One Piece 902 Spoiler「ワンピース ネタバレ」 第902話

2018 April 19
by admin

One Piece 902 Spoiler: The last Chapter end with Jinbe can’t let his nakamas alone, so he decided figth with Taiyou pirates.…!!! So what happens next..? find out story on One Piece 902 Spoiler Discussion 「ワンピース ネタバレ」 第902話 at if you would like to discuss the Spoiler or prediction, please leave a comment below.

One Piece 902 Spoiler Summaries

Source: 5ch
Translation: Redon

– Thousand Sunny managed to escape from Big Mom pirates.
– Sanji seems to be lost in thought to hear about Pedoro’ s death.
– Jinbe is still fighting Big Mom pirates.
– Actually Pudding kissed Sanji when she left him. She erased his memory about kissing her. Pudding is now shedding tears alone.
– Germa 66 retreated.
– Fully recovered Big Mom appears in front of Jinbe and Co.
– Big Mom asks, “Life or Dead”.
– Luffy and Co. are eating food cooked by Sanji on the ship.
– Snack doesn’t appear in this chapter.
– Baratie is focused a bit near the end of this chapter. Zeff is cooking food for someone despite other cooks claiming they should kick the enemy out.
– Just when Zeff brings a plate for the enemy, Sanji brings a plate for Straw Hats in sync.
– Whole Cake Island arc has come to an end now. The cover page of next Jump will be about new arc.

*This week’s Jump is double issue (21/22) due to Golden Week in Japan. We need to wait for around 2 weeks until chapter 903.
But Golden Week has an irregular shipping schedule every year, so if we are lucky, we can read next chapter in less than 2 weeks.

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  1. Tomodachi - May 10, 2018 at 10:13 am #

    This is just Raizo all over again. I was hyped for his design and he it turned out to be shit. The silhouette of the unnamed commander back then looked cool as fuck and he turns out to be a giant faggot. Literally a giant fag lol

    • goldroger - May 10, 2018 at 10:22 am #

      ikr lol.this counterpart to what happen to kaido,we get shitty sillhotte but turn out to be a baddas character when he unveiled

  2. goldroger - May 10, 2018 at 10:30 am #

    poor ra they are next after wb oldman pirates.

    wg need another feast like two years ago.and ra prolly about to get wasted.akainu in charge now.

    i wonder if dragon would end up dead just like ace and sabo become his successor completely backup luffy in luffy’s war someday against wg.we need more fresh blood as leader after all.

    • Oda on Hiatus - May 10, 2018 at 11:05 am #

      Neah, Dragon is too smart to challenge WG in a direct fight… Ace’s execution started the whole MF war, now there is no execution.

      Dragon will probably fight against WG over territory, influence, value and most likely unknown history of the world that the WG wants to keep hidden. There will be clashes between them but nothing like MFwar.

      Dragon will probably die from something else then a direct death in the war against WG … it doesnt suit him to be the hero type or smth.

      • goldroger - May 10, 2018 at 11:46 am #

        for sure dragon avoid direct concact because akainu would waste them all especially the 4 commanders lol.
        imho he could die in war and it’s perfectly suit as hero potrayal

  3. Silver_Rayleigh - May 10, 2018 at 11:03 am #

    Belo Betty for nakama.. !!

  4. Wickbert - May 10, 2018 at 11:42 am #

    Lindbergh looks like he is sat on a toilet

    Foreshadowing Lindbergh vs Magellan

  5. Triple-X Drake - May 10, 2018 at 12:07 pm #

  6. antarus - May 10, 2018 at 12:45 pm #

    no bra, why i’m surprised, more fanservice character. liek nami shaking those watwermellons in every chapter wasn’t enough

  7. antarus - May 10, 2018 at 12:47 pm #

    i hate sabo he is such a ace clone.

    io wanted the original in the story, not his fanboy

    • shadyman - May 10, 2018 at 1:50 pm #

      True , and the fire fruit looked so cool on ace

  8. antarus - May 10, 2018 at 12:49 pm #

    the way giant jumps out of ground and has some tech on him, he is some tech mole?

  9. antarus - May 10, 2018 at 1:26 pm #

    that crow guy looks ore like a villain the most villains in OP.

    what if he is traitor, double agent, working for BB?

