One Piece 881 Spoiler「ワンピース ネタバレ」 第881話

2017 October 5
by admin

One Piece 881 Spoiler: The last Chapter end with A huge thunder hits Big Mom…!!! So what happens next..? find out story on One Piece 881 Spoiler Discussion 「ワンピース ネタバレ」 第881話 at if you would like to discuss the Spoiler or prediction, please leave a comment below

ONEPIECE 881 Spoiler Summaries

Sources: 2ch
Translation: Bakadata

Chapter 881: Room of Waves

The Wave’s Room

Per: Wait Mama! If you continue, then the cake will sink too~!

Mom: Caaaaakeeeeee!!!

Brook: How crazy! You think you can direct the ship all by yourself?

Name: Don’t be ridiculous! Why do you want to turn around?!

Jinbei: We will enter the green room!

Chopper: Where is that? What do you want to achieve by moving towards the wave!!

Jinbei: The green room is a wave room that occurs within the surging wave!

The Sunny moves towards the wave.

Jinbei: We have a great ship and a great navigator! As long as the steering is done right, then this ship is unmatched!

Name: I’ve never seen a steering like this before!

Per: Take that you brats! Perospero here! Hey Katakuri, we’ve finished them up!

Mirror: It seems like the ship has sunk!

Buffy: Hey Nami! Brook! Carrot!

The mirrors of the mirror world are breaking apart.

Brook: Why are you doing that to the mirrors, Nami san?

Name: It’s the captain’s order! Hurry up!

Chopper: Hey Luffy, we need to talk so take distance to the enemy!

Luffy: Chopper, everybody is safe?

Nami: We will go to the island where Sanji kun is making the cake! We will arrive there in 10 hours the earliest! It’s around 1 in the morning! After you have beat him, find a mirror of the Cacao island! We will meet up there!

Katakuri attacks Luffy/

Katakuri: Yanagi mochi!

Luffy smiles while receiving the attack

Luffy: Hurry up and be there! I don’t wanna die while waiting for you!

Everybody: Alright!!

Luffy: Later.

Katakuri: You say that you’re not going to die in a place like here but are you okay that those are your last words?

Katakuri takes out a trident from his arm.

Luffy: …!! I don’t intend to die in a place like this!!!

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One Piece 881 Spoiler Trivia: Sanji received Swordsmen training when he was a child from his father, ironic considering Sanji couldn’t care less for swordsmen like Zoro, though it’s likely this training evolved into Sanji’s skill with kitchen knives.

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    your spoiler is missing the first 2 lines of the spoiler, the title line and Perospero’s opening comment

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    Probably Oda has eaten the mochi mochi fruit. The story is stretched out to the nth degree

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    I’m getting sick of One Piece due to WCI/Totland arc… The same feeling what I had with Fishman Island.

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        Nah, I like One Piece, but this arc is pretty lame, boring and long.

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    The RAW looks good… especially Luffy making a weird face.. :DD

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      I gues luffy locking his mouth so his crew wont hear him screaming and get beaten by katakuri,he giving crew hope and motivation even he faking his facial as if he is happy and having no problem at all

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        while I’m guessing he has those pieces of mirror in his mouth and closes his mouth so he won’t spit them out after the kick

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          He just doesnt wanna make her crews worry and doesnt wanna be a burden for them bcause his crew chased by bigmom herself,more than what luffy face,that’s why he said hurry up guys bcause he want they flee as fast as possible from bm

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          maybe you are right, but I think when he says hurry up mean he’ll get to the island in less than 10hours. he is sure he’ll beat kata. luffy is not the the kind of guy that gives false hope to his crew

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          It’s not false’s just not make them worry and be a burden so their crew can focus on flee and luffy can focus too to katakuri and escaping MW

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    A 11 hr fight got over pretty soon.. so expecting a 10hr journey to be over soon too..

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    luffy says hurry up, I’m gonna drop death waiting
    at cacao island, he is very confident he’ll beat
    kata in less than 10hrs

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    New form of G4 is to consume few years life span in exchange of 1 day stamina. That’s how Luffy will can beat Katakuri

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    This chapter was all about Jinbei showing of his awesomeness!!!

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      Awesome indeed…

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    I think the reason why Luffy smile is because of the mocci. Same case as cracker.
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      Lol, luffy put the broken piece of mirror in his mouth, not the mochi

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    I want the time I spent reading this chapter back.

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    Did anyone else see that Kata is most likely an awakened df user, I mean of course he would be, but he stepped on the floor and the floor under Luffy became mochi.

    • Nidai Kitetsu - October 5, 2017 at 10:04 am #

      he likely spread his mochi to reach Luffy rather than turning the floor into mochi. but he probably is awakened.

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    Katakuri is def stronger than Magellan or Doffy luffy has zero chance

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    Why people always said that the story is stretched ??

    It’s Oda’s way of doing things….does he ever upset us ? Which story ?

    Just enjoy the story and have fun mate, he’s been doing this for more than 20 years….

    • rookman - October 5, 2017 at 10:14 am #

      I am ready to get off this island as much as the next person, am really looking forward to how the events that have taken part in this arc will effect the OP world, what with Morgan’s spreading the news

      as for the pacing a lot of arcs have been like this, alabasta, skpiea, thriller barc, fishman island, punk hazard, dressrosa, all of these at times felt like they were dragging for me but I still enjoyed them

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        What matters most is we enjoy the arc.

        Doesn’t matter the pace for me. And I think oda is going as fast as he can while maintaining the quality of the arc.

        every single chapters since many weeks ago, there has been no dragging at all and all are packed with actions.

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    chapter 883 will reveal g5 and its gonna be all about speed

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    In speed or power, i think Luffy have a chance to defeat Katakuri in each category…but i have no idea how to beat his CoO….too OP

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      this is it, he sees the future that he’s been sent flying but doesn’t know what hits him cos the punch was so fast

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    what’s that theory about luffy eating one of chopper’s rumber balls?

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    what’s up with all the dress warlords, shs and supernovas in germa suits crap

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    most of the words from the spoiler are not even true rofl

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    As long as we’re throwing predictions out there, I’ll make one. Sanji will be the one to defeat/subdue Big Mom. Just like we had with Hancock,there won’t be an actual battle between Luffy and her which is why Luffy is fighting the next best thing Katakuri & Cracker/Sandasonia & Marigold. The whole point of BM’s flash back was to show she was an innocent child who had evil people mentoring her. Sanji’s Cake will cure her from her Hunger Sickness, she’ll do a complete 180 and change her personality, she’ll want to repair her relationship with Chiffon/Lola, give pedro his remaining lifespan which will save him from dying and she’ll get redemption during the Elbaf Arc. In this ‘V.S Yonko Saga’ the yonko will fall under completely different circumstances. I think Kaido will be the only one to fall from an all out war. BB is too careless, he’ll end up doing himself in or he’ll face a mutiny. Shanks I’m pretty sure will pull an ‘Ace’ (pun intended) and sacrifice himself for the future pirate king.