it.

      I think the presents are going to be placed next to the wedding cake. So the explosion of the box will completely destroy the cake and cause big mum to loose it.

    • me - March 27, 2017 at 3:58 pm #

      I predict its gonna be a hilarious moment:
      Big Mum will sit happily as Pudding and Sanji walk to each other with the Tamateako box in her hands.
      Sanji dodges the bullet, Germa retaliate, Gusts are astonished, Luffy jumps up, wedding cake eaten by Luffy who was in it.
      A very enraged Big Mum (before ripping of Mother Caramel) because of Sanji not dying, Germa retaliating, Cake destruction, Luffy showing up etc. will rise from her massive thrown with that angry face we see on her having all us readers holding our breaths….. only to be blasted back to her seat by the Tamaetako chest bomb :P
      Everyone attacks Luffy at once who had just eaten the cake and he bounces them all off with Tank Man Full version.
      He returns to normal size, jumps to the table and rips Mother Caramel.
      Big Mum (who’s face is all soot from the bomb) lets out CoC… only for us to be surprised once again by an unfazed Luffy who returns the wave of CoC with a powerful clash of his own (remember how Brook was unfazed by the Yonko’s wrath, Luffy too will surprise everyone)
      All three PX Launchers are launched at Big Mum. Katakuri and Smoothie stop/deflect one each with their powers and Big Mum gets hit by the third. She survives screaming that she’s a fucken Yonko. But she’s weakened and the battle begins

  16. scrub - March 27, 2017 at 5:28 am #

    are there no mods left here or what D:

  17. Persona - March 27, 2017 at 11:21 am #

    Bm’s coc will ko’ed most of her own forces, leaving the strong behind.
    This is yet another reason bm can be defeated this arc. Sh isn’t outnumbered. Mwahahah.

  18. Persona - March 27, 2017 at 12:06 pm #

    Bm’s tea party:
    -germa tech failed to acquire, more so germa will be their enemy along with elbaf. Bet she’ll hate pudding for that.
    -the best treasure from FI blew up.
    -her new pet brook escaped from her grasp.
    -brulee, diesel, opera, n more failed her.
    -bege out of alliance became a traitor.
    -jinbe rebelled n joined sh.
    -mother caramel’s photo is broken.
    Now u tell me how sh gonna escape her wrath.
    My answer: they won’t, they’ll have to fight n win.

  19. Dr Sexy - March 27, 2017 at 12:43 pm #

    Why do ppl still read this manga(OP) ??

    1/ It is good
    2/ They wanna know the ending
    3/ They are idiots!


    • Crono29 - March 27, 2017 at 10:19 pm #

      Arent you a naruto reader?

      Go chase your boy crush and bring him back to the village.

  20. Law of Ueki - March 27, 2017 at 1:34 pm #

    ironic whiner, lmao

  21. Kouhei - March 27, 2017 at 1:43 pm #

    This Gowther Gaiden, I don’t know why people were so hyped about it.

    TPN was fantastic! Ray on fire, man!

    • Sakanade - March 27, 2017 at 2:56 pm #

      Emotionally shit.

  22. antarus - March 27, 2017 at 2:44 pm #

    So you guys think the shogun is the ” king” among the calamities, or someone else?

    • Suki - March 27, 2017 at 3:20 pm #

      Prob somebody else.

    • Hi Shin Unit - March 27, 2017 at 3:57 pm #

      He is the “Ace” within Kaido’s crew.

    • me - March 27, 2017 at 4:00 pm #

      He is an ally. I think King, Queen and Jack are reserved for his calamities who are part of his personal crew. Mingo who was an ally was Joker so as @HiShinUnit said I think Shogun’s epithet will be Ace

    • Triple-X Drake - March 27, 2017 at 5:50 pm #

      IMO him being an “ACE” would make him Kaido’s subordinate. There are two jokers in a deck, so he may be the other joker like doflamingo

    • Komori Ningen - March 28, 2017 at 6:42 am #

      I believe the shogun is not part of Kaido’s crew
      They are just allied

  23. whatever you say yama is the strongest - March 27, 2017 at 4:19 pm #

    kingdom , Tower of god and berserk are blessing to the human civilization. each one of there has epic level of plot with each chapter is knitted with such care that it would be surprising to find any okey chapter.One with an epic tale of unification of a country, another is about a boy searching for his own origin and the other is an epic tale of getting revenge. Each one of them has some epic characters who would be great whenever u read these manga/manhwas . kingdom has osen the clever, kaneki the cunning, ribuku wise and shin the dumb. Same for ToG who has already urek, with main protagonist baam who’s adorable ,and history’s most hated female character Rachel. Its not that she’s useless and does nothing like that sasuke’s bitch (forgot he name) its became what she does. And then there’s Gutts (berserk) who is the true definition of badass. His badassness knows no bound. Who’s on an epic journey to get even with his old friend aka his nemesis Griffith. One character like them is enough for a manga to become epic.But berserk has 2 with an epic plot line.

    these mangas are not like any other manga these are masterpiece. So if you’re a manga/manhwa fan don’t die before you read them.

  24. Leptor - March 28, 2017 at 4:31 am #

    Sabo vs. Lord Katakuri- Assuming that Lord Katakuri is the First Mate, then I speculate that Lord Katakuri wins with high to extremely high difficulty in my opinion. I’m assuming that Lord Katakuri is at least around as powerful as Marco if not slightly more powerful than Marco, and Marco’s portrayal is slightly superior to Sabo’s.

  25. Leptor - March 28, 2017 at 4:32 am #

    Pretty good chapter for The Tower Of God.

    I like the Hockney storyline so far, and I’m curious as to how his soul was absorbed into the picture and seeing his back story with Lord Joe. Lady Yuri’s level of power is insane. I wonder how powerful Lady Yuri is compared to Lord Karaka after the power up? They seemed to be around the same level prior to Lady Yuri’s power up so Lady Yuri might be the most powerful character involved in the main storylines.

    I give this chapter a 7/10.