    I don’t buy it that Burgess on ded door was able to sneak on the ship al lthe way to baltigo just liek that. he got help from his mate, wink, unknown nakama CROWS GUY

    • Oda on Hiatus - May 10, 2018 at 1:35 pm #

      The crow guy looks just like Overhaul from BnHA :))

  10. antarus - May 10, 2018 at 1:39 pm #

    we know now how revos will make their entrance at the reverie undercover.

    the okama guy can go undergound, kinda like miss mole from alabsta

  11. Wickbert - May 10, 2018 at 1:55 pm #

    Does anyone else get the feeling that over the break oda sat down and had a mad max marathon before having to design the RA?

  12. Triple-X Drake - May 10, 2018 at 2:52 pm #

    Hope we get Dragon’s flashback but it probably won’t reveal anything Luffy related. Perhaps his mom. I doubt the RA is planning on overthrowing the government which makes me believe their plan is to go after the weapon Doflamingo mentioned and/or the slaves.

  13. antarus - May 10, 2018 at 2:53 pm #

    surprise at the reverie.

    the pacifistas army will turn agains’t WG and help revos.

    the deal between dragon and kuma involved just that

    • Pinkuashi Sanji - May 10, 2018 at 3:18 pm #

      like Kuma, Vegapunk is RA

  14. Triple-X Drake - May 10, 2018 at 2:56 pm #

    There’s Demon King, Lightning who are with Ivankov in Kamabaka Kingdom.

  15. antarus - May 10, 2018 at 3:17 pm #

    bad news.

    Final page of this chapter doesn’t say OP will be on break next week, but ONE PIECE is not listed in the preview page in Jump. There’s possibility that OP will be on break next week.This chapter has only 15 pages. Oda might be in desperate situation for deadline..

    (Information thanks to redon)

  16. Bob - May 10, 2018 at 3:32 pm #

    fucking pinkbeard so intimidating

  17. ~7OPofD.w0rld - May 10, 2018 at 4:32 pm #

    Morley is big, but is he really a giant? He seems smaller than most giants…

    • Wickbert - May 10, 2018 at 4:52 pm #

      It depends, he looks small when stood next to belo betty but it could be that she is actually pretty tall and throwing our sense of perspective off.

    • antarus - May 10, 2018 at 4:53 pm #

      could be one of those BM like humans, or wb.

      he doesn’t have viking warrior theme like elbaf

  18. Controlminds- no mi - May 10, 2018 at 4:50 pm #

    Chapter out?

    • goldroger - May 10, 2018 at 5:09 pm #

      not yet,tomorrow maybe(10-15 hours)

  19. Persona - May 11, 2018 at 1:10 am #

    Oda’s fetish is showing from the belo character.
    U know which belo I’m talking about, right?
    It’s Eliza belo.

  20. Sasuke>Naruto - May 19, 2018 at 4:10 pm #

    Rating scale.

    1) Baby Sasuke>Baby Naruto
    2) Toddler Sasuke>Toddler Naruto
    3) Academy Sasuke>Academy Naruto
    4) First half of Part One Sasuke>First half of Part One Naruto
    5)Second half of Part One Sasuke>Second half of Part One Naruto
    6)Hebi Sasuke>Naruto
    7) Hebi Sasuke post Orochimaru absorption>Naruto
    8) Mangekyo Sharingan Sasuke>Sage Mode Naruto
    9) Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan Sasuke>Kyuubi Chakra Mode Naruto
    10) EMS Sasuke>Biju Mode Naruto
    11) EMS Sasuke>Biju Sage Mode Naruto
    12) Tomoe Rinnegan Sasuke>Six Paths Biju Mode Naruto
    13) Adult Sasuke>Adult Naruto
    14) Immortal Sasuke>Dead Naruto

  21. Sasuke>Naruto - May 19, 2018 at 4:11 pm #

    Reread Kingdom. Meant to post this comment like a month ago.「ワンピース-ネタバレ」-第896話/comment-page-7/#comment-964247

    It took way too long just to get here. I’ve only covered about 10% of the manga content alone. I’ll have everything covered by September, most likely.

    Originally i was going to drop notes as i reread, but i’m glad i didn’t. Because now i realize that it’s better to give an overview once i catch up, rather than leave many comments while reading.

    In the future, given the series, i may drop comments while reading, but for the most part, atleast for now, i’ll post my thoughts in a single post about some things that stood out to me.

    – Volume 1 – Phenomenal.

