One Piece 865 Spoiler「ワンピース ネタバレ」 第865話

2017 May 10

One Piece 865 Spoiler: The last Chapter end with Brook destroys the picture of mama caramel.……!!! So what happens next..? find out story on One Piece 865 Spoiler Discussion 「ワンピース ネタバレ」 第865話 at if you would like to discuss the Spoiler or prediction, please leave a comment below.

ONEPIECE Chapter 865 Hey, Mother

Source: 2ch
Trans : Zoro4Prez2016

Ceasar, carrying Brulee, sets up the escape mirror in front of the venue.
Katakuri attempts to stop Luffy from trying to show Big Mom the picture.

Sanji attempts to heads towards and save his family but is restrained by the genie.
Reiju: (I’ve underestimated your kindness. You couldn’t even leave us and run away.)
Reiju: (I have continued living a life of disgracing the Vinsmoke name…but looking at the grown up me…)
Reiju: (and rescuing me…! Because a conscious still resides in our family’s blood.)
Reiju smiles towards Sanji.
Reiju: (Thank you, Sanji.)

Bege faces off Katakuri and attempts to shoot him, but Katakuri changes his entire body into a mochi-like substance and confronts him.
The bullets pierce his body, but he is unwounded and attacks Luffy.
Pedro and Jinbe attempt to stop him, but he turns his entire body into mochi and easily evades them. He captures Luffy.

Despite being restrained by Katakuri, Luffy stretches his arm to its fullest and shows Big Mom the broken picture.
Big Mom loses her senses and lets out a strange yell.
Guests lose consciousness one by one and almost all the siblings surrounding the Vinsmoke family collapse.
Sanji breaks the candy restraining his family.

At the same time as Big Mom loses her senses, she drops her knees to the ground.
After confirming that she scraped her knees and is bleeding, Bege aims the KX launchers at her.
Nami and Carrot hand each Vinsmoke a capsule that appears to hold their raid suits.

BM: (Hey, are you listing, Mother)
BM: (Everyone isn’t listing to what I say)
BM: (Hey, where did you go Mother?)
BM: (Why did you disappear so suddenly?)

Big Mom’s flashback beings 63 years ago at Elbaf in the New World

Break Next Week

One Piece 865 Spoiler trivia : Jinbe holds the longest time from his mention to his full reveal (mentioned in Chapter 69, December 1998, appeared Chapter 528, January 2009), for over 10 years and 458 chapters.

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      Its sort of true he just could’nt shoot Katakuri with a Haki imbued bullet..

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    Do you think that Big Mom thinks of her Mom every time the pic falls down/breaks??

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        Jimbei was just trying to hold back the other BM pirates, Luffy is just trying to make Big Mom go crazy so Bege can shoot his crap in.

        I think the serious fights will happen once their plan completely fails.

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      Even Dorry, Broggy, Oimo, Kashi, Saul or any other giant inroduced never looked as old as she does

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        Even Oars and Oars Jr look better than she does…

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        Maybe she has to look old as her name suggests it’s “BIG MOM”. relative to the movie big momma’s house.

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      Maybe bm is a hybird thats or she ran away from marriage likr lola who knows what her sin was

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    but there’s are something don’t back up my theory that is mother carmel is a priestess or something close

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    Its sad to know that Katakuri is working real hard while Smoothie is still sippin on her Smoothies… Shes supposed to be the 2nd Sweet Commander after him.. How fast is Katakuri to slip past between both Jimbei and Pedro…

    btw where the hell is the Chicken??

    There should have been atleast a few of her kids who could resist he Scream+CoC and shot one of the Vinsmokes…

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      Actually, if most of her children passed out, it only shows how strong bm actually is. She’s capable of defeating many VA level fighter just by coc.

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        and yet they are called as Ministers and what not.. said to be some of the most powerful people on the island… and even though a combined effect were able to bring down Luffy, Nami and King Baum..

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          At least Marco and the other commanders didnt faint or fall after facing Shanks CoC which even damaged Whitebeards ship…

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          well they knew that even as a family it don’t matter to big mom. she can take their lifespans in a whim. it shows how weak their family bond is. the army was angry becoz their a family was taken down. but when mama killed her own son, there was not even anger on her sons. they fear her. let me ask you this, are you not afraid of your mom no matter how strong you get. that is out of respect and love, but in this case, big mom is the strongest. she can take away any life if she wanted. unlike jinbe who doesn’t fear her. and that’s how i see it. no love nor respect. just fear of big mom itself. they dont fear the enemies but they fear big mom.

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          yes they can oppose her. but still opera lied to save his life. he is afraid becoz he messed up. he will be killed or something. failure on their part is unforgivable at least if they are not beaten. pudding was tossed aside because she failed. chiffon was beaten becoz she looked like lola. the other siblings wanted to kill lola or wish she was dead. oda is showing how weak their bond is. and that weakness is why they will fall down by her haki.

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        N pretty sure he’s not using his full power.

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        antarus I believe I’ve already responded to a similar comment you made and you conveniently dodged it. vista being the strongest swordsman in the whitebeard pirates means that there is AT LEAST ONE other swordsman in the whitebeard pirates, and many of the lower ranks and at least one of the other commanders is also a swordsman. so yes, there are other swordsmen in the whitebeard pirates and vista is the best.

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          but your point is that if somneone is called best in something in a group… the all group have that thing, case in point swordmanship

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