    – Chapter 21, i liked him from the start, but this is where things really picked up. The speak about peace, unification, oh this surely reminds me of a certain someone whose superior to Naruto. Naturally, his demeanor & appearance did beforehand, but this was to a whole nother level.

    Also, Yotanwa is cool.

    – C45, more good Sei King stuff.

    – C49, i was highly anticipating this character. I became aware of “him” through one of my favorite mangaspoiler people – Panda, who resided in the Bleach section. At a time he had a profile picture of Kyou-Kai. Although my memory is vague so i don’t remember what the pic looked like exactly, or when i first seen it. It’s strange, like how did i even know this character was in this series? I don’t remember ever asking, but i get the feeling that i did…i wish i could remember in detail. Maybe i’ll uncover the truth someday when i reread comments.

    – C74, p20. Sei>Shin.

    – Assassins, Legendary Clan, Swords, Revenge, Kyou-Kai has the ingredients of two of my favorite characters – Killua and Sasuke. Great stuff. Speaking off Killua, the good man Panda had a Killua Profile Pic. I have a better understanding of his taste in characters.

    – c83, & c93, p6 – Kyou-Kai>Shin confirmed.

    – c92, p13. I wonder what Sei was going to discuss with Kyou-Kai. Infact, they haven’t even had an interaction with one another since this arc!

    – c96, Kyou-Kai is a girl! Omg!

    Usually when a character is first introduced as a guy but is revealed to be a girl later, said character suddenly starts looking more femenant – immediately. Like a certain character in Toriko whose name escapes me. I’m glad this didn’t happen in Kingdom. Granted, i didn’t know she was a girl until it was revealed, Infact, i never even questioned her gender, but looking back it’s pretty clear. C53, p1 and c86, p2 for example. Furthermore, it’s understandable why readers would think she was a guy due to the fact that she always covers her femenant features. Once she takes off her headband it’s clear that she’s a girl. Her eyes, eyelashes, and hair is a dead giveaway.

    – c175, p15, yeah Shin, this type of thinking resulted in Riboku nearly destroying Qin during the Coalition War, and potentially in the current arc. How many hundreds of thousands lost their lives due to Riboku’s command? But you and Ouki’s pride is more important apparently.

    – C193, i like Shin alot more now. P11, Ouhon speaking facts.

    – Chapter 218, page 7 – Ouhon>Shin.

    – C218, p9-11 – nevermind.

    – C218, p21/23 – Oh schitt! Ouhon>Shin confirmed + p21/22, Kyou-Kai>Shin is confirmed once again.

    – C242, p9, LOL BIHEI!

    – C345, epic, brought tears to my eyes even during the reread.

    – Chapter 357, i’ve been meaning to say this since i first read this late 2016, but never got around to posting about it. Kyou-Kai met up with Ren for a 1v1 then all of the sudden all these dickriders hopped in. I wanted her solo them so much. Reminded me of when i was destroying Team Naruto on MangaSpoiler.

    – Wow, Kyou-Kai has been looking cute ever since she returned to the unit after achieving her goal. Shin better make her his Wife in the future. Apparently he wants too considering he readily accepted her as the Mother to his child in chapter 364, good stuff.

    – I love how Shin/Sei have the same goal of unifying China and Shin/Kyou-Kai have the same goal of becoming Great Generals aswell as Mouten & Ouhon.

    – C382, p1 – one of my favorite pages.

    – C399, so close! My heart was beating so much during the first read through.

    -C407, Ouhon>Shin.

    – c438, this is where i left off during my first read through. Great way to start new content with. One of my favorite chapter so far. 439 was very good aswell.

    – c439, i love every Yotanwa appearance.

    – Lol chapter 442 page 6, and now in this page she looks like Hiei. I would reference an exact page from Yu Yu Hakusho as an example, but i’m not familiar enough with the series yet. I will be soon though.

    – C452, so close!

    – Ryuutou looks like a combination of Adult Sasuke and Sanji.

    – Chapter 473 – Wow, now the reverse is happening. The Sasuke/Sanji looking guy was taken out by the Hiei-like girl.「ワンピース-ネタバレ」-第897話/comment-page-31/#comment-969048

    The Sasuke side losing isn’t surprising considering Sanji is involved. Might have to kick Sanji out of my top 30 (joking).

    – Chapters 475-479, some of the most intense stuff i’ve ever read. I was very worried for them. Fuck Kanki. And now i feel weird for using foul language that i never use.

    – C481, p1 – nice.

    – C484, p8, & 9. Why is that guy talking so much trash when Kanki failed to take out Keisha whilst Shin didn’t? That’s just weird. Yes, the Hi Shin Unit took more losses but they clearly exceeded in an area that Kanki failed.

    – C487-491, very good stuff. Especially 487 & 488. Always interested when talk of how to achieve & maintain peace is spoken of. Light Yagami, Pain, Sasuke, Madara, Hashirama, and Sei. C488, p9 – I like how the Qi King even spoke of how inorder to keep the now divided people united in the future, there needs to be a single ruler with great power who can maintain order. Damn, even other series proves that Sasuke’s Revolution plan is solid. Which reminds of Death Note. Light Yagami as Kira reduced criminal activity by 70 percent.

    Aside from other series, instory his plan was thoroughly proven to be based on facts and logic considering the divided Shinobi nations put aside their differences and united for the first time in history only because they had a common enemy that they couldn’t possibly defeat alone – the Akatsuki. After the war, in the Akatsuki’s place, Sasuke would become the common “enemy” that kept them united and handle all the Shinobi World’s problems himself ike passing judgement on criminals. And funnily enough, Sei stated that law would be the great ruler that maintains power across the generations.

    – I’ll just mention this here. C427, Ryofui provided an interesting counter-arguement. I was disappointed that Sei didn’t counter it aswell as i hoped. He made up for it later though, hence the previous point.

    – C493, got a new favorite character.

    – C492, p & c493, page 15 – post time skip Kyou-Kai being cute is acknowledge in series.

    – 493 – Bihei LOL

    – c497, p13 – RESPECT!!

    – C498 – I get the feeling this is going to be the best arc so far.

    – 505, i like Yotanwa, she’s cool.

    – Ousen in chapter 512, badass.

    – 521, page 7. Isn’t Ousen “blessed by his birth” aswell?

    – Ouhon in chapter 525, very good stuff. @ Bananji in p16. If he’s so against states conquering other states then is he against states conquering others states cities? Ouhon’s counter was phenomenal. The guy speaks facts, and i like his respect for Sei.

    – c526, page 10, who cares. Stop bragging.

    -c518, p9/10 & c529, p11. Is this “fanservice”, or are there really records of tribe leaders speaking like that about Yotanwa?

    – c527, 6-8, badass.

    – c532, p15 – I wonder when Riboku discovered Kyou-Kai. The lastest would be when she took out Ryuutou.

    – c535, p18. Mouten>Shin.

    – c550, page 7, panel 3. I would be the same. Although it wouldn’t taken me nearly as long as them.

    – c550, page 8 & 9, nice excuse, but i know you just wanted to hold Shin’s hand.

    – c552, p17-19 – When your crush acknowledges your existence.

    – Favorite characters

    1) KyouKai & Sei
    2) Shin
    After that it’s hard to decide. So i don’t have a specific order. Tier 2 – Yotanwa, Ouhon, Mouten, Riboku, Kaine, Jin, Ousen, Shunsuiju. Tier 3 – Koku’ou.

    Favorite arcs
    1) Assasination
    2) Seikyou Rebellion
    3) Coalition war
    4) Zhao Invasion – i can see this arc surpassing the above.

    I like them all but these ones the most. Favorite chapters? For the most part, the ones i pointed out above, others include ones from my favorite arcs.

    I give kingdom a 10 out of 14.

  22. Sasuke>Naruto - May 19, 2018 at 4:12 pm #

    Reread Berserk. Very surprised. When i first started the series somewhere during mid 2014 i dropped it pretty quickly because it was too grotesques. Too violent and dark. Seriously. I honestly felt like i wasn’t mature enough to read it. I was 19 at the time. Gave it another shot January 2016, around my 21st birthday. Some stuff was jarring but i was able to handle it alot better. I reached about half the series before i stopped because i didn’t want to binge too much.

    Reading it now is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. NOTHING IS BOTHERING ME. I FEEL NOTHING. It’s so tame now. Granted, part of that is because i’m familiar with the series, but even if i wasn’t, i doubt things would even be half as severe as it was 2 years ago, much less 4.

    Well, Berserk was the first series i seen dudes getting sliced in half and such. Guess i got used to it in Kingdom. Although the tone of that series is not anywhere near as frightening.

    Plus the way i read was pretty weird. The site that i downloaded the chapters from had them out of order. IIRC i remember seeing Zodd super early. I read in the right order in 2016 and now ofcourse. I read from mangaseeonline. Page counts may differ elsewhere.

    – V2, c8 – Griffith>Guts 1-0.

    – The Donovan/Guts scene was horrifying when i first saw it (2016). Probably would have passed out if i saw it in 2014 (…….okay, that’s an exaggeration but still).

    – V4, c12 Griffith>Guts 2-0.

    – The naked Griffith/clothed Guts water playtime wasn’t nearly as gay as i remember.

    – Griffith offering himself to that creepy old guy wasn’t as bad either.

    – V6, c16, flashback – Nobleman persuades kid Casca’s parents to let her work in his castle as a maid. Enroute to said castle…….he tries to rape her….

    – V7, c20 – Present time – Casca is almost raped by random enemy soldiers who just tried to kill her and Guts…..

    – V8, c36, Guts>Griffith 1-2.

    – c38, Oh schitt! Already at the part where Griffith gets caught with the Princess. What a screw up. Given how perceptive and meticulous he’s been so far, for him to mess up on this is strange.

    The Princess screwed up too. So……she made sure to changed clothes yet didn’t do anything about the sheets… She already noticed the blood beforehand & had time to cover it up.

    Surely she doesn’t do her own laundry. So she knows the maid(s) would see the blood stain eventually. She could have 1) cut herself on her arm or leg with something and say the blood came from that, or if there’s nothing sharp in the room – 2) pretend that she’s sick and make herself throw up on the blood spot. Maybe that would atleast “wash” away the blood and give an excuse to change sheets.

    But the main fault lies with Griffith. He didn’t have to go so far. The kiss was good enough.

    Due to this screw up his whole scheme was ruined.

    – c37, what’s with the Skull Night popping out of nowhere to give Guts that useless cryptic message? It had to purely be for the audience to hype the eclipse because there’s no way that he could deduce some lifesaving information from it as far as i know.

    – V9, c39 & 40. Okay now that’s creepy. Now i feel somewhat weird. I jinxed myself…

    Also, c39, p7. The worst official translation that i have ever seen. HORRIBLE. It’s like he was speaking jibberish. Glad i read fan translations earlier.

    – V9, c43 – The best battle so far, aside from Zodd.

    – V13, c81, Casca is almost raped by Apostles…..yeah, let’s brutally kill all the guys, but she’s a female so let’s rape her first…….

    – V13, c85 & 86 – Casca is actually raped this time……………. By Griffth…………………..

    – V13, c91, p11 – Lol, that was my response from the start.

    – V14, c94, p19/20 – answer: a total badass.

    – V16, c111, p25 – You know that you’re savage when a monster questions your humanity.

    – V16, c119 – He should have negotiated better. Just let them know that he hunts down demons & fights “evil spirits” that typically come out at night to hunt him. Then have them wait til nightfall so they can see for themselves.

    With them convinced, they could provide him provisions and a good place to sleep during the day.

    – c124 – Well isn’t this nice………Farnese almost being raped by a demon horse… her rape count going to be like Casca’s……

    And she should be covered in blood given how Guts killed it right above her. Granted, he kinda sliced it sideways, hence it falling that way, but still.

    – V17, c129, one of my favorite chapters. Been enjoying pre and post golden age arc far more than said arc. This Guts is way better.

    -V18, c133, & 134 – Guts is so cool, and it looks like i got a new favorite character with Isidro.

    – V19, c145, 120 – Isidro, not much of a tactician i see. The smart thing to do would have Puck shadow them, while he tells Guts. They’ll be less likely to notice Puck given his size. Likewise, Isidro would be able to reach Guts and the others quicker given his size. Plus, Puck could fly high in the air to get a better view so he could locate the others, then give Isidro directions.

    But let’s both stay here and shadow them instead.

    – V19, c146, p10 – now this is what i want. @ the next few pages. Good stuff, Isidro is a Guts fanboy! And he’s pretty crafty to have survived so long in a dangerous situation.

    Also, wow! Since the chapter 144, i don’t remember ANY of this! Which means i’m finally at new content! Now i’m going to feel way more invested!

    – V19, c147 & 148 – Casca almost being raped again…… This time by an Apostle who took a human’s body and transformed it into a goat. Apparently because he was wearing Goat headgear or whatever it’s called.

    – C148, Looks like i was wrong about Isidro being faster than Puck.

    – C148, p9 – GREATNESS!!

    – C149, & 150 – Serpico is something else. The guy cornered & out maneuvered Guts.

    – V22, c177 – Holy Schitt.

    – V23, c189 – “Hey! It’s a female!! Let’s rape her!!!


    Casca almost being raped again…….

    This time by random criminals…..

    – V23, c190…… it’s his turn……

    – V24, c204, p5/6….Even the fodder aren’t safe….

    p7 DAMNIT!! Considering her skirt wasn’t ripped off i tried using headcanon to claim that she wasn’t actually raped, but ofcourse it has to be confirmed through dailogue.

    – V25, c214, 23 – Oh, two ladies are being kidnapped by these monsters. I wonder what they’re planning to do with them…….

    – c215, p13 – Good thing they’re wearing that shirt.

    – c216, 12, &13 – Sheesh, i was expecting this to almost happen with Casca and Farnese but wasn’t expecting to see a slew of others actually being……i’m tired of typing the word.

    – V26, c225, p20 – Badass.

    – V27, c231, p11 – OF-FUCKING-COURSE it had to be this way………i’m not even really surprised at this point, just slightly triggered. Although i say this while laughing at my reaction.

    Oh Princess Charlotte is still alive, but she’s held prisoner. Wow, she’s living in comfort, well, “comfort” in regards to all the people killed by these monsters. She and her maid aren’t physically harmed at all. I wonder why they didn’t rape them. Such a thing is bound to happen in Berserk….then i see page 11 and stop to type this…..

    -reads the rest of the chapter-

    The averted rape count increases.

    – V27, c238,p11 – He has Casca’s hair and Gut’s skintone. If he really is their kid then more time has passed than i thought. Guts is like 25 now.

    – V29, c252 – OmG! A To Love Ru, Rito style Ecchi scene in BERSERK! I thought she was going to fall on Isidro but even worse, she fell on Guts! Wow.

    – c256, p11/12 – I really didn’t like how Serpico decided to have a deathmatch with Guts. Things are different from before, you guys now have kid companions and you’re willing to screw them over by potentially killing Guts.

    – V30, c260, p11 – DAMN, he was going to just leave them there.

    – V33, c288, p10 &11 – Immediately went from a scene of females in a bath to dudes peeking through binoculars. Almost took that out of context.

    – V35, c313 – I love how Guts casually slays these monsters.

    – V38, c337, p13 – Hmmm, p14 – WHAAAAAAAAAT!!

    – c338, p17 – Yeah, he’s going to die.

    – p18 – Wow is he really going to be killed for slapping Griffifth? Did Locus order Raksas to kill Rickert? REALLY! As if Rickert of all people doesn’t have the right to be displeased by Griffith… about fanboyism!

    – Pg 19/20 and saved! Locus is such a butthurt fanboy.

    – C340 – An Assasin War Demon is fighting outside against Rickert and 3 other Assasins.

    I’ll go outside screaming Rickert’s name despite prior warning not to get involved…..

    The blantant stupidity…….it really sucks to say this…..but i wouldn’t mind if Erica was killed. I liked Erica….biggest character disappointment aside from Serpico vs Guts round 2.

    – C346 – I love her character design. She has one of my favorite hairstyles. She looks better with the hat though.

    -C347 – Why is she calling Casca a girl but Farnese a woman? They’re about the same age. If anything Casca is like 2-3 years older. Maybe she’s referring to their demeanor.

    – C355 – My favorite chapter of the series so far. Unfortunately the ending went bad though. Not storytelling bad, but bad for the characters.

    – C356 – The last few chapters were amazing! I was really looking forward to their reunion and then this chapter switched over to something i don’t care about for the entire chapter! If i had 100 more chapters to binge read then okay, but i’m caught up!

    At the pacing it’s going, Berserk is not going to conclude within the Author’s lifetime, unless he rushes/cuts things out. On top of it being monthly, it has the page count of a weekly manga, and it geos on Haitus!

    HxH is far more tolerable publication wise alone, but on top of that, the story, world, characters, powers, and battles are more vast.

    I remember awhile ago i asked which would you rather come back from Hiatus, HxH or Berserk. I think Hi Shin Unit said Berserk and Doflamingo said it’s a hard choice.

    For me it’s easy. HxH by far.

    Anyway, fav characters

    1) Guts
    2) Shierke
    3) Ivalera
    4) Casca (she wasn’t even on the list til c355)
    5) Isidro (didn’t live up to his potential)
    6) Serpico
    7) Puck
    8) Luca

    I don’t necessarily have a fav arc ranking.

    – Damn 15 years since his introduction & it still isn’t confirmed if that’s Guts & Casca’s kid.


    – Casca was raped onced & almost raped 6 times. Farnese & Charlotte were almost raped twice, & there was 2 scenes of fodders being raped.

    I give Berserk a 7 out of 10.

    • Sasuke>Naruto - May 27, 2018 at 2:30 pm #

      Just went through my notes and noticed that i didn’t add this in with the above.

      – V22, c177, p4 – Cool pic.

      – C184 – First time seeing Shierke, who would later become one of my favs.

      Raksas has a cool mask. Too bad his character is basically fodder level importance.

      Favorite arcs, not in order – V1 & 2 – Blackswordsmen arc, the arc with Jill, the one after that where Isidro is introduced. The one where Shierke is introduced, and the current Elves arc.

  23. Sasuke>Naruto - May 19, 2018 at 4:15 pm #

    Cage of Eden

    – c1, p1 (i read via mangaseeonline, page counts may vary elsewhere) – Good cover volume.

    P10-12, pretty good fanservice.

    C22, p11-19, & c23, p1-6 – A female almost got raped reminds me of Berserk.

    C40, p5-12 – Almost Berserk time.

    -c41, p7-10. Honestly some of my favorite pages out of any manga i’ve read. Just a nice ecchi scene, but so well done. Just place yourself at his age/in this situation. Just you & your buddies peeping at your attractive female classmates, admiring their nice bodies & growth. Then incomes your hot female childhood friend commenting on their growth aswell, plus mentioning her own. After hearing her voice & turning to her direction, the first thing you see is her boobs, then that face she made…wow. Then a few pages later we’re introduce to two other attractive ladies.

    Naturally, at this point they’re more preferrable to me given our similar age, but again, place yourself in Akira’s shoes.

    Last page of the chapter, Akira speaking facts. Akagami getting jealous. She has some serious competition with Kotomi.

    – c42, p3-4, cute. P, 5-7, Mukizuki got the right idea, although i dislike his disloyalty to his girlfriend, but wow that creepy face.

    P16 – Oh look what we have here, a giant weird looking creature looking upon a group that involves 3 attractive females. If this was Berserk i know what would happen.

    – c43, p7-8 Omg! Wtf! I was thinking, “simple, just give him a kiss on the cheek.” but damn!

    P8-9 Rion’s getting jealous. P14-15, jealous again. P16-18, Berserk time?

    – C44, p1 – I don’t believe that title at all. I’ve already seen her in a bikini on the cover of volume 17.

    P3-4, unexpected. I had a bad feeling that he wouldn’t tell him. P5-6, woooooooooooow! P14-18, he tried going Berserk & failed. P19-20 – Manly.

    – c45, page 12 – A panty shot of a girl with a flat ass. Why do they do this? Big boobs are always prioritized over big butts. Why give us a panty shot if the girl has a flat ass? I’m not appeased, i’m disapointed. Don’t tease me if you’re not going to properly deliver.

    – c46, p14 – Wrong answer. C44, p19-20. Correct answer.

    – c46, p16 – Weird vibes, p18 wow. P19-20, character ruined.

    – c47, p7 rip, p18 – okay this isn’t a coincidence. This is another character design from Deathtopia so it must have the same Mangaka. Speaking of, i read/completed it a few weeks ago. First volume was pretty good. Went downhill from there really quick & became fodder tier.

    -c48, p4-6, looks like i got a fav to replace that disapointment Kotomi.

    – c49, p8-9 – Makes sense for Miyauchi & Akira to pair up. Akagami so busy trying to get with Akira that she overlooked logic.

    @ the next few pages. Looks like i got a new number 1 fav tied with Yarai.

    Also, Miyauchi is the sixth girl to show interest in Akira.

    – c53, p18, nice.

    – c62, p8-9 – So illogical. She’s been traveling with him this entire time where he’s been continuously protecting her. Surely she’s more informed and truthworthy than you are.

    – C64, last page – Yarai>Sengoku.

    – c70, p7-9 – Berserk time. Also, she’s the 7th girl to show interest in Akira.

    -c72, p6-7 – who the hell voted for 10 year old girl looking boy Miina? Wtf.

    – C73, p15-18 – Wow, atleast he didn’t go Berserk. But what a psychopath. So because the girl you want to bang likes her friend, you’re planning on killing him so you have a better chance at getting her….

    – c74, p13-14 – I know what would happen if this was Berserk.

    – c75-76 – Logical reasoning vs emotional reasoning.

    – End of chapter 79. Wow he actually did it. “I’ll just screw over 3 people, leaving them for dead, to increase my chances of possibly getting with a girl who may not even be attracted to me.”

    – C80, p14, & 82 – Wow and to top it off, he personally knew who Kirino is….plus he was probably the guy she told Ohmori that she liked in c79, p14.

    @ the rest of c82 – Woah! RIP Zaji! Unexpected! And finally some Eiken content!

    – c85, p9 – Was he planning to Berserk her?

    – c93, p8 – once again with the flat ass. P9, she looks like Artifical Human 18. @ the rest of the chapter – damn, rip.

    – c95, p6, confirmed.

    – c112, p9-12 – Akira speaking facts, and i’m surprised Rion was about to show him.

    – c140, p15-16, damn they automatically assumed those girls were fodder level.

    – C141 – So stupid. If he murders Sengoku then what does he thinks going to happen if everyone is saved from the island? He’ll be tossed in jail. Furthermore, their Sensei wouldn’t approve of the methods he used to save her. This is just needless drama which greatly damages Yarai’s character. The Sensei x Student romance stuff was already bad enough.

    – c140, volume 17 cover. Nice.

    – c142, p16 – Can’t blame him for that.

    – Last few pages of c143, Holy Schitt. Hopefully nobody dies.

    – c146 – So stupid.

    – c147, 16-20, RIP.

    – c151, p12 – I thought the Author was trying to do a Naruto/Sasuke thing with Akira/Yarai (the latter clearly being far inferior). But he’s also kinda doing it with Akira/Kohei (far inferior ofcourse).

    – c156, p1-3 & c157, p19, & c158, p1-3 + the last page of the chapter, and c160, p1-2 – Berserk time.

    – c161, p11-16 – He tried to go Berserk time but she stomped his dick.

    – c163, p5-7 – Logical, but still….the men tried to rape and kill the females…p19…too flirtatious for someone who was about to be raped and murdered along with several other females by a group of men moments earlier…

    – c163, last page, stop lying…you can’t do schitt without a doctor.

    – c166, p17……

    – c179, p1 – Now imagine if she didn’t have a flat ass.

    – c182, p1-18 – Didn’t see that coming. Now i’m really wondering if there’s going to be a happy ending, and with there only being two chapters left…it’s very unlikely. At the beginning of the last volume, considering the story progression and the amount of chapters left, i was thinking the series was canceled so there would be a rushed happy ending….but wow.

    – c183 & 184 – Fucking bullshit. Aside from the shitty story. They aged way too much in just 3 years, and apparently no one decided to get a haircut. It was cool that they spent all that time building a ship, but the Author decides to introduce the idea that something bad may have happened to the rest of the world, meaning even if they do make it back home, things will still be screwed up, but this isn’t even delivered upon because we don’t get an answer.

    Plus wtf happened to Kohei and Hades? And how the fuck did the airplane somehow time travel a hundred or so years into the future thus landing on the Island Miina’s Grandfather/Akira’s mom essentially in built their memory because they went missing/died in said plane crash? Is this a time paradox? Except, it didn’t change the past, but changed the future? And his mom was expecting him and the other survivors to live there yet she still created all these deadly animals? Wow.

    – c185, p12 – Nice fanservice & finally….there’s a female who doesn’t have a flat ass. I’d prefer bigger but this is acceptable. These mangaka prioritize big boobs to much. There needs to be big booty fanservice aswell.

    P22 & 23 – They look like Erza & Wendy even more now.

    – I don’t have a fav character list for this series. But inorder of who i liked the most by the end

    1) Mariya
    2) Akira
    3) Rion

    I give Cage of Eden a 4 out of